day in the life (aka that time I went to the cutest, new crepe restaurant)

I’ve got a diary-style post for you today of my Thursday this week:)

7am: Wake up!

7 to 7:45am: Put finishing touches on yesterday’s post and post it.

7:45am: Make breakfast.  I had a coconut flour pancake and forgot to take a picture, so I’ll use an old photo I have of it.  In place of blackberries I added granola into the batter and topped it with PB.  Yum.

8:30am: Head to chiropractor appointment for prenatal massage and adjustment.  For two hours after the massage + adjustment I felt so…light is the only way I can describe it.  It was a weird feeling that I couldn’t place and then I realized what I was feeling was no pain for the first time in a long time.  My body felt so good for about two hours with zero back and knee pain.  Then the back and knee pain returned.  But it was a magical two hours!

10:45am: Grab lunch at a newly built crepe place, Melange Creperie.  This crepe place has been in Houston, but the locations have been really lame for me (one downtown…I never go downtown.  And I think the other location was a booth inside a grocery store…which I never went to).  This location is so cute and convenient with plenty of parking (yay for easy parking)! LOOK HOW GORGEOUS!

I went with their Thai Chicken crepe + a half-caf vanilla latte.  Yum.  I’ll be back for sure.

noon to 4pm: Back to back client sessions.  For an afternoon snack I had some dried prunes and pecans.

4pm-5pm: Call with my BFF.  She lives out of state and it’s always good to talk

5pm-6pm: Finish up client notes/billing.

6pm-7:30pm: Head home, “cook” some dinner, and hang out in the backyard with Andrew.  I had some leftover breakfast sandwiches in the freezer (that were supposed to be saved for when Raz comes, but we keep eating all the stuff I’m trying to prep for her arrival lol). 

So we had those with some ice cold cherry tomatoes and apples.

7:30pm: The weather was glorious so we went on a short walk.  We stopped and talked with one of our neighbors who is an 80 year old man and as we were walking away he said, “be careful not to drop that baby out halfway around the block” lol. 

8pm: Watched the This is Us episode from earlier this week.  I’m sure a nighttime snack will be happening later.  I’m having some Braxton Hicks or something tonight.  Also starting 2 days ago my face broke out way more than it has in a while and I’m like, “is this a hormone swing? Is baby coming?!”

Oh, pregnancy.  Could be something and could be nothing.  Maybe by Monday we’ll have a baby.  And maybe lil Raz won’t come until mid-November.  We shall see!

Have a great weekend, guys<3


  1. Love the decor/aesthetic in that lil crepe place, it looks so nice!

  2. Ohmygosh that café is adorable!! So colorful, inviting, interesting, and all around perfect. Your eats look delicious, and I would be the same way with eating the foods prepped ahead of time. ;) I’m sorry your pain returned, but that’s so great that you found relief for a bit! For what it’s worth, you still are beautiful, and your breakouts are hardly noticeable. :) I’ve had a few recently too. Seasonal change + hormones I believe. Hope you have a great day!

    • It was a fabulous break for a couple hours! I’m sure the back pain will improve once baby is out and isn’t messing with my center of gravity. Hope you have a great Friday, Kori!

  3. Kylie, I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now but I realized I never comment! I guess I just don’t know how to put into words how much you mean to me.. I’m a 15 year old girl who has been working very hard at fighting my disordered eating and trying to find balance and self love, and you have helped me SO much. I am so thankful for you, and I am also so excited for you and your sweet little girl! I know you’re going to be an excellent mother. I almost view you as a motherly figure to me, in the way you speak to my soul and bring me so much comfort and strength, so I just know little Raspberry is going to grow up in a wonderful environment with you as her momma. I have loved following along on your pregnancy journey and I truly am so excited for the baby to come! I made this comment way too long, but I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you, how excited I am for you, and how much love I have for you. You mean a lot to me. <3

    • Hi Ava :) I’m an emotional mess at this stage of pregnancy and your comment definitely has me crying. Thank you for taking the time to write me such sweet word<3 I'm so glad I've gotten to be a part of your life. So much love to you<3

    • I don’t know you but think you are awesome for commenting such a sweet thing! Sometimes I want so badly for young fighters to get to these kind of resources and moments early on so they can see their way out more easily. I 100% agree that Kylie is so helpful and relatable. Keep up the hard work every day!

  4. That crepe place looks magical! I might need to plan a trip to a crepe place near me soon. I think venturing into the city just for crepes is totally worth it!

    I have some food posts coming up on my blog but for now I have another travel recap! I bought a little marble slab at target to try and up my food picture game.

  5. Oh, even I am dying in anticipation now! You have the whole Immaeatthat world on the edges of our seats! A note on your chronic pain…it just reminded me how much we can tend to take for granted when we’re not experiencing pain. I have worked with a number of clients who have debilitating chronic pain and I can only imagine how it impacts their life every day. Your thought of not even being able to place why you felt so “light” only to realize it was the first time in a while you haven’t been in pain really touched my soul. Prayers for you and hopefully little Raspberry will be making a debut very soon! P.S. That eatery is the cutest!

  6. Your breakfast sandwiches look professional! And that crepe place is the cutest. My husband and I just started watching This Is Us and are already hooked!

  7. When I was majorly prego, about two years ago, I had incredible rib pain. My babe was lodged waaaaayyyy up there, and I physically had to push down on him on the side of my stomach to experience relief. About two weeks before my due date (a month before he actually joined us earthside), I “dropped”as they say, and the pain finally subsided.
    Forgive me if this is a stupid suggestion, but I read about women whose baby is facing down instead of up, or in the breech position, sometimes experience more lower back pain because where the baby’s weight is distributed presses on a nerve in the mother’s back. I don’t know if you can ask your doctor, at your next appointment to do an ultrasound to see which way Raspberry is facing. I’ve read that it’s possible for a dr or midwife to move the baby’s position through some specific stomach massage. I’d ask about that too. It might get you a little relief in these final weeks, when you absolutely deserve to rest up! I hope this helped (it’s such a long comment!).
    Waiting with bated breath for the little Razz’s arrival!

    • Thanks for the rec, Jess! I’ve heard of back labor happening if baby is posterior. I’ve had a lot of back pain in my life (from being too hard on my body with running in the past)…so a part of me wonders if my lower back is just having trouble tolerating baby’s weight regardless of which way she is facing. Worth talking to my OB about tho! Thanks for commenting <3<3

  8. Hi Kylie! SO SO excited for your new addition! She is lucky to have such a genuine, caring human as her mom! Unrelated to this post, but in a couple of your other posts you’ve mentioned how college wasn’t the best time of your life like everyone makes it seem that it HAS to be- I really appreciate this viewpoint as a current college student and was wondering if you ever thought about creating a full post on this perspective? I think you’re in the minority of people who are open and honest about college and would love to hear more about your thoughts and how you balanced what college is “supposed” to be vs. what it actually is!

  9. I LOVE that cafe!! I’d be down there in a heartbeat if I lived nearby :) And omg it must be so crazy not knowing at all how the next few days or weeks will be. Crazy but exciting :D

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