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Kimmy’s favorites lately: quotes, moments, eats & more

Kimmy is here today sharing some of her favorites from life lately. Enjoy!

For this post, I figured I’d give a snapshot of the various “lately”s in my life.

Favorite piece of advice I was given: “Why” and “But” are generally not helpful words when you’re talking to yourself. The only thing these words are good for is sending you into an anxiety spiral. Instead, work on encorporating “How” and “What” questions and see if that shifts your experience. For example, instead of repeating why did I just do x behavior or I was doing so well but then I went and ruined everything you could journal about how can I reframe this situation or what could I do differently in the future when I am faced with a similar situation? or what feelings were going on before and after my actions?

Favorite quote: “what we’re able to give most generously to the world is often the hardest thing to give ourselves.” –Whitney of The Letter Project

Favorite empowering phone wallpaper:

Favorite self care: All things artsy…designing blog graphics, doodling, painting, yeh yeh yeh. Preferably with a candle nearby.

Also, commenting nonstop with roommates while watching the Bachelor/ette/in Paradise…if anyone else does, and sees the contestants endorsement posts, I thought you might appreciate this gold nugget I found on Instagram…

Something I’m breathing through: Having roommates means I have no control over what’s in the kitchen…I’m going to be fully honest with you, it hasn’t been easy. Whenever I have acted out of fear around food in the past (e.g. not allowing myself to have as much of something as I want out of fear that I won’t be able to stop) I end up overdoing it eventually. By default. THEREFORE, I am practicing being really mindful of the thoughts I am allowing myself to have around food and honoring the things I want. Basically, taking food off the dang pedestool it’s been on for too long. Also, trying not to worry too much about the future and things out of my control.

These goons ^^ live all the way in Seattle and I CANNOT wait for graduation because *fingers crossed* I might be moving there to work/submit grad school apps.

Favorite craving: Right now I’m all about the doughy–cookie dough, brownie batter, pancakes (I’ve always liked them undercooked…is that weird?) frozen bars (they get so much chewier and yummy that way!) But mostly, I MISS MY MOM’S COOKING.

Because I have to vent for a second…something that’s been a thorn in my side lately: People going crazy with “Whole 30 September”…my 21st is next week (one year closer to becoming my spirit animal of a granny woo!!) and I don’t want my birth month to be tainted by people villainizing foods that aren’t ~allowed~ under this program.

(Because this blog started as a food blog…) Random grocery store items I want right now:

1. I found the cutest lil damaged orchid at Trader Joes and have been nursing him back to health. Also, I named him (Pip) because I’m hoping that will help me remember to try really hard to keep him alive.

2. THESE have always been favorites…but after my back and forth, all-or-nothing past with food, I didn’t really trust myself to have them in the house but now I buy them for myself and encorporate them casually into my days. :)

3. All the different cheese that Trader Joe’s has is super duper, but I really dig this one. It’s sweet creamy, and delicious on its own. 4. One of my roommates brought us back a case of cupcakes from a bakery that makes super moist cakes with frosting filling. Normally I’m partial to cream cheese frosting, but I adored the coconut vanilla one…omgshhh5. I guess I’m having a moment with comfort foods? But crispy chicken tenders are always delish and are perfect for dinnah.

Favorite jam to dance it out to: “Hang on” by Wilson Phillips OR “Strangers Like Me” from the Tarzan soundtrack OR “May I Have This Dance” by Francis and the Lights feat Chance the Rapper. 

                    me and my favorite person I regularly ask to dance with me…getting ready to hold on ;)

Favorite tune to feel my feelings to: “Feel” by JR Patterson (Voice Collective). It’s only on Soundcloud as far as I can tell, but I promise it’s worth it.

Favorite affirmation: When I first saw this on Pinterest, I immediately thought about it being old-me/young-me talking to authentic-me and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Favorite experience: LA was hit with a massive heat wave this weekend, and the air conditioning in my apartment was broken…trying to fall asleep with perpetual sweat on your body is not ideal. Also, I was going through a moment with some self judgement, so I decided I should get away and take myself on a date. I drove down to my favorite CA beach: Crescent Bay!!!!! I listened to the Chasing Joy podcast Kylie was featured in, got pummelled by some giant waves, and drank some frozen lemonade I packed. It was actually the best thing ever, and just what I needed. Bobbing in the water and having my hair pulled by the waves really reminded me how easy it is to feel serene and grateful and incredibly happy at the same time. On my way home, I stopped by Trader Joes and my sunburn was so concerning to two elderly Irish ladies that they stopped mid-sentence to ask me what my mom would say if she saw me and why I didn’t “ask a nice young lad to spread some sunscreen on yeh”. Real life.

My (non)favorite emotional experience: Feeling lonely and overwhelmed…and then realizing that I’m not doing a very good job at prioritizing self care, so these kinds of healthful coping skills haven’t become a default yet.

Something I’m curious about: Tiny versions of animals. I have never seen a baby pigeon before, and I’m just stumped. I don’t know why it’s taking up brainspace, but I’m rolling with it.

Something else I’m curious about: what your answers to any of these would be!

10 comments on “Kimmy’s favorites lately: quotes, moments, eats & more”

  1. Kimmy, I love all this! Whitney and The Letter Project are seriously so amazing-I’m glad you highlighted that! 
    And if you’re weird for liking your pancakes undercooked we are weird together – they’re just so much better that way! And the whole frozen things.. girl yes! Try frozen banana bread-Heavenly! :) 

  2. I love this! Pllleeease people, stop with the whole 30 crappolla. It’s nauseating. But happy birthday month! The fact that you listed Wilson Phillips is amazing. I listened to them on my cassette player when I was little, and I admittedly still jam out to that album at times. Ah nostalgia. :)

  3. Kimmy!! I loved your post, the art and the favorite songs to dance to! Oh, and I just had the blueberry cheese for lunch, delish! But my favorite of all is the self affirmation “I wish I met you sooner so I could love you longer”. Thanks for sharing what is going on in your life, I am happy I get to know through your posts!

  4. a) Totally agree on the frozen bars – Clif bars and rice krispie squares are so much better when they’re nice and solid!
    b) Those cupcakes are so pretty
    c) The Whole30 thing is bullllllllll, just like all of those trendy fad diets! If anyone else is too lame to have cake or birthday treats – all the more yummy things for you! Treat yo’self, enjoy it, don’t let them bring you down :)

  5. Okay so I have to comment on a few things in no particular order…😜
    1) nope gooey, undercooked stuff officially not weird, or at least I love stuff  that way too!!! My sibs think I’m weird though haha
    2) I LOVE WHITNEY!!!  Her blog has helped me so much!!😭💕
    3) I live near Seattle!!!  It’d be so strange if you do ever move up here, as you’d be talking about local things I’m used to
    4) lastly, I LOVED your thoughts on the advice you were given!  I’ve had a lot of why/but language in my self-talk recently and I hope this will help me reframe it 💖 
    Thank you Kimmy!!

    • 1) THANK YOU ugh love when people understand my little joys
      2) She’s amazing!!! (I intern for her and she’s actually the one who told me to name my plants hahaha)
      3) I would love to hear more about seattle!! any tips for the weather, best places to see/look for apartments etc! Do you go to UW?
      4) <3 <3

      • Ugh man I wish I could help you more on the Seattle front.  Firstly, I’m absolutely wretched at really *knowing* my own city, and haven’t even been to all the tourist attractions.  Also, I live about 45min out so it’s a bit of a journey, and I live with my parents still so I haven’t done any looking for apartments (though I am getting to that place in my life soon!).  And lastly, I’m not in college and didn’t go; I just happen to live near Seattle because of my dad’s job😜 Sorry I can’t help you more, being a local (though I do know a few cool spots much closer to where I live but that’s not really near the city as aforementioned 😝)!

  6. OH MY GOD BABY PIGEONS! Now you’ve got me stumped! Or a tiny octopus! LOL, first of all, Tarzan’s Strangers Like Me is THE BEST song to jam out to. Really, any Disney song is ;) Secondly, major kudos on the food front, and congrats on powering through the fear and conquering it! That TJ’s goat cheese is wonderful, and also you’re an amazing artist :)

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