3 days of being cooped up.

Andrew and I have been cooped up in the house for 3 days now and today is day 4.  

It was nice getting out yesterday to pick up some groceries.  Probably 95% of the restaurants/businesses around us are closed due to flooding.

It’s a helpless feeling watching the news all day, seeing and hearing about people who lost everything, but then being stuck in your home because everywhere around you is flooded and you’re not able to do much to help.  I saw Elizabeth Gilbert post the below on Instagram and it really resonated with me because I can be the type of person who can overthink everything to the point of paralysis.

Andrew and I are lucky to be on a high street without flood water in our home.  I know our situation is really good.  Since we are still dry, going through this flood makes me never want to move out of our location.

People who have never flooded ended up flooding in Harvey or are still worried about flooding.  The rain / creeks overflowing / reservoirs having water let out of them just feels never ending.  The weather service says by Tuesday night (tonight) the rain should have moved east of Houston.  But currently no part of the city doesn’t have extreme flooding.  The levy districts are at risk for the levees failing, so there have been mandatory evacuations is some of those areas.  Many people are being moved to shelters in high schools or the convention center. 

The largest shelter is the GRB Convention Center. The GRB is across town from us and with the mass flooding I’m not sure how we could get there to drop off the needed supplies they were asking people to donate.  One of our neighbors has a big truck and is taking supplies down to the GRB today, so he asked people to drop off donations at his house.  We took over a bag full of sample sized hotel shampoos + conditioners (we had a bunch of them thrown into our bathroom closet) and all the diapers & wipes we were starting to stockpile for Raspberry.

Yesterday I did find some joy in baking.  I made this small batch cookie recipe and they came out fabulous.  Watching the news right now is gut wrenching, so it’s been nice to find joy in the little things.  I also loved reading about / watching on TV the The Cajun Navy coming in and rescuing people in Houston.  That’s not a little thing though, that’s a big thing and it made me smile.  Yay, America coming together! 

Also making me smile is how Mattress Mack, a local celebrity / owner of Gallery Furniture, has opened up his 3 furniture stores as shelters and has everybody sleeping on comfy Tempur-pedic mattresses.  One of Mattress Mack’s daughters has severe OCD so I’ve seen him speak a couple times at mental health conferences and am such a fan of his.

I’m taking today off all client sessions and we’ll see what tomorrow holds.

If you’re local to Houston, Sugar & Cloth will be holding a Harvey Donation Relief Drive on Thursday.  Additionally, if you’d like to sponsor a family in need you can email them at and they will match you with a family.  


  1. It’s terrifying to see Houston on the news, I can’t even imagine being in that situation. Hope you guys stay safe and dry <3

  2. You have a heart of gold and are doing all that you can to help. Awesome job, Kylie, and I hope the water will finally begin to recede!

  3. So happy you’re safe and dry! Also happy to hear that the Cajun Navy is there helping. :) We take care of our neighbors!

  4. I’ve been following along your Instagram, and I’m glad you guys are safe and (relatively) dry! So devastating :(

  5. I’m so glad to hear you’re safe. A friend of mine is in The Woodlands and feels similarly – lucky to be safe, but helpless since they can’t get anywhere to do anything.

    • Thanks for the well wishes, Ange! It has been comforting my helpless feeling to hear that many shelters are turning away volunteers (unless you are a doctor or therapist / social worker) because they are so many people who have come out to help! That’s a good problem to have!

  6. Thanks for checking in with us. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, even if you’re cooped up. It’s so sad what I’m hearing on NPR. Are your friends and loved ones okay? Hang in there.

  7. Glad you guys are ok and thank you for highlighting the good people still out there–including yourself <3

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