Before you do anything, ask yourself the above 8 words.👆👆👆


  1. Is having to squeeze in some movement going to add stress to a busy day or make you feel more relaxed? Movement should reduce stress…not add more.
  2. Is HAVING to eat a certain way adding stress? Force yourself to add in flexibility at one meal so you can move past your disordered eating (Yes, that will add some stress in the beginning, but in the long run will result in less stress.).
  3. Are the negative things your mind is saying about your body size increasing your stress levels? Force your brain to think of a more neutral thought about your body size. For instance, “what if I lived today as if my body size didn’t hold me back from anything?”


  1. I can’t remember where I heard you say that you “ask yourself if adding movement into your day will add stress or take it away.” It’s such a simple question and it really helped me clarify why I was choosing the movement I was.

  2. Thank you. Needed this!

  3. So helpful! It’s good to take a step back and be like, “wait, why am i doing this?” once in a while.

  4. Hi Kylie! I was looking for your skinny brownies recipe, May 31, 2013. I remember doing it once and here at home we all loved it. My favorite desserts are the cheesecakes and the brownies, I love them. But I always try to make healthier alternatives because I lost weight. Today I woke up with a huge desire to make your skinny brownies but the recipe simply disappeared from your website. I remember some ingredients but I do not remember the quantities. Could you give me the recipe, please? Thank you!

    • Hey Elisabeth! Okay. Don’t hate me. But I deleted that post because it just isn’t in line with my approach to nutrition and health. If I find the recipe somehow, I’ll send it your way!

  5. I love this and have often made sure to ask myself before exercising. Many times I feel it will help alleviate stress, but if I feel pressured, then I go without. It’s awesome.

  6. This is awesome. I like how you acknowledged that with some of these things there will be more stress initially, BUT that it will be worth it to overcome it in the long run. Good stuff!

  7. Freedom from over exercising has been a big stress buster for me. I have to remind myself that if I’m stressing over fitting in movement then it isn’t worth the worry. Moving should be fun and bring me good feelings. Very freeing when I get it right. The guilt of missing a work out can sneak up at times but I’m more aware now of pushing it away.

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