Austin Babymoon

I had been wanting to visit Hamilton Pool in Austin for AGES.  You have to make a reservation 5 weeks in advance, so we reserved our spot and were planning to take just a day trip up to Austin.  Last minute Andrew suggested we turn the day trip into an overnight trip.  YES! SIGN ME UP!! There are a bunch of boutique hotels in Austin that are on my places I want to stay list and it was fun to cross another off the list.

Sunday afternoon we drove into Austin and stopped for lunch at Patika.  Iced Tea + Blood Orange Iced Tea to start.

For lunch Andrew ordered steak & eggs and I got their breakfast sandwich.  The breakfast sandwich was just alright.  It had eggs (normal), bacon (normal), cheese (normal), and… spaghetti squash (not normal) on it, which seemed out of place and odd to me.  Andrew LOVED his steak and eggs.

Then we went and checked into our hotel, Heywood!  I love trying out a different boutique hotel each time we visit Austin.  A couple years before we had stayed at Kimber Modern, which was great! But Andrew and I both decided the aesthetic of Heywood Hotel was more us.

The entrance to our room was a large, sliding wooden door that led to a little patio space.

I definitely choose to stay in this room at the hotel based on the below fun wallpaper hehe.

Then we rested in the room for a bit.  I love hotel rooms, but I think everyone loves hotel rooms lol

After resting Andrew got thirsty, so we walked to a brewery down the street, Zilker Brewery.  They had an event going on in the back, Brew-Jitsu, which was entertaining to watch! 

That night for dinner we went to Cafe No Se.  

Honestly, with all the driving and new places (and, oh yeah, pregnancy) I was a bit constipated and thought a fibrous meal may help me feel better.  So I went with their kale salad + grilled chicken.  It had these crispy rice things in it, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough carbs for me at a meal.  I was gonna order fries on the side, but Andrew said he wasn’t going to want his fries…so I just ate his :)

Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Cuvee Coffee Bar.  I had Cuvee coffee at another coffee shop one time and it was especially delicious, so I wanted to try out their original location.

After breakfast we headed to Hamilton Pool! I was so excited to visit.  I had seen Hamilton Pool on Pinterest years ago and had wanted to visit ever since.  Like I said, if you want to go you do have to make a reservation that costs $10 (and then pay an additional $15 cash when you arrive at the pool parking lot).

You park your car and the pool is a short hike away.

The water was chilly & super refreshing.

After swimming / floating for a while I had a snack…

Then we walked around the back side of the pool/beach area.

(Soooo much belly! Crazy to think this is only 32 weeks.  My app says Raspberry is gaining about a 1/2 pound/week until birth.)

Our reservation spot ended around lunchtime, so we packed up, changed out of our swimsuits in the car, and headed back to Austin for lunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe.

Overalls are getting snug :)

I got a green tea lemonade that was SO nice after being in the hot sun all morning.

Then tofu bún, aka a rice vermicelli bowl with lettuces, herbs, cucumber, carrot, roasted peanuts, and a yummy sauce.  LOVED THIS PLACE.

We got their pumpkin spice and horchata macarons to enjoy on the car ride back to Houston.

And with that our little getaway was over.  Such a fun overnight trip.  I’m super grateful Austin is just a quick 2ish hour drive away from Houston.  It’s such a great city for a getaway.

I’m feeling refreshed and now looking forward to a full week of clients sessions, a couple friend dates, a check-in appointment for Raspberry and 2 new Audible books I just downloaded (this one and this one).  See you guys back here tomorrow! 


  1. Your belly is getting so huge! Love the overalls look.
    Glad you guys had a nice “babymoon”…the place you stayed looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I live in Austin and still haven’t been to Hamilton pool, I need to make that happen! Love Elizabeth Street, so good :)

  3. My husband and I stayed in that exact room at the Hotel Heywood about 4 1/2 years ago to celebrate when we had been engaged for one year….we had a long engagement! We absolutely loved the Heywood and felt that it was the most “us” hotel as well–still do, all these years later. We also loved the complimentary bikes–we used them to cruise all around Lady Bird Lake (probably not the thing to do 32 weeks pregnant w/ back pains).
    The Hamilton pool looks so fun! We went to Barton Springs when we were there.
    Thanks for sharing your trip!

    • How fun, Exa! It was a great room. They did have bikes that I would’ve LOVED to use! Unfortunately sitting on a bike makes my hips feel like they are getting a bit too excited about birthing this baby. Everything gets tingly and numb. It’s the weirdest sensation ever. Next time we stay I’m totally using those bikes tho :)

  4. What an amazing getaway! Everything looks so magical and peaceful. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Wow, Austin is such a fun place! So glad you were able to hit the refresh button this weekend!

    I just got laid off from my job and have been applying for jobs in cities that I think I’d like (I know, I know, but it’s as good as reason as any for a change of scene!). I’ve been hearing more and more about Austin, so I’ll have to look into it a bit more!

    Have a great week Kylie!

  6. I need to check out the Heywood hotel next time my husband and I go to Austin. It looks magical! Next time you’re in ATX you should check out Summermoon coffee! They have the BEST lattes!

  7. That hotel! All the heart eyes! Looks like a fun trip!

  8. Ahh! That little pool of water just looks like the perfect spot. And I DO love hotel rooms. It’s my favorite thing even for business trips. I always feel slightly guilty when I don’t reuse the towels, but what a luxury to have new fresh ones every day and have someone clean the room everyday!

  9. I love boutique hotels too! Heywood looks adorable! If I’m ever in Austin I’ll have to check it out!

  10. What an amazing getaway! The pool looks so relaxing, and perfect for a mama who loves being in the water :)
    I hope you are feeling super relaxed after your babymoon, and have a wonderful week!

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