We spent the weekend getting hit by Hurricane Harvey.

We are lucky to live on a high up street where water is draining away from our home.  There is a bayou at the end of our street that was overflowing yesterday, but today it is (currently) back within it’s banks.  Here’s a photo of the stop sign at the end of our street.

I’m grateful we have power, food and no flood water in our home.  

It is insane, but even today the rain continues to fall.  In some parts of Houston, the water in homes is up to the second story and some people are being rescued off their roofs.  I really can’t imagine.  They local news station keeps asking anyone with a boat + boating experience to volunteer up their boat to help with rescuing people from their flooded home.  The photo that impacted me the most was one my instagram friend, @aimingforaugust posted showing this comparison…

So much water.

Even though I know so many of the roads are heavily flooded, I was still shocked when I pulled up my maps app and saw pretty much every major road was closed.

I am going a bit stir crazy and am tired of eating bland/boring food, but I’m grateful for how normal and boring life feels right now because that means our house didn’t flood.

 Food over the last couple days has been a lot of oatmeal, bread / toaster waffles / sandwiches, eggs, and cheese sticks.

oatmeal + chocolate covered almonds.

peach + toaster waffle with eggs + cheese stick + grapefruit soda thing.

pancake mix cinnamon rolls + cheesy eggs.

toast with nutella / butter & jam + cheesy eggs.

A lot of our days have just looked like sitting on the couch watching the news with a mug of hot chocolate, which sounds nice and cozy…but I’m eager for the rain to stop and get back to normal life.

Today we’re sitting tight at home.  I’m starting to have some carpel tunnel (I think), which I’ve read is normal in the 3rd trimester…it’s uncomfortable though and makes watercoloring / typing / holding my phone not enjoyable.  Andrew’s work was cancelled and I didn’t have any clients scheduled for today.  For any clients reading this, I am currently planning to see virtual clients this week, but I’ll be emailing you if this changes.  I’ll be cancelling in person clients for as long as the flood waters stay high.

It’s gonna be a weird Monday for us.  Andrew just told me the grocery store near us found a way to open.  So we are going to venture over there.  I have a pizza craving so frozen pizza for lunch it is :)

See you all back here tomorrow, guys! Hope your Monday is calm and peaceful <3


  1. I’m thankful you guys are safe! I hope so many people who have lost their homes to flood damage are able to receive help. Enjoy your pizza and non-boring noms!

  2. Fellow Texan here (Dallas, so far away from Harvey)! The flooding is just awful, I can’t even imagine what Houston is going through right now. I’m glad your home is safe from the flooding. I know it will take a long time before everything is back to “normal” (whatever that will even look like). Good thing y’all can get some groceries and fulfill your pizza craving :)

  3. Long time blog reader and was wondering how you are doing, Glad to hear you are safe! My brother lives in Austin and luckily it’s been just a lot of rain and wind and no major damage for him. Thinking of all those affected!

  4. So glad you’re doing OK! I’m in Montrose and we’re safe, as well. Just trying to remain calm and avoid an anxiety attack. Please be so careful if you decide to venture out to the grocery store. I’m still getting flash flood warnings so I’m not even considering getting in the car. Might walk to Kroger if the rain ever lets up, but I doubt it’s open. Stay safe!

  5. Glad y’all are ok, we are on the northeast side of Houston and thankfully have power and our house is safe. This situation is just unreal to me and my heart hurts for everyone that is experiencing flooding.

  6. What grocery store? We’re having trouble finding any that are open

  7. Oh wow! I am just so very glad that your home was not flooded! I know several friends on FB from college live in the area and I have been watching footage of some of their homes flooded. It absolutely breaks my heart. Prayers for everyone and hang in there! P.S. I love that photo of your dog!

  8. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you and your family are safe and sound! So happy to hear you haven’t had any flooding in your home… especially with that new nursery you’ve been putting together!! Sending you all the best wishes for a safe and healthy week as the storm moves on and keeping your city in my thoughts as well. <3

  9. That is insane. Praying for you all right now!

  10. I’m so glad you are safe! Yay for boring storm experiences if it means you are high and dry. I hope Maggie is going okay with the storms. Stay safe!

  11. praying for y’all and glad you and Andrew and Maggie are ok.  

  12. Glad to hear you are all safe and dry, Kylie! Thanks for keeping us updated! It’s been crazy to see all the pictures and videos from the storm. Hard to fathom that it’s this close to where I am (in Dallas).

  13. Stay safe! I lived in Iowa for most of my life and although I’ve never experienced a hurricane, I’ve experienced tornadoes and flooding (and was fortunate as you have been). 

  14. Thank goodness you guys are safe; sending so much love to anyone you may know who is affected. I will say, for the circumstances, your meals still look pretty creative and delicious! The photo of Maggie is adorable! <3

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