Saturday morning started with a Kodiak Cakes pancake filled with bananas and chocolate chips.  I topped it with some PB, PB granola and more chocolate chips.  Half-caf iced vanilla latte on the side.

That morning some of my friends from the church I grew up at threw me a baby shower.  It was hot air ballon themed and so cute!


I wore THE dress to the shower and it’s pretty much stretched to it’s limits when it’s on me and wasn’t super comfy, so I think this will be the last time I wear it for this pregnancy.

I gave these hostess gifts to the 5 ladies who threw the shower for me.  Get it? hehe

Saturday afternoon I spent some time with Quinn (aka my lil sister).  Warby Parker opened a store in Houston, so we went there and then swung by a vintage clothing store to see if we could find anything fun for my maternity shoot that was on Sunday.  No luck on finding an outfit, but there is a maternity photo sneak peak at the end of this post :)

That night Andrew and I met at Torchy’s because queso + chips was sounding super delish to me.

Sunday morning was a typical Sunday for us.  Breakfast tacos + church + grocery shopping.

That afternoon I hung up some of Raspberry’s clothes in the closet and I was like, “HOLY PINK?!” I like pink but I decided to diversify her wardrobe a bit and ordered her (let’s be real…I ordered me) some blues and greens

Feel free to judge me for how much I spent on those onesies that may only fit her for 1 month.  I feel like everyone has told me to not buy a bunch of newborn clothes because baby will grow out of them so fast / you stay home a lot at first and baby doesn’t need super cute going out clothes quite yet, but I think this is a lesson I’m going to have to learn on my own ;)  And I bought her some socks because I realized she didn’t have any.  Babies wear socks, right? 

Sunday late afternoon Morgan came over and did a maternity photoshoot with me + Andrew.  I’ll likely be sharing more photos later after Morgan edits them, but here’s one of the photos she sent me as a sneak peak.  It’s exactly what I was looking for in a maternity photo.

A couple random things: 

Last week and this week we’ve been having some electrical work done on our house.  Since our house was built in the 50s all the wiring was cloth wiring (whatever that means) so we’re getting that removed + putting in all new wiring + having new recessed lighting put in (those ceiling lights below are new and we LOVE them) + adding some new electrical outlets that actually make sense location wise.  Andrew has been busy in the evenings patching holes in the walls that the electrical workers made when putting in the new wiring + outlets.  How handy he is, is always impressive to me.

Last random thing.  Have you used this stuff before? 

It’s been around for awhile now, the name always makes me laugh…and it works great lol

How was your weekend?


  1. hehehe, poopourri…after us laughing about it for ages, my friend finally bought some, and it works! super excellent invention LOL

    Also, I kinda really love the all-pink baby wardrobe. I’m probably being a really bad feminist by saying so, but if/when I have a baby girl I want everything EVERYTHING to be pink. I just think it’s so cuuuute

    • Haha I’m so with you on that one! I am definitely a feminist and all for equality between men and women but … I LOVE little girls in dresses and pink too ;)

  2. Absolutely beautiful pic of you :) And I kind of crack up to myself when I see all those pricey onesies….but hey, she’s your first, you gotta do that!!!!  You go girl 👍🏼

  3. Something about your coffee photos always makes me drool! It probably helps that I am completely obsessed with coffee :)

  4. Love your maternity photo – so maternal in an earthy and ethereal way. Frame it!

    And re: PooPourri – yes I have! I bought it as a gag gift for my Dad and it seems to be getting used quite a bit in their guest bathroom, lol.

    My weekend was amazing. I volunteer with a dog rescue and I got approved to a foster a dog named Frankie from Mexico so two more sleeps until we have a furry houseguest! So excited and so happy!

  5. What a full weekend! I’m so excited for you and Andrew. Having babies anytime of the year is amazing but there is something special about having a baby during such a cozy time of year :-)

    Newborns do wear socks but I always tell people to remove them when you’re changing diapers because inevitably, a heel is going to end up in their poo. They’re so wiggly a heel usually slips out of your hands and lands right in the poop. So, it’s easier to wipe off poop from a bare foot than to deal with a poo sock ;-)

  6. Don’t feel bad about the baby clothes! I once witnessed my Sister In Law spend a bajillion dollars on BOTH girls and boys clothing BEFORE she knew what she was even having, lol! She was so excited. P.S. That photo is so beautiful in every way. :)

  7. That maternity photo is incredible! Can’t wait to see more! Love the hot air balloon theme as well… you are giving me lots of good ideas for the future ;)

  8. Love the dress. And poo-pourri is the best!!! It really does work! I got it as a sort of gag gift but have bought it again since!

  9. your picture will definitely come out gorgeous — so happy for you and i’d be the same way with baby girl’s outfit too. its just too adorable not to.

  10. That pancake, dang! ;) That photo is gorgeous, and I’m so looking forward to seeing more pics from the shoot. Glad you had such a nice and restful weekend, and OMG I think there’s no such thing as too many baby clothes. They’re just so itty bitty and cuteeee, and technically you could hand some of them down to friends or sister in the future!
    My weekend was really nice; here’s a little recap!

    • That’s what I was thinking too! I’m hoping for more babies in my extended family soon and I could pass some of the most expensive onesies on :)

  11. The hot air balloon decorations at your shower are so cute! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having fun with baby clothes. Even though they’re home a lot, you’ll likely take a million pictures of her and it’s fun to see them in different little outfits :)

  12. Your maternity photo is so beautiful!
    The house I grew up in was also built in the 50s. I remembered that fact when I saw the diamond-shaped window in your door!

  13. I’m supposed to make a trip to Houston in the spring to visit friends and after reading your blog for so long, I KNOW that I’m making a stop at Torchy’s lol!  And would love a coffee date with you and raspberry if you’re available as well!  Love seeing the updates, so glad you’re having a healthy pregnancy :)

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