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I’ve had a few requests to do this style of post more regularly, so I documented throughout the day on Friday.  Here we go:

7am: Wake up.  Feed Maggie/let her out into the backyard to run around for a bit.

7:15am: Wash face/brush teeth/throw on clothes/fill a Kong toy with treats and give it to Maggie on the couch/out the door.

7:30am: Swing by Starbucks! I found a $5 giftcard when I was cleaning out my car earlier that week.  I went with a grande iced half-caf latte – 2 pumps vanilla + 1 pump caramel.

7:35am: Stop into Shipley’s on the way to the office for my fave donuts.

7:50am: Get to my office.  And enjoy breakfast – a sausage & cheese kolache + a buttermilk cake donut + a blueberry cake donut.  This day I had clients a bit jam packed through lunchtime and this breakfast does a really good job of keeping me the right level of fullness for a long time without making me feel overly stuffed.  Like, if I was to eat a massive bowl of oatmeal to keep me full longer than usual it’s just too filling and I’d be uncomfortable.  Does that make sense?

8am-9:45am: Finish up blog post for the day and post it.

9:45am: Run to office bathroom and put on some makeup before client sessions.

10am-6pm: Client sessions.  I had a bit of a busier than normal client day since I had an OB appointment earlier that week that I had to wait 1 1/2 hours at…so I ended up having to cancel some sessions on that day and move them to Friday.  Having a mom in the medical field I have a lot of compassion for medical professionals and I get that sometimes they are just running behind.  I see how much my mom cares and she really doesn’t want to make people wait…it’s just how it goes sometimes.  Thank you to my clients who I moved! Always grateful for other mom clients who understand how OB appointments go sometimes.

Lunch was eaten quickly around 1pm-ish.  Chicken + sweet potato + broccoli.  I felt a surge of energy earlier that week and was able to cook some meals for the first time in a long time.

4pm-ish: pretzel + cheese + chocolate chip snack

6pm: Take out the office trash.  Super fun.

6:05pm: Head to a local boutique to pick out some gifts.  If you live in Houston, have you been to Emerson Rose in the Heights? I LOVE this store! They always have great gifts (for myself or others lol). 

7pm: Home.  Andrew was doing yard work so I hung outside with him.  A lot of nausea has come back lately, so I sipped a gatorade while I sat outside.  And Andrew covered me in bug spray because Zika.

8pm: Decided I would eat some cereal for first dinner.

9pm: Knew I wouldn’t sleep through the night if I didn’t have some protein, so made a bowl of cottage cheese topped with fruit.

Rest of evening was spent wrapping gifts for birthday celebrations we had this weekend…

+ finishing watching Ozark.  I was really unimpressed by Ozark.  Coming off epic show on similar topics (i.e. Breaking Bad and Narcos), I thought Ozark was totally lame.  If they come out with another season I’d watch tho.  Have you watched it? Any thoughts? I really hated how the baby was involved.

And now I’m off to do Monday.  See you guys back here tomorrow :)


  1. I like these posts because I love seeing how other people bring fun into otherwise “mundane” days. Moral of the story- I need to take myself out to breakfast more often!

  2. I love these posts! Your breakfast looks so good. When I wasn’t feeling well the past two weeks, I drank on two Gatorades, and they made me think of you. I used to think they were glorified sugar-water, but I realized how much I needed them those days when my stomach felt poorly and appetite was low. Love how I can take care of my body without worrying about being “clean” or perfect. :) Have a great day, Kylie!

  3. I love these type of posts, too! And I WISH I liked those types of shows, but any type of police dramas always make me think of work. Blah. ;)

    • hehe that’s why I’m not sure I could ever own/work at a restaurant because it ruins the magic of eating out! Kinda like your job ruins the magic of police shows!

  4. I got way too excited when I drove by a Shipley’s here in Austin the other day! I grew up in Houston and didn’t realize they had them here, love it.

  5. Lovelovelove stripes on a preggo belly, you’re adorable!

  6. I will echo the readers who love these types of posts! I’m always fascinated by what others do throughout their days for work and pleasure! Also, I’m still figuring out how much to feed myself + coming back from orthorexia so I love to see what “normal” eaters eat.

  7. Can I just say how much I love how you eat? haha. I know that sounds weird but I love that it’s just a part of your day, not an obsession or what the whole day is about but also something you really enjoy/don’t demonize. For so so SO long I have followed bloggers that make it all about what to eat and what not to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, etc. (you know what I mean) and I just want to say thank you for helping me to normalize food again!

  8. Totally get the doctor thing but I know they often can’t control when they are running behind so super understandable. Just out of curiosity, is your momma a doctor?

  9. Stop! I really liked Ozark. Definitely a tier below Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men, even Boardwalk Empire (I loved that show!). I liked it because I felt like the communication and behavior between characters was realistic. I mean the daughter was totally cliche, but I thought the baby story added depth and gave reasons for their (otherwise totally farcical) decision to work for the bad guys. Bummer you didn’t like it. Another somewhat recent one we really enjoyed is The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime.

    • My husband thought the characters / plot were more realistic than Breaking Bad. Ugh. I don’t know. Just couldn’t get into it. I’ve heard good things about The Man in the High Castle!

  10. i love these posts. your bfast is INSPIRING. i eat all kinds of foods without restriction, i THINK? (but actually maybe not.) but like…i go get a donut and think i am not really full from this, but oh, well! that i supposed to make me full. i struggle with what i think i should eat vs. what my body needs. it seems so easy, but it’s hard sometimes.

    anyway, you are best and are like a little internet, diet-free sanctuary.

    so, thank you!

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