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This week I planned a few of our meals + snacks from the below magazine.  It’s from 2013 and it’s one of my favorites.  Like it says, they have recipes from the 1930s and on and I think it’s fun making recipes that were voted “the best” in the 30s.

I used to be such a pinterest fan for meal inspiration.  I still think pinterest is an awesome website, but I just haven’t felt like spending a ton of time on pinterest over the past year and have been preferring cookbooks and magazines for recipe finding.  Annndddd I don’t know if it’s just me, but anytime I search for anything on pinterest there is always, always a bunch of diet-y & weight loss ads that come up. 

Here are some of our meals & snacks from this week…


Friday I went to breakfast at Sweet with a friend. I went with a half caf vanilla latte + a couple breakfast tacos.  Sweet’s tacos are some of my very fav breakfast tacos i’ve found in Houston.

Every other breakfast this week was a thick slice of french toast topped with pumpkin-peanut butter spread and mini chocolate chips.


mediterranean plate from Garbanzos.  This had chicken, hummus, tzatziki, a cilantro sauce, cucumber salad, roasted bell peppers & onions, feta, olives + pita.

Today we grabbed some BBQ for lunch with Andrew’s parents.  Due to hurricane Harvey I ended up cancelling all my clients for today and we decided to head a bit away from the coast and stay with Andrew’s parent for a few days.  In a hurricane it’s much more fun to be around other people than be home alone.

My most satisfying lunch of the week was a salad kit that I added chickpeas to + a Zevia + cheddar Sun chips.  I felt like I kinda forgot about Sunchips…the Garden Salsa was my FAVORITE flavor in high school so I’m excited to pick up some of those for meals and snacks this next week (once the forecasted flood waters recede and we can get to the grocery store).

Sandwich (heated the lunch meat until steaming in the microwave…yay pregnancy) + tomatoes.

One client-heavy day I stopped by chick-fila for nuggets + BBQ sauce + a frosty coffee.  The frosty coffee was good, I liked it better than Starbuck’s fraps!


prosciutto-honey-pistachio-coconut wrapped shrimp (recipe from that magazine and you can see it here) + a lime creme fraiche sauce + broccoli +bread

Served with a gatorade.  I’ve been liking gatorade lately when it’s ice cold.  So refreshing.

teriyaki stir-fry (the veggies were just the leftovers from a salad kit) + chicken + ummm…cheddar bunnies lol.  I was too tired to make rice, but needed a carb.

Wednesday night Andrew and I went to Presidio, a Houston restaurant I’d been wanting to try.  It was okay.  The restaurant was a little too fennel happy.  I hate fennel.  I think it’s the worst spice of all time haha.  And I’ve found that so many Houston restaurants categorize themselves as “American” cuisine…and I’m still never really sure what “American food” is, but whatever that means I never end up loving the food.

Sweet potato beignets to start.

Andrew got a salmon + veggie dish that came with a giant leek that we decided was a garnish / flavor adder and wasn’t meant to be eaten.

I got some beef tacos.  Taco highlights = pickled watermelon radishes + good tortillas.  Taco lowlights (don’t think that’s a word) = fennel fronds. 

Tofu + carrot soup via this recipe.  I really liked this soup.  Instead of evaporated milk I used some creme fraiche we had in the fridge leftover from the shrimp.  I’d make this again for sure.


OJ + vanilla ice cream.

molasses cookie inspired by this recipe + peanut butter.

A bunch of citrus.  I’m loving oranges and grapefruits right now.  And I even had a longing for key lime pie the other day…which was weird because I’m not usually a key lime pie person.  A nice key lime mousse sounds super delish to me so I’ll likely find a recipe for that to make next week.

Lemon Luna + pb cups.

Fudgy single serving mug cake.

vanilla ice cream.

snacks I packed for work one day = peaches, tomatoes, luna bar, pecans + string cheese.

snacks packed on another day = chocolate covered almonds + Luna + tomatoes + banana

And there you have it! Hope this inspires you to try something new for a meal or a snack this week :)


  1. I feel the same way about pinterest…whenever i search any recipes i’m overwhelmed with the low-fat, diet, vegan, whatever stuff. Oh well, I’d rather have an actual cookbook in front of me anyway.

  2. These are my favorite post- it’s always helpful to see before going grocery shopping.
    I adore Chick-fil-A’s frosted coffees! <3<3

  3. Your eats look delish, and LOL I totally relate to the cheddar bunnies as a carb. This one time I had chicken and veggies with crackers, and it did the job just fine ;)
    Also, have you tried So Delicious cashew milk snickerdoodle ice cream? It is DEVINE, and I feel like it would be up your alley :)

  4. Talenti has a key lime pie gelato that is delish!!

  5. I dislike fennel too SO MUCH! ANd I agree 100% about the diet stuff on Pinterest. I just want good, wholesome recipes with no diet-y talk.

  6. I feel the same way about Pinterest and am starting to look at actual cookbooks for recipes instead! This post was a perfect start.

    P.S. I second what the other Maggie said ^^ Talenti gelato is the best!

  7. I definitely prefer magazines and cookbooks too when I’m recipie hunting! Unless I see something on a blog I read regularly I want to try.

  8. I hope you and your families are safe. We live in a tropical storm prone area of Australia and whenever they happen its scary/exciting for a while and then just scary/annoying. I hope you are all safe and dry.
    Not feeling the pinterest lately either. I just get annoyed by long pinterest images and ridiculous advertisements. Back to cookbooks and cravings to guide my cooking!
    And I’m with you Kylie I hate fennel! I love licorice but I can’t stand fennel!

  9. You should keep a box of frozen brown rice (or any style of rice for that matter) in your freezer! It’s amazing. You just microwave it for 3 minutes and boom, you have rice. Perfect for anytime you don’t feel like cooking rice!

  10. Amen about Pinterest! I have unfollowed a bunch of people on Pinterest because it’s constant bombarding of diet-y recipes (and a lot are not even close to being based on any nutrition science and are ‘fear mongering’)

    P.S. cilantro is way worse than fennel (but you’re in Texas so that’s probably a slightly offensive comment in TexMex land, lol)

  11. I’m always envious of the variety of away from home food you have to choose from. I live in a small town that has no options for eating out. :( But 8.5 weeks pregnant has me eating the most uncharacteristic meals and snacks. I can’t keep up with myself and I can’t plan any meals in advance because my tastes change by the minute! Looking forward to a more normal second trimester.

  12. If there is such thing as a “normal” eater, you are it. Thank you thank you thank you.

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