how 35 weeks pregnant is feeling and looking (aka October pregnancy update)

I hit the 35 weeks mark on Saturday! You can find all my previous pregnancy updates here. Here’s what’s been going on pregnancy-wise lately…

Andrew’s mom (Sally!) and her good friend threw me a fabulous baby shower this weekend.

The house the shower was hosted at was GORGEOUS.  Just look at this kitchen + those windows + that door!!

Here are a few photos from the shower (courtesy of our friend, Mrs. Wilson<3):

For the whole pregnancy Andrew has been telling me, “you still need to get way bigger.”  This weekend he started telling me that he thinks I’m getting to be just about the right size lol.  I agree :) We’re definitely in the home stretch! 

Family photo! Left to right: Andrew’s aunt, cousin’s sweet little girl, cousin, ME!, Sally, Molly (aka Andrew’s sis).

Favorite shower gifts were a tie between this diaper bag

…and those giant stuffed animals I keep posting about :) If you’re interested, here’s where they came from.


Most of the movement I’m doing at this point is stretching. My chiropractor mentioned last week that this point in the pregnancy isn’t the time to try to strengthen anything. I should be working on loosening and stretching everything to get ready to get baby out. She mentioned that if I want to strengthen anything it would be my inner thighs because that will be helpful when pushing.

In April when my knee pain was at it’s worst I joined the world’s most douche-iest gym (because they had a pool and had the equipment I needed to do my knee physical therapy). At the time I didn’t realize it was the world’s douche-iest gym, but now I do. Because I’m impulsive to the max I signed a year long contract. If my knees heal I’ll be back to ClassPass in a heart beat. Class Pass gives you SO much variety.

Moving in some way does help my mood and my nausea. I feel pretty immobile most of the time and getting blood flowing (even with just stretching) feels nice.  Most of the time I spend in the gym is spent sitting on a box jump doing this stretch.  That stretch + hip tucks on all fours are my go-tos.

I set up in a corner of the gym that has a door nearby in case I start crying for no reason.  I do get a bit frustrated and overwhelmed by how bad my back pain is and how immobile it makes me feel. So it’s nice to have a door nearby if it’s one of the times I just need to go sit and my car and cry.  I don’t really mind the crying.  Like I believe pregnant women are made to be soft & fleshy, I also know pregnant women are more inclined to cry.  Sometimes it’s annoying to cry so much and feel so sad…and other times I can remind myself that this is to be expected and I’m not crying for no reason, it’s just pregnancy and these feelings / reactions are temporary.

The back pain seems to pop up out of nowhere…I’ll be good for a few days and then miserable for a few days. Andrew has been giving me a few lower back massages that REALLY help.  Stretching + the hip tucks help too.  Swimming doesn’t make it worse, but I haven’t really felt like getting in the pool as much lately.  Mainly because if I swim it takes a lot of effort to shower + dry off + get dressed again.

Body Image Stuff

Most conversations about my pregnant belly go:

random person: “How many weeks are you?”
me: “I’m x weeks.”
random person: “Oh you are so tiny! I never would’ve guessed!”

It’s just funny to me how people feel the ultimate compliment they can pay a pregnant woman is to tell her she’s tiny.  I feel like a pregnant women shouldn’t be tiny, but should be nice and soft and fleshy. I mentioned this whole scenario to my mom and out of curiosity she asked, “so you’d want someone to come up to you and say ‘you look soft & fleshy.’?” Which made me think. I’m not sure what I want people to say…and I’m sure people say, “you look tiny”, because they don’t know what else to say.  I just know that right now feeling soft and fleshy feels right.  Being out of breath when I walk up 10 stairs feels right.  Waddling when I walk feels right.  Feeling tiny wouldn’t feel right and I think it’s really stupid people say it.

At a wedding I attended this weekend someone came up to me and said, “looks like you haven’t been running much.” This is a person from my past who is an acquaintance and clearly this person doesn’t know me and still thinks running is part of my identity when it’s not and hasn’t been for 3+ years. They were kidding. But me (and Andrew who was standing next to me)…didn’t appreciate the comment or find it funny. I explained to the person how bad running actually makes my body feel…and I left it at that. This is just to say, people say really odd things to pregnant women.

In other news, I was talking to Andrew about how my hips and back have more fat on them than they ever have and it’s just new and different…not good or bad…it’s just one of the more drastic body changes that has come with growing a baby.  He pointed out that all the new fat packs on my body are supplies for baby once she’s out in the world, which is an excellent way to look at it :)

Raspberry’s size (she’s big!)

At 34 weeks baby girl measured at 6lb 3oz (the 80th percentile for weight). I always imagined I would have a 9lb+ baby (I was 9lbs 6oz when I was born…I have no idea if there is a genetic component involved there).  I’ve also heard estimating the weight of a baby by an ultrasound isn’t super accurate and can be +/- a pound, so who knows her actual size. 

She feels big to me though! She was head down at our last appointment (Yay, Raz! Way to go and be in the right position!).  I can feel her push her legs / feet against my ribs and at the same time feel her head putting a lot of pressure on my pelvic area.  I think she’s ready to escape and I think she’s gonna come early.  I have no idea why I feel like she’s gonna come early…but I really think she is.

Nursery additions

I got a Kristine Brookshire watercolor painting I ADORE! I also ordered some wallpaper samples that I plan on framing.  An actual roll of the wallpaper was more pricey than I was comfortable paying, so framing some samples will do! I love following @OhJoy on IG and that is the wallpaper she has in her living room.  So gorgeous.

Random things I’ve cried at lately

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods (I hadn’t shopped there in months and it was fun to switch it up) trying to pick out a frozen pizza and I was nauseous so was having trouble making a choice.  This lady came up behind me and said, “can I just grab one real quick” (i was in her way).  So I said, “oh sure! I’m super indecisive right now.  Especially in this season of life.” Then she said, “Girl.  I hear you, that 5 month old over there in the shopping cart is mine.  I know pregnancy is tough.”  And then I cried because YES! Pregnancy is tough sometimes.  BUT through the tears I did pick out a pizza and managed to finish grocery shopping.

Picking out hospital / homecoming outfits for baby

Deciding what outfit we will bring her home in has been so fun.  Here are my top picks:

I think the lil’ booties (a gift from We All Eat) will be a bit big for a newborn, but I don’t even care.  We are so getting a newborn photo in them!! They are the cutest.

We got a rock n’ play.

A million of my friends / family friends have recommended this thing.  Any of my moms out there use it?

I think I should probably pack a hospital bag soon.  People keeps asking us, “are ya’ll ready?” My response is usually, “I mean, we have all the physical stuff we need.  But as far as knowledge of how to be parents to a newborn…we have no earthly idea what we are about to do.” lol

There may or may not be another pregnancy update.  We’ll just see what happens! I’m having period like cramps at least a few times a week and what I now realize are some Braxton Hicks.  I think neither of those things actually tell us when she will come…but it’s exciting to feel my body practicing to get her out of there.

Next weekend we’re taking some maternity photos.  I read somewhere that you should take maternity photos around 30 weeks, but I wanted to wait until I was more bumpalicious + soft & fleshy.  So 36 weeks it is! 

I leave you with this punny onesie that Molly gave me :)


  1. You are awesome. How you are just going through all of this – the emotional waves, the physical changes, receiving absurd comments from strangers – and just observing, without judgment is BEYOND impressive. You are the Yoda of pregnant women. And all of these thoughts you share are very relevant to all women, not just pregnant women and mothers, but all of us. Thank you!

  2. Seeing all your pregnancy updates makes me SO wish someone close to me was preggo…I want all this cute baby stuff around me! As for people’s comments on your body right now – don’t even worry about it! Frankly, I don’t know WHAT makes people think its any more acceptable to comment on a pregnant woman’s body than it anyone else’s. My body = my business! And either way, I think you’re looking wonderful. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :) It’s so encouraging to get a view into your thought process and feelings as your body changes so dramatically. As someone who’s given birth to three babies, I have to chime in — in my experience, even though the hormonal weepiness settles down a few weeks (or months, lol) after delivery, you may end up still crying a lot more than you used to!. For me anyway, having children just left me a lot more tenderhearted than I was expecting :)

  4. Looks amazing! I love your wavy hair (in general!). My friends with curly hair who have had babies said they noticed a big difference in their hair during pregnancy (curl tightness, etc). I was wondering if you had too! Growing a human makes for some pretty epic changes, I’d imagine. Wishing you all the best!

    • I haven’t noticed any hair differences. But my best friends mom’s hair went from straight to curl during/following one of her pregnancies. So I had heard that could happen!! SO CRAZY!

  5. I get you on the pain side of things. I live with chronic pain that makes sitting downright impossible most of the time. My options are literally standing or laying down. I’ve dealt with this for 4+ years but being pregnant has added a layer of discomfort and worry about raising a child with this kind of pre-existing pain/inconvenience. I just let myself cry and I talk as much as I need to to my husband. I believe my baby will Love me just the same :) Love to you!

  6. I have a 9 month old and used to get so offended when people would tell me I was tiny when I was pregnant. And like you said, they think they’re being nice but I always felt offended…almost like I was doing something wrong by not being bigger! I’m just a small person in general, so I didn’t get too big. My daughter came early too (about 3 weeks) so it helps to have things packed. I had nothing and car seat wasn’t installed, but we did just fine :)

    Rock and play is amazing! We didn’t use it when she was first born; the doctor said it wasn’t safe for sleeping because of head/neck control but used it all the time for naps later on. A lifesaver :)

    Also, I’ve struggled with chronic knee pain in the past but it has gotten a lot better. Turns out it was because of my back-I have scoliosis. But once my PT addressed my back issues my knees got so much better. Hope your back and knees feel better soon!

  7. You look radiant!!!! :) Love your thought processes. Can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet girl! 

  8. Aw, all the baby outfits are super cute! I think I’m one of those awkward people who don’t know what to say around pregnant women so I just don’t say anything at all. lol or else I end up saying something I regret. hahaha

  9. Thanks for the update. <3 I love those baby outfits – they are both SO cute! I think the 2nd one is my ultimate favorite! Also that diaper bag is so cute and stylish! That's the best looking diaper bag I have ever seen!

    I look forward to your posts everyday! They are part of my daily routine now, haha – I love it! Hoping the next few weeks go wonderfully for you – excited to see your maternity pictures! I hope the pain gets better for you and I'm sorry to hear it has been so bad. :(

    • YES to outfit number 2. That is really my first choice too :) Yeah I was hoping the diaper bag would be masculine enough for Andrew want to carry it. I think it is!

  10. I love reading all your pregnant updates! And I LOVE that onsie that says ‘you’re sodium cute’!!

  11. People say the weirdest things to pregnant women! I hated that all of a sudden the only interesting thing for people to talk to me about was my body size. I don’t blame them, but it got old . . . like there was still an interesting human inside the body. I did love the people who said pregnant women just have a special “glow” because I totally think that is true. All the excitement and new life! It’s the best.

    Also, crying in the pizza aisle is so real. That continued for me through nursing and beyond. Being a mama just makes me feel more, I think :) But in a good way, I think I am a better person because I’m more willing to be vulnerable and cry around people.

    I love your pregnancy updates and look forward to your postpartum thoughts. It is all such an exciting but raw and scary time of life, it’s nice to hear from someone who is willing to talk about the hard parts :)

    • hehe I keep telling people that the pregnancy glow is actually sweat lol…I’m sweating all the time and it makes me look glisten-y haha

      Thanks for commenting, Claira<3

  12. So much respect to you for sharing this journey and for being so inspirational! I hope this last stretch is amazing and that you feel much better without back or knee pain.

  13. I love your pregnancy updates and I am so excited for you and Andrew! I am about a week  ahead of you with baby #4. And I remember being so offended with my first when people used to tell me I was tiny, but with my other pregnancies I have just appreciated it as a compliment 😂.  Even though I have average size babies my stomach just never gets that big, and honestly the more kids I have to clean up after, I appreciate it not getting too huge!! I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!! 

  14. So I’m not pregnant, but I can totally relate to crying at the women’s comment in Whole Foods. Sometimes people say things that are just so relatable and it feels so good to know that someone else knows what you’re going through, even if it’s just a little thing. If it comes at the right time, it can feel like “Faith in Humanity restored! I’m not alone!” 

  15. OH MY GOD THE ROCK N PLAY SAVED OUR LIVES. Anytime a friend has a baby I get them one… It is just the best and since it plugs in you never have to worry about batteries! PRO TIP – for the white noise setting, if you use the app, you can set it to ‘continuous’ and it won’t turn off.
    Thinking good thoughts for your family and thank you for all that you do.

  16. One of the things that people would say to me when I was pregnant was “you can’t even tell you’re pregnant from behind,” which is equally weird. Like, it was a good thing that part of my body, which was growing a baby, didn’t look pregnant? (Or that you’re not supposed to really look pregnant when you are?) And still, now that I’m on my second pregnancy, my former ED self will pop back in and be like, ‘Oh you don’t want to look too pregnant/pregnant from behind with this one.’ I make it a point to not comment on anyone’s bodies. No matter the intention, it does no good.

  17. I hate, hate, HATE that people think one of the best compliments to give a pregnant woman is to tell her how tiny she is. It’s so backwards and messed up.

    Also, re: the comment by your acquaintance–truly, what possesses people? I definitely have my own fair share of socially awkward moments, but I feel like there’s a special brand of thoughtlessness and crazy that comes along with some people’s pregnancy comments.

  18. All three of my kids napped in a Pack n Play when they first came home from the hospital! We also took them to the beach and they slept in those under little tents by the ocean ☺️

    • All the pack n play’s we looked at came with a changing table AND a bouncer seat thing. I just felt like there was so much overlap with products we already have and since we live in a smallish house I didn’t want to have TWO changing tables / TWO bouncer seats.

      All that said…I’m sure we will 100% end up with a pack n play. I just want to find one that is JUST a pack n’ play and not 4 things in one.

      Thanks for commenting, Jamie<3

  19. I got the whole “you are so tiny. You barely look pregnant”. Where sometimes I would reply with “well I am”. I got SO annoyed with that comment. I even had a few friends not want to talk about pregnancy with me because I didn’t gain that much weight. It totally hurt my feelings. Everyone has a different bodies and they respond in different ways.

    We had a rock n play! We used it mostly for naps but I have had tons of friends use it to sleep in for the first while.

    Good luck with everything. You are going to do amazing. Pregnancy and newborn hood is so challenging but SO AMAZING!

  20. I love this and I love how honest you are about all the pregnancy feels. Your discussion about the crazy things people say about pregnant people definitely has me thinking maybe I just shouldn’t say anything at all! Lol!

  21. Girl, I used to get so annoyed when people would comment on my “tiny” belly. Then afterward they’d say something about my post baby body and I’m just like “WHYYY must you even comment, let me be!” Our baby slept in the rock n play every night for the first 3 months, slept like a champ. He has reflux so it helped him for sure. Hope little raspberry likes it too :)

  22. Kylie, So happy to read all of this. What a challenging joy being a mom is! I  related to the crying portion of your blog. When I was pregnant, many moons ago, I cried so often.  I sent my husband flowers. On the card I said, “You like coffee and I like tea, I wish you were pregnant instead of me. “

  23. I have loved following along with you in your pregnancy journey! You look absolutely beautiful! I vote the second outfit — love that unicorn whale! And those booties are the cutest!

  24. So beyond happy for you! LOVE all the outfits.

    I am creepily catching up on all your blogs that I have not read for the past couple weeks. :)

    I am curious. Your knee pain- What was it? I have had knee pain in my left knee the past couple months and in the process of getting a MRI approved by my insurance. I’ve taken a break from exercise with the occasional yoga (like once a week) and still experiencing pain.

    • I’ve never gotten an answer for the knee pain. I had an MRI that didn’t show any tearing. Best guess is patellofemoral pain syndrome. Went to PT for 3 months…and that helped a bit and I still incorporate the movements they showed me. Plan for me is to just keep going easy on my knees. It sucks, but trying to remember that the body will tell me what it needs, so I’m trying to be patient and let the knees heal. I really miss going on walks tho…especially with the weather getting nicer.

      Hope you figure out your pain!

  25. that last onesie…. YESSSS. i love food puns!! oh and that headband option for the coming home, darling! but i guess the hat would be more appropriate as it cools down every so slightly. either way, she’ll be one darling Raspberry :)

  26. I LOVE the idea of framing wallpaper. I am totally going to do that. Also, totally agree about it being weird to tell pregnant women they’re tiny – no, they shouldn’t tell you you’re soft and fleshy either lol, they should just NOT comment on your size, just like with everyone else.

  27. I didn’t appreciate the rock and play simply because Grayson hated it!! And it didn’t vibrate like we thought it would. Also I took my maternity photos late too! 38 weeks! It’s was super fun because I wanted to be “bumpalicious” like you. I also got told how tiny I was throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy and it always hurt my feelings (until the very end because I was still in my diet/restrict mentality). I always wanted my bump to be huge and I wanted to waddle. I want to need help getting up but I never let my body do what it needed to to properly prepare for baby so I fought against it to stay “small”. I regret that so much and wish I could’ve shown more love to myself and baby boy. We are doing great now though and I love my body! Every meal is delicious and exciting! Thank you, Kylie! I can’t tell you how much I respect you and appreciate everything you’ve done in my life through your blogs. I’m such a different, happier person. My husband is also so much happier with me!

    I’m so super excited for you being so close to the end! I had a love/hate relationship with the last 5 weeks. God bless and I’ll be praying for a wonderful, safe delivery.

    • I’m definitely living in that love/hate relationship with the end of pregnancy haha! So exciting to be so close to meeting baby…but sometimes I’m over having a full grown baby in my belly.

      Thanks for the sweet first part of your comment. I’m happy to hear the blog has been good for your soul and even for your marriage<3<3 Sounds like you've done a lot of work to get to a better place! WAY TO GO!

  28. Aww Kylie I love reading these!! You have so much insight on pregnancy, I honestly think you could write a book! Just about dealing with society’s standards + what pregnancy is really about, etc. I’m so so excited for Raspberry’s arrival, and I’m glad you had such a nice baby shower. Also, Andrew is such a gem of a husband. :)

  29. I really loved this article. Thanks for the interesting insights on the pregnancy .. As I was researching on pregnancy I came across which was quite useful. Hope this helps your readers as well.

  30. I am STILL laughing at “Because I’m impulsive to the max i signed a year long contract” hahahah! SO funny! So nice to know my favorite celebrity (and dietician!) has such relatable experiences and traits. Seriously cant get over that comment.

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