Still pregnant (probably my last pregnancy update!)

I’ve had fun taking y’all along on this pregnancy journey! I know some of you aren’t in the pregnancy season of life, but I appreciate you sticking around for this season of my life<3

As of now, Raspberry is still cozy inside my uterus, but my body is giving me signs that it’s warming up for Raspberry’s birthday (i think…not really sure since I’ve never done this before lol).

Here’s what going on: Thursday night I had a bunch of Braxton Hicks.  I haven’t had any contractions for the entire pregnancy, so Thursday night was exciting! Friday morning I lost my mucus plug (I know.  Grossest name ever.  I prefer to call it the, “baby cork” haha).  For me, the contractions/Braxton Hicks start with a mild period pain.  Then I notice I can’t breathe quite right.  Then I touch my belly and realize everything is ROCK HARD and I guess my lungs are trying to expand against a contracted uterus and that isn’t very effective haha.

I have an OB appointment today and am excited to have my cervix checked.  Last week it made zero sense for me to be checked because I had ZERO signs my body was getting ready to birth this baby.  This week, since so much has been going on with my uterus, I’m excited to see if I’m dilated/effaced.  Even if it doesn’t necessarily tell me when baby is coming, it still tells me my body is making moves to get baby out!

First up, here’s a look at the nursery…

Nursery Tour

I love how the nursery came out.  Andrew calls the nursery style, “baby boho with a fluffy rug.” 

Next to the dresser (aka old filing cabinet) Andrew painted we got IKEA’s RASKOG Storage Cart in beige for diaper and wipe storage.  I’d seen this cart described as the everything cart in an Apartment Therapy blog post last year and thought of it when we were searching for a storage option.  It’s only $25!!

The beautiful watercolor girl came from Kristine Brookshire’s Esty Shop.

On top of the dresser we got the Keekaroo Peanut Changer in vanilla.  It was a pricier baby changing pad, but I liked how it looked and liked the idea of not having to clean a changing pad cover.

Having the Giant Rhinoceros Stuffed Animal and Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal in the room makes me so happy.  Maggie is still getting used to them, which you may have seen on Stories :)

Andrew painted a bookcase that came from this childhood bedroom.  And I adorned it with a narwhal stuffed animal that my mom got me and the COOLEST octopus stuffed animal.  I wish you could all feel the octopus’s legs lol.  They feel so cool! And my sister got us the yellow Felt Letter Board.

Besides the watercolor girl, my other favorite part of the nursery is the the sheepskin rug that we layered over a rug we had from Urban Outfitters.  I couldn’t find our rug on their site anymore, but I love all of Urban Outfitter’s rugs.  I really adore the layered rug look and am glad we got the fluffy rug.  Maggie loves it too…


At my OB 3 weeks ago they gave me a pregnancy/postpartum depression screening.  I answered the 8ish questions and for lack of a better word…I failed it.  My OB’s nurse isn’t an empathetic nurse.  I think she just needs a vacation from moody/emotional pregnant women.  When I come in her question to me is always, “So, no problems?”  It drives me insane that she asks the question in that leading way.  So I appreciated the depression questionnaire and my OB taking the time to address it with me.

Andrew and I will see how I feel once we’re into postpartum and decide then if I need to take an antidepressant and/or talk with a therapist.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve felt really good emotionally.  I don’t feel like there’s a sense of dread and blah-ness following me around anymore, which is really nice.  I’m sure some of that has to do with pregnancy hormones and some has to do with me being proactive in reaching out to friends / joining a small group at our church.  


Since I’ve got a full grown baby inside me lol, many times my stomach gets full (bc it’s squished) before my tastebuds get bored of the food…and that is annoying. 

Sometimes small meals work and other times there just seems to be more space in my belly and I can eat a full sized meal.  Sometimes I wake up at 3am so hungry that I have to get up and go eat an entire meal worth of food.  Sometimes I feel no hunger cues at all and choose to eat every 3-4 hours because I know my body still needs food coming in.

My goal with food is to just be well fed at all times.  I don’t want to go into labor when my blood sugar is low.  So that typically looks like me eating every 2-4 hours and having most meals & snacks having ~3 of the following components: protein, carb, fat, dairy, and/or fiber.  For me, this is what the gentle nutrition concept from Intuitive Eating looks like in pregnancy.

For instance, with the below snack:

latte = dairy & protein
almond croissant = carb & fat


Body Changes

My intention for this entire pregnancy has been to let my body journey as it needs to.  I’ve got stretch marks in places I wasn’t expecting to have stretch marks…on my boobs and lower back/upper butt area.  So far zero stretch marks on my belly.  And my belly button hasn’t popped…boo! I was hoping it would lol.  

There have been plenty of times when the body changes have felt overwhelming, but every body change is a chance to choose to be kind to myself.  I shared more pregnancy + (projected) postpartum body thoughts in this post.

One funny body thing is that I prefer to have NOTHING touching my belly.  It already feels so tight and I don’t want anything else constricting it.  Andrew will be the first to tell you that 99% of the time at home I’m walking/sitting around with my belly out like this… hehe


For the past month I’ve been taking it really easy.  Mainly I’m just doing movement of daily life (i.e. grocery shopping, etc.).  The rest of my movement is gentle & aimed at easing back pain.  There have really been only 3 things I’ve been doing regularly: the seated figure 4 stretch, pelvic tilts on my hands and knees, and a lot of sitting in the butterfly stretch.  The weather has been SO dreamy so I’ve been going on occasional short walks (like a mile max) if it’s extra autumn perfection outside. 

I feel like my body has been liking me slowing down.  And I’m still really liking my chiropractor.  So many messages we get are, “STAY ACTIVE IN PREGNANCY! YOU MUST.”  She’s a big fan of once you get to 37 weeks focus on stretching and letting your hips and everything loosen up.  Lean into letting the body get as soft and fleshy as it needs to.  In her opinion, this isn’t the time to focus on strength.  My body is craving the slow down regardless of her advice, but it’s rare to hear a healthcare professional not push exercise at all costs and I really appreciate it.

Maternity photos

Morgan took our maternity photos! Here are my 5 favorites.  Andrew was a good sport for about 40 minutes of photos…then he was done lol.  I’m sure you’ve had that experience with your significant other haha.

So there’s the final pregnancy update!

There is a part of me that is nervous I’m going to miss my water breaking.  There is so much peeing yourself that happens in pregnancy already, so I’m curious to see if my water breaking is going to be obvious or if I’m gonna be like, “I guess that could be my water breaking?” And then I know some women’s water never breaks on it’s own and they break it for ya wherever you are giving birth. 

There are so many parts of being pregnant I’m going to miss.  But, understandably so, Andrew and I are ready to meet little Raz and hoping she makes her arrival this week.  I realize because I’m a first time mom perhaps all the sensations I’m feeling are normal 3rd trimester sensations (just new-to-me) and Raz will end up sitting tight until after her due date.  I feel like she’s ready to come out though haha.  Does every mom feel like this at the end? 

I’ll be blogging until she comes then taking a bit of time off (prob a week or two…but we’ll see how I’m feeling).

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  1. Kylie your’e simply beautiful. I’m going to miss you pregnant BUT I’m so excited to meet your little girl :) Fingers crossed it’s soon for you!!! (good job at being proactive about postpartum depression. I had no idea and could not have been LESS prepared for the craziness of my emotions so hands in the air for you!!!) XOXO

  2. Love love LOVE your pregnancy photos! They’re all gorgeous. I’m getting really excited for us all to meet Raz! I think you’re going to be a wonderful mama, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading about your adventures in motherhood. :) If we don’t hear from you again til after baby’s here – good luck + lots of love!

  3. Love the fourth photo of you! They are all so gorgeous. I pray that everything goes as smoothly as possible in the upcoming weeks. Can’t wait to see cute little raspberry! 

  4. You’re the best! Truly I have so enjoyed our honesty and approach to pregnancy and, or course, eating and life in general.

    Good for you for being prepared to seek any help you might need post part I’m mood wise. The one thing I would say re medication is that post partum there are so many hormona changes and swings that it may be hard to titrate antidepressant or anti anxiety meds. I don’t necessarily have a solution but it’s just good to remember that so much is in flux and that the toughest moments are temporary. So good to have you support group in place!

    Best wishes!

  5. I’ve been loving all of your pregnancy updates! I hope she comes soon for you as well. I’m excited to watch you three grow as a family, and find out the name you choose :) Also, having all of your posts about body image and such during pregnancy will help me when I DO get to that stage in my life. 💜
    I’m so happy for you guys!

  6. The photo of you on the bed is my favorite! Cozy.

    Can you tell me your thoughts on the Bradley Method book? Maybe after delivery you can give us an update on what was helpful that you learned and used. :

  7. You are absolutely precious and amazing! I love your maternity photos – incredibly relaxed and tasteful. That nursery is so so cute! I love that it’s very much baby-oriented while still being something I would want in a bedroom. Regarding stretch marks – I first noticed some on my butt and upper thighs when I was only 12 or 13. Honestly, I didn’t think much of them and grew to look past them. They were just normal. Maybe a month or more ago I noticed I had some that were at the very low of my back/upper butt area that I think you’re referring to. I actually felt really upset and wondered if they had just formed or had been there and I hadn’t paid any attention. But I thought of you and the whole body acceptance movement. I decided they weren’t worth my concern. :) It’s hard to accept some of these changes, but I know I’m better off if I do. Lastly, I think your gift was delivered. Hope you find them useful! Sending positivity and hope that Raspberry makes her intro soon! <3

    • oooo I’ll swing by the office today and let you know <3<3 And that is exactly what I was going for with the nursery! I'm like once Raz is old enough to remember her room she can pick things out...but until then the nursery is really for me haha

  8. I have the IKEA cart in blue and it’s seriously one of my favorite things ever.
    The nursery is adorable. And I love all your future baby outfits I’ve seen on your stories. So excited for you, Andrew & Maggie!!

  9. Ok first of all….I FREAKIN LOVE THE NURSERY! Wow it came together so nicely! I would love to have the ability to create a whimsical ‘piece together’ type of space but I tend to be a little too Type A/analytical wanting to keep everything cohesive.

    Second, your maternity photos are my favorite of all I have ever seen! So beautiful but organic and loving, not overly “look at my stomach standing in a field totally done up”. Just not my cup of tea, I love photo shoots that are 100% reflective of the couple.

    Third, I totally feel ya on the emotions. I just got married and while I’m 29 (**gasp** to MANY people who are constantly all “you better have a kid soon because your clock is ticking”….I can’t tell you just HOW annoying this is. Like, when did everyone become medical professionals?!), I do worry that someday when I decide to have a baby, that I too will feel pretty down. While I know I am not abnormal or clinically depressed by any means, sometimes I can just swing to the sad side of emotions for seemingly no reason (maybe just being a girl and all the hormones?) so I worry how I’ll be with pregnancy. However, I have quite some time until then so I look forward to hearing about your journey!

    Thank you SO much for allowing all of us readers to be with you through this process and for being so candid! I think that takes a hell of a lot of guts, especially in today’s society that expects women to always look cute and happy and loving every second of pregnancy.

    Best of luck to you this week! <3

    • I love the word “whimsical”! I’m glad you used it here so I can start using it to describe the nursery :)

      A word to feeling your emotions swing to the sad side. I listened to this podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert recently and she was talking about how (i’m paraphrasing here) the heros are those who can create their own joy. i.e. the 70 yr old couple who is first on the dance floor, the 40yr old dad who gets overly excited about Disneyland, etc. I liked her perspective on it. Instead of getting hardened and sad by the world being intentional about seeking out joy. I liked what she had to say!

      And I found it interesting bc her best friend who was with her at the interview is now the woman she is married to.

  10. Love this post! The nursery is SO beautiful. But I had to comment on the water breaking thing. You will DEF notice! I *guess* peed myself a little one day near the end of my pregnancy and I got all excited thinking my water was breaking. I called my midwife and they were like nope definitely just peed yourself. It was hilarious looking back but at the time I was so disappointed! I had to have my water broken because I got induced and my LO never wanted to come out and let me tell you, it’s like a river. Lol :) Good luck today!

    • lol –>”nope, definitely just peed yourself” haha! A pregnant friend recently said she’s gifting herself all new underwear after the postpartum period passes bc pregnancy just ruins underwear with pregnancy-ness

  11. I love everything you’ve been writing about. You are such an inspirational model of body acceptance and peacefulness! I’ve learned a lot from you. With my first baby I went 12 days over and had to be induced. I hope lil Raz comes sooner rather than later for you. I kind of felt like I was living Groundhogs day every morning I woke up still pregnant! Best of luck to you and good for you staying on track with your doctor and emotions! You’re going to rock this.

    • haha I can totally see myself feeling like I’m living Groundhogs day every morning lol. If she doesn’t come this week I’m gonna have to start getting out as much as possible!

  12. The pics are all beautiful (the one of you and Maggie, so adorable) and the nursery is so cute! Praying for you as you progress toward delivery! :)

  13. Just wanted to chime in about the depression questionnaire… I struggled with undiagnosed post partum anxiety and psychosis for 6 months with my daughter. I kept passing the depression quiz so the doctors never worried, even though I repeatedly told them something wasn’t right. Postpartum anxiety is so common that it’s worth watching out for (the psychosis is rare, I believe). The depression questionnaire won’t necessarily catch it. If you feel like something is wrong, trust your instincts and ask for extra screening! I only learned my symptoms were abnormal when I switched doctors during my current pregnancy. I’m being proactive this time around and seeing a counselor and psychologist ahead of time!

  14. The nursery is beautiful, and I loooove the maternity photos! I’m not in a pregnancy season (yet!) but have enjoyed reading along with your journey. I really appreciate how you’ve been honest about body image stuff and I thought this was an excellent perspective: “but every body change is a chance to choose to be kind to myself” :)

  15. I totally agree about the doc’s office making you feel like you should just be OK. After my first baby, I never really answered those questions honestly because I didn’t feel like they would be able to help me and I didn’t want to admit anything was wrong. I pretty much ignored the postpartum depression I felt. Which was really not ok. I finally saw a therapist when my daughter was about a year old, and it was so helpful. I’m pregnant again, and although I’m a little worried about feeling those things again, I know I will advocate for myself and be more proactive this time.

    It’s a very exciting and crazy time. I went into labor very soon after I lost my mucus plug, but I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Good luck!!

  16. I’m not in the pregnancy season yet, but it’s nice to follow along with yours. It’s a good verification that while yes, I want to become a mother one day that day is not today. I look back on the past few years with my husband and I want a few more with just the two of us :) I love seeing you on your journey and it makes me excited for the future. Best wishes in the next few weeks awaiting your little.

  17. Best of luck with L&D! I did the Bradley method for both of my children, it was a great experience for us. And when it comes to your water breaking, remember that if it is not amniotic fluid and just pee, you can do a kegel and it will stop or at least slow down. True amniotic fluid will not stop bc of a kegel. Both times my water broke there was water everywhere and it didn’t stop flowing. I left puddles of water all over the hospital as I checked in to triage. Embarrassing for me but I’m sure the hospital staff have seen it all! (Tip: have a towel in the car to sit on just in case it breaks at home before you drive to the hospital. It will save your car seats from becoming wet.)

    • Amber! Thank you for that kegel advice! That’s really helpful for differentiating pee from amniotic fluid. Thanks!!

    • Second this. There is no mistaking your water breaking. Gushing everywhere. But that’s good news! Just get to the hospital. I was 5-10 days from plug to water breaking. Good luck! Enjoy it!

  18. I just saw your Instagram Story about folding baby socks. Wash baby socks in a small lingerie bag. You’ll never lose a sock! I have two boys now and they each have their own bag of socks to sort ;)

  19. Your maternity photos are beautiful! I’ll be thinking of you in this exciting/nerve-wracking/happy time. It is challenging, but SO great being a mom! I hope all goes well with the birth!

  20. Love your photos and the nursery!!! I got the keekeroo peanut changer too, and it’s worth it! babies pee while being changed, a LOT, and it’s fab not to have to change a cover!
    Oh and…being physically full before tastebuds want to stop eating is such a bummer of late pregnancy! The good news is, you have an empty belly and ravenous appetite to look forward to after birth :D

  21. This is beautiful! It has been fun watching your journey Kylie and all of the perspective that you have provided along the way. I can’t wait to see little Raspberry on the blog! :)

  22. Just have to chime in and say:
    1) You have such a wonderful, positive mindset about all of this! It can be scary – especially labor – but trusting your body is key, and makes it far less scary. And it sounds like you totally do.
    2) I promise you will NOT miss your water breaking!!

    Hope you are feeling good today and your appointment went well. And I can’t wait to see pictures of Raspberry when she arrives!

  23. Where has the time gone? And then there were 3!!! :)  Everything is so pretty & nice, especially your pics!  Y’all are so organized…looking forward to hearing about her entrance into this world, your “new” normal (& her NAME!) Blessings & prayers to you, Andrew & Maggie as you wait for her to arrive!!!👍🏼

  24. Gorgeous maternity photos! <3 So excited for you guys!! Also, that's awesome your doctor is proactive about depression awareness… mine haven't asked anything along those lines at all!

  25. So excited for little Raspberry to come! Sending you love, light, and a smooth/healthy delivery. Xoxo.

  26. So excited for you!!! Thank you for sharing everything! This is such an amazing time in your life and I’m so thankful for the different aspects and perspective you bring through it all. I’m so excited to hear how everything turns out. I’m keeping you and little Raz in my prayers. Absolutely love all the photos. You look absolutely beautiful!! Hugs!!

  27. You are beautiful and I’m so excited for you!!!
    Kudos to you for being so self aware and proactive about PPD/A. Even with a therapist as a husband, I was NOT proactive and went through HELL before realizing something wasn’t right.
    It’s also so inspiring and encouraging to see how you are taking the physical changes. I luckily felt beautiful during pregnancy and was in sheer awe of what my body was doing, but I definitely had my struggles too.
    Loveeeee the nursery!!! And live the maternity photos. I have a feeling you’re going to rock motherhood. Wishing you al the best!! <3

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