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Friday morning my parents dropped off these cuties with us! Left to right: Lil Lou –> Fletcher.  We get them for most of this week too.  I love having a house filled with dogs.  In the future, if / when we get a bigger house, we will definitely be getting Maggie a puppy brother.  I follow @Carolynj on IG and she recently got an English Bulldog and named him Egg Roll.  I can not even.  I want him so bad.

Saturday morning I woke up at 2am and didn’t fall back asleep.  I finished writing some thank you notes and then ended up on pinterest for hours looking up things like how to decorate your house for autumn.  

I decided I needed a bale of hay to put by our front door.  So come sunrise I went and found a plant store that would sell me hay (to my country friends, I will not tell you how much I paid for said decorative hay.  It was ridiculous.)  BUT I love having it sitting by our front door.  Totally worth it.

Then I felt like playing around with sidewalk chalk, so I made a chalk doormat of sorts.  I LOVE how it came out.

I marked off the rectangles with painters tape and then just colored them in.

And then voila! 

Saturday for lunch we had an event with a brand, which I’ll be sharing later.  Later that afternoon Andrew and I went out for a pre-dinner ice cream from Cloud 10.  I went with one scoop nutella & marshmallow + one scoop good ol’ vanilla.

Yesterday Morgan and I were walking around Target and I saw Vanilla Chex.  And was like, “that would make really good puppy chow.”  I eyeball the recipe, but this is pretty much how I make it.  I had a nausea-filled weekend and anytime any food sounds appetizing I get pumped! I made a batch to munch on throughout the week.

Other random weekend realizations included:

Weekend realization #1: After spending years trying a new face wash every 3 months, my big sister recommended Cetaphil and I’ve been using it for a year now.  It’s super gentle and this is the best my skin has ever been.  I still get pimples from time to time because I’m human, but I’m eliminating dairy to fix that.  GOTCHA! Totally kidding.  My acne doesn’t come from eating dairy.  It comes from stress / lack of sleep / pregnancy hormones / trying new make-up / not showering quickly enough after I sweat / me messing with pimple, which makes them look worse than they are.  

This cleanser + taking a make-up free day when I feel like my skin needs it works for me.  Sunday ended up being a make-up free day because I was getting some pimples around my mouth and felt like I needed a make-up break.  I’ve always had super rosy cheeks (which makes my rheumatologist nervous every time I go in lol…since that can be a sign of lupus).  I’ve never owned blush in my life.

Weekend realization #2: I’m currently on an iced chai tea latte kick! 

Weekend realization #3: I found this fun soda at the grocery store and it tastes like the best cream soda of my life.

I have an OB appointment this afternoon with an ultrasound that I am really looking forward to.  I believe the new sensations I’m feeling lately – “zings”/ “lightening bolts” in my pelvic area and A LOT more pressure on my pelvic bones – are signs that baby girl is dropping.

How was your weekend? Feel free to link to your recap if you have a blog!


  1. nutella and marshmallow ice cream sounds amazing.

    I’m gonna have to ty the cetaphil; I’m constantly on a rotation of face products. Every time I get comfortable and think “oh hey, this is working!” my face revolts and is a mess again so I move on to a new wash. Maybe this’ll work.

  2. You TOTALLY got me with the dairy joke. I was like WTF NO not her too!!!

  3. Love your front porch decor! So festive!

    If you are looking for a good cleanser that helps with acne/pimples and is overall AMAZING, try Beautycounter’s Charcoal Cleansing Bar. It has made a world of difference for my skin!

  4. hahaha the dairy first i was like wtf. i adore you. also that soda is super cute. and i had a chai latte yesterday!!

  5. I got nervous when I saw you say you were cutting dairy! I have heard some people say to do that because I have been battling some not so pretty breakouts over the last year or so but I love dairy too much. I just keep slapping makeup on and drinking my moo-juice. ha Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

    • yeah. Just a wee-little joke :) I know a lot of people think dairy is the cause of their acne…I just have a hard time buying that. I think there are MULTIPLE factors that can contribute to anything, and I don’t think it’s helpful to say food is 100% the cause of acne / GI distress / etc.

  6. I agree about the ever rotating face products! Maybe I’ll get Cetaphil a try too. Sounds like it’s a classic for a reason! I don’t have a weekend recap on my blog but I did just put up a september favorites post!

  7. Stress is definetely the nr 1 cause for me having acne. Usually I have good skin (uay).In summer I was working hard at a nursing summer job but for the rest I moved outside in the sun, ate well, no alcohol or coffee (because sometimes they make me feel dehydrated & I already drink strong black tea). BUT I was exhausted. After I went back to school with a regular schedule the pimples slowly went away by themselves without me changing anything else. 

  8. So I struggle with hormonal acne, and it didn’t get better until I tried Cetaphil either! It worked and it’s totally worth it to feel more confident in my skin!

    Also, the pelvic pain is so real once you hit the 3rd trimester. I stayed active throughout my pregnancy, but it got to the point at the end where my hips/pelvis would hurt if I walked more than a mile at a time. I wish I would have taken up swimming to help! But I’m sending lots of good vibes your way! :)

    • Bike riding is 100% out for me because of the intense hip/pelvis pain you mention. It’s SUCH a weird sensation. Looking forward to the day I can go on a bike ride again :)

  9. You look like you had a fabulous weekend! I love the decor, and your joke was great! I thought you just had a typo and forgot “not” then realized. Sneaky ;) I got to tailgate with Kaci, Drew, and his family. I only go once a year. I love the atmosphere, but I hate the parking and such. Ha. In the past I used Cetaphil, but I now I use Simple Skin Care and love it. You have pretty complexion! I battled acne for a little bit in my teens, but thankfully, there wasn’t any lasting effects. :) I’ve had rosy cheeks too. I think it just means we’re extra special.

    • Yay for rosy cheeks :) My middle name is Rose, so growing up people always felt the need to comment on how I have “Rose-y” cheeks and how funny that Rose is my middle name. After 308544792 comments on that…it wasn’t so funny anymore ha

  10. OMG! Bull dogs of any kind are my weakness! And your two that are cuties, also. And yes, I had a freak out moment when you joked that you were eliminating dairy, lol!

  11. I love Cetaphil. I’ve been using it since I was a teenager and it’s great. I don’t have acne but I have extremely sensitive skinned and Cetaphil is the only product that doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. Your milk joke was funny and necessary. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is when I read food blogs and the authors talk about cutting out dairy or other food groups because it’s giving them acne, even though thy have no scientific proof.

    • right?! Blah. I get so annoyed…mainly because I see it really harm people who are trying to legalize all foods. Messages like that make feeding one’s body so confusing.

      Thanks for commenting, Jennifer!

  12. Just read an article by Refinery29 and 100% thought of you! Thought I’d share:

  13. I had to lol at the dairy thing! For a split second I was like OH NO not Kylie too! Hahaha goodness gracious I love your blog ;)

  14. You totally got me with the dairy thing! I was so confused because that’s so antithetical to your blog’s mission. Maybe I should try cetaphil again. 

  15. English bulldogs are the cutest! My sister has one and she’s such a mush. She even has an Instagram @thebulldog_stella. The dairy thing made me laugh, I knew you were joking but I loved it. So funny how people are so quick to eliminate foods when they have normal human experiences happen to them like breakouts or bloating.

  16. Cetaphil is the BEST. That is all.

  17. Cetaphil lover here too! Also if you are looking for a great-for-sensitive-skin day cream, I can highly recommend QV, it’s got SPF and is super light. Looks like you had a great weekend, I always love it when it is the right mix of chill time and socializing/doing things! Thanks for the Carolyn Gavin link too, her stuff is so cute!

  18. I had to share after listening to you and recovery shows for 3 plus years. I saw my therapist yesterday after almost a month. I filled her in about my emotional eating increasing because of work related stress. She knows about my eating disorder . She asked me my height and weight and then told me my weight was too high. I couldn’t believe she actually said this to me. I told her my body is perfectly healthy but my brain is not, which is why I was seeing her. I left crying and triggered to restrict, but won’t thanks to you and all of the women trying to end this abuse we do to ourselves and our bodies.

    • Man, Jackie. What an awful experience. I have so many issues with her comment that I don’t even know where to begin. Did she really think telling you your weight is too high was going to magically stop your emotional eating?! And basing her assessment of your weight on BMI..yikes!

      There are many therapist, doctors, and dietitians who operate in a diet mentality. I’m glad you are in a place where you know restriction (which could definitely lead to an increase in emotional eating) isn’t the answer.

  19. I literally made a shocked face at my computer with the dairy thing! Haha. I have had that suggestion so many times when I’ve talked to others about breakouts. (“So and so says it’s dairy and sugar. Cut them completely for three months to see blemishes go away!”) Ugh. At times skin can make you wonder if it’s worth it. Trying to go with the flow these days though and focus on mental health that comes from non-restrictive eating.

    I LOVE that you are so creative with the porch setup and the chalk mat. Very fun. Chai is so good with the seasonal change.

    Can’t wait to see you embrace motherhood. I think it’s going to be all sorts of goodness.

  20. I need to say this because it was revolutionary for me. I had bad acne on my back since I was about 13 years old. I tried so so so many things. So many washes and cures and cutting food groups and applying lotions…. . When I got pregnat they all went away, and stayed away until the moment I stopped nursing. And within a week they all came back. Same thing with my second pregnancy. So now I realize that no cream in the world will fix the fact that its all in the HORMONES.

    No foods, no lack of anything, just hormones. So much time and money wasted!

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