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Raspberry update: As of Monday the baby door (aka my cervix lol) is open 2cm.  I’m having A LOT of uterus tightening throughout the day, especially near the top of my uterus and it takes my breath away a bit.  Probably like 1/4th of the time when there is uterus tightening I get period-like cramps simultaneously.  So far I really feel like my body is working with me to bring baby into the world.  I was so sure I was in early labor yesterday morning…false haha.  SO MANY NEW SENSATIONS! I’m taking it easy and planning 1 to 2 things a day (i.e. breakfast/brunch/lunch dates, trips to the museums, etc.) and enjoying walks in the sunshine and couch-time as it feels good.

Onto my 5 thoughts…

1. I was on another podcast!

Last week I had the pleasure of being on the Letting the Light In podcast! Here’s the interview.

2. Something interesting Andrew brought up.

The other month Andrew mentioned briefly how it’s weird that the “dad bod” is almost celebrated, yet the “mom bod” isn’t even a phrase people use.  I feel like there are funny brands for men, like Chubbies, that are built for embracing the dad bod look.  Yet women have less messages coming in saying it’s okay for their bodies to change as their values change.  As your life changes, values change.   A mom or dad being there for their child takes precedence over regimented exercise and body manipulation.  It doesn’t have to be black and white and there can still be room for movement in your life, I don’t think it feels very good to not stretch my muscles from time to time, but I’m sure there’s just less time for some types of movement once you’ve got kiddos and it’s okay that your body may change as a result of that.  Same with when you transition from college to work life or if you have a physical condition that pops up as you age that limits your movement.  Bodies are made to change.

I don’t think the mom bod or dad bod is a particular body size.  It’s just letting your body be what size it will be when you are living out your values.

3. Ice cream flavor find.

I feel like this is unfair to share because a lot of you don’t have access to Blue Bell ice cream, BUT they have this flavor called Peppermint Bark that is everything my tastebuds have been wanting.  I’ve been enjoying it for an afternoon snack for the last 3 days and it hasn’t gotten old yet.  Super tasty.

Blue Bell > Halo Top ALL DAY LONG.

4. Relaxin & Relaxing

I shared something on Stories when I was on a walk one day about how I’m trying to “walk this baby out,” which isn’t true at all haha.  My real plan is to relax this baby out lol.  I think it’s funny how the hormone that my body should be producing right now to relax ligaments in my pelvis and soften and widen my cervix is called Relaxin.  I feel like I’ve relaxed more this week than I have in…years.  Relaxing and taking it easy doesn’t come easily to me and I usually don’t enjoy being this calm, but so far I really have enjoyed it.  I feel like my job right now is to relax as much as possible and let my cervix open.

A wonderful person on IG sent me an article about the last days of pregnancy being a place of in-between.  I loved the author’s words when she said something along the lines of –> When women are in their final weeks of pregnancy, eagerly waiting to meet their baby…I tell these beautiful, round, swollen, weepy women to be okay in this time of in-between, where the opening begins.  This should be a time of wonder, not endurance. 

LOVED loved loved that article.

So I’ve been trying to view this time as a time of wonder and rest, rather than some waiting game I’m stuck in.  ANNNNDDDD the Nutcracker Market, one of my favorite shopping experiences ever that kicks off the holiday season for me, will be in Houston next Thursday and I won’t be sad if Raz stays put until then so I can go :) My mom has guessed that baby is coming on Nov 3rd…and she’s usually right about everything when it relates to me.  We’ll see! 

5. Gilmore Girls

I’ve never been a big Gilmore Girls fan, but yesterday watching it sounded like the most comforting thing.  So I sat on the couch and watched 4 episodes in a row.  It was wonderful.  My best friend said I was craving watching it because it was mother daughter relationship practice lol

Happy Thursday, guys! On my agenda today is crepe eating with a friend and her cute lil’ baby girl.  Yay, crepes and friends! 


  1. I was never into Gilmore Girls either until I gave birth to my daughter! the first few weeks postpartum I craved something about it, the coziness I guess. I watched episode after episode during those sleepless days and nights that just blended into one long haze of exhaustion and adoration. Now anytime time I hear the theme song I can smell her newborn head and allll the tears come. 💘💘💘
    I wish you a blissful birth and bonding with your daughter!!!

  2. I hate how the dad bod thing is a Thing, yet new moms are encouraged (almost pressured, really) to try and get their pre-baby body back ASAP! Not fair at all, and such a stupid goal anyway. 
    Anyway, I won’t rant when there are too many other nice things about this post. You’re lovely, thanks for still keeping us up-to-date during this crazy part of your life! Hope Raz shows her face soon, good luck with it all <3 :)

  3. My birthday is tomorrow (Nov. 3). I’m from LA. My mom always said that she waited through the 1988 World Series feeling SO pregnant and like she could have me at any minute and when the Dodgers won, she hoped she would go into labor! Your pregnancy updates remind me of this and I think it’s so funny that your team won! November 3rd is a great day to be born, so I think your mom is onto something :)

  4. I love these posts! I think it’s absurd that people joke about the “dad bod” but shame women for having signs of bringing a child into this world. I have always loved chocolate and mint. Blue Bell definitely > Halo!! I so can’t wait to see your post that you all have Raspberry in your arms and reveal her name! =D

    • On Wednesday two people told me they thought I was actually naming our baby “Raspberry” lol. I’m like…nope. She’s gonna have a non-fruit name lol

  5. I love peppermint flavored things so I’ve got to find that bluebell!

  6. Yes Gilmore Girls is the best! I watched it throughout my pregnancy with little man!
    My father in law guessed I’d have Grayson on the 4th of March. I really didn’t want him to be right since I was due February 28th but Lo and behold, the man was right

  7. i didnt even think about the whole mom bod – it should be celebrated more than shamed. thank you for always bringing up these new topics to think about.


  8. I have to try that ice cream!!! I’m obsessed with peppermint ice cream. Mmmmm. Also, regarding men’s vs women’s fashion messages, I was doing some online shopping the other day and you know how they often mention what size the model is wearing? The women’s clothing model was ALWAYS wearing a small. But then I was looking at men’s clothing and men were wearing a medium or large. UGH! Why can’t there be a range?? How nice would it be to see a woman wearing a medium size every once in a while. This fires me up!!

  9. Hehe that’s so funny about Gilmore Girls; I can totally see how it would be comforting as you’re about to Lorelei yourself ;)
    And that is such an interesting thought Andrew had; I never even noticed that double standard!

  10. Haha the “baby door”!! LOVE your definition of a “healthy body size.” So so good. Alsoo in regards to peppermint ice cream- when I was little my mom would put peppermint ice cream in between sugar cookies to make a holiday ice cream sandwich and it was so legit.
    Enjoy these days of relaxation!

  11. We love the Bluebell and the Purity peppermint ice cream!

    I think you’re going to be an excellent mom. Self-aware without presumptions. You are off to an excellent start ☺️

  12. Ohmigawd!!! Gilmore Girls!!!! When they put all the seasons up on Netflix in anticipation of the latest season I felt like I relived my adolescence all over again. Fall/Winter always makes me think of Gilmore Girls, too, and I was just thinking about watching it AGAIN the other day. You MUST continue to watch, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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