Are there things you are doing that make you feel empty?

Too much work?

Too much exercise?

Too much loneliness?

Not enough…


  1. Being overscheduled in my professional and personal life! I’m working on boundaries and how saying “No” is okay.

  2. Too much work definitely makes me feel empty. I love my work, but sometimes I find myself working in one way or another all the time. I think it’s easy when something fills up our time to feel like it’s making us complete. But then it ends up making the rest of your life feel pretty empty.

    • It’s a great reminder that just because something fills up our time it doesn’t mean that it will make us feel complete. Thanks for that, Amber!

  3. Reading books I  feel like I “should” read even though they are too heavy or dark for my personality. Buying things on the spur of the moment which later I regret spending money on.

  4. This really resonated with me today. All week I have been feeling a little off and just disconnected with my body, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I saw this and something just clicked. I feel empty from a week of doing too much at work and taking on more than I am capable. In the past I probably would have diverted that feeling of disconnect and emptiness to controlling my diet and exercise, most likely by working out way too much in the mornings and spending the day counting calories rather than thinking about why I feel this way.
    Thanks for the picture :) Really hit home.

  5. Sometimes I think what makes me feel empty is when I am resisting emptiness/stillness/boredom in my life- I start to get frantic, unable to sit still, or tolerate silence so I start turning to social media/podcasts, etc to fill my head with other people’s voices so that I don’t have to be alone with my own. I am working on embracing more down time with just myself and letting it become a source of rejuvenation instead of anxiety. Watercoloring has been the best activity for that so far!!

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