The best cookies to keep in your freezer for anytime cookie eating (+ a randomly placed pregnancy update).

As of Sunday evening, we’re still pregnant over here!

The weekend was eventful with confusing signs that made me think Raz was definitely coming.  Especially on Saturday night…that was a bit of an exciting, painful, doozy of a night (and it was day lights saving so the nighttime was an HOUR longer blahhhh).  The short of it is that I’m having, what I would classify as, A LOT of pre-labor contractions.  They started 9 days the night before I lost my mucus plug and have been coming and going about every other day since then.  My theory is Raz is (hopefully, was) posterior and my body is trying to turn her into a better birthing position with these pre-labor contractions.  On Saturday the contractions started around 9pm and lasted until 3am…all the while increasing in intensity but not getting closer together.  Most of the contractions were accompanied by a pretty intense aching/contraction in my lower back (another reason I think she is/was posterior).  It is mentally and physically exhausting to spend 4-5 hours having contractions that increase in intensity and to really think, “OKAY THIS IS IT! WE’RE ABOUT TO GET TO MEET BABY!” only for the contractions to stop.

I’ve got an OB appointment today.  As long as everything is A-okay with baby, I’m not planning on having my membranes stripped until we’ve gone past my due date.  We’ll see!

Before baby makes her arrival I wanted to stock the freezer with some meals and snacks.  In doing that I tried out a number of different cookie recipes.  Not intentionally.  It just kinda happened.  I would make a batch of cookies and put them in the freezer and since baby didn’t come that week we’d bake our way through them and I’d need to make more so I’d try a new recipe.  So in making, freezing, and baking all these cookie recipes I stumbled upon THE most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe in the entire world (IMO).  It’s the Doubletree Hotel Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe from The Little Kitchen.  I’m not sharing the recipe in this post, because it’s not my recipe, but I recommend you clicking over to The Little Kitchen and making the recipe.  She mentioned the recipe yields 28-30 cookies, but I like larger cookies and got 16ish cookies out of the recipe.


The recipe is different than the other chocolate chip cookies recipes I’ve tried because it has baking soda + lemon juice, instead of just using baking powder.  And it has a touch of cinnamon.  I’m not really a spice person, but I think the cinnamon just makes the cookies have more depth and personality.  

The Little Kitchen’s recipe called for pulsing the oats in a food processor until fine, but since I don’t read recipes very well lol I missed that part and left the oats whole.  Cookies still come out GREAT.

After you mix up the dough, use wet hands to roll the cookie dough into balls and place on a non-stick baking sheet.  Then freeze for an hour or so before you place all the balls of dough into a freezer bag.

Whenever a cookie craving strikes, bake up some cookies!

Hope ya try ’em!


  1. Hehehe, I like how you talk about the cookies having “depth and personality”! And OMG Raz – stop teasing us! Getting so anxious to finally meet her!

  2. That’s so tough to think labor is imminent and then it just stops.. Hope you get good news at today’s appointment <3

    One of the best things I did was freeze a ton of freezer dough before bebe arrived! Every time guests would come over I would pop a couple in the oven and it made the house smell delicious.. and was also nice as something to serve as I wasn't going to run around making other things. I also brought a batch over to the nurses at the hospital (hubs put some dough in oven while I was in early labor, haha!)

  3. Amazing pictures and sweet recipe :) thanks for sharing :)

  4. I told Matt yesterday that I hadn’t seen you post and thought maybe Raspberry was making her grand debut! I’m sure it’s soon! I hope you receive good news at your OB appointment. Those cookies sound phenomenal! I love the addition of lemon and cinnamon.

  5. I had very similar experience with my pregnancy. Ended up being induced at 40w5d (had lost my mucus plug about a week before) since my daughter was almost 9 pounds at that point and being induced increased the likelihood I could have a vaginal birth (which I did).

  6. When you will have the real contractions, you will recognize them. They HURT! They woke me up in the night and I had to be on my knees to endure the feeling!

    My baby girl arrived on October 11th, I was 39 2/7 weeks pregnant.
    Good luck and cherish the moments :)

  7. Oh my gosh! My boyfriend and I had these at a Double Tree once at like 2 am because we had a hotel snafu and Double Tree double booked our room. They offered us their cookies and it was the greatest thing I have ever tasted! It helped make us a feel a leeeetle better with the whole double booking situation. :) Excited to try these! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Baking makes everything better!! Those cookies look amazing! Hope Raz makes her grand debut ASAP! We’re all so excited to meet her :)

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