The end of pregnancy is not cute lol.

When I look down my view is still…

As this pregnancy winds to an end I thought I’d share some of the not cute parts I’m experiencing:

  • hemorrhoids. Which my OB has said will get worse when pushing Raz out.  I have been trying to be aware of my fiber intake to make things less painful for myself now, but honestly I think some people are just more predisposed to get them.  I eat fiber when it sounds good/makes sense…but a lot of times in pregnancy just looking at broccoli makes me nauseous haha
  • peeing/leaking constantly.  I’m constantly wearing a pad these days due to random pee leaks and mucus galore that keeps coming out.  I hate pads.  HATE THEM and haven’t worn them since I was like 13 years old.  All my friends say diapers + pads will be my best friend after delivery tho.
  • sweat.  It’s not a pregnancy “glow”…it’s sweat glistening. Constantly and everywhere.
  • mood. (not really a cute or uncute thing…but I’m lumping it in here.) Every other day my mood seems to swing.  Monday sucked (which was why there was no blog post earlier today) and today was 100% better and I felt awesome.  Getting out of the house helps A TON.
  • rolling over in bed.  I honestly feel like I’m trying to back a semi-truck into a driveway when I try to roll over in bed at night.  It’s not in a “I feel ginormous” way…it’s just a “I have no use of my ab muscles so I can’t crunch to sit up and go to the other side” way.  I have to shimmy my self up on one side, scoot up a bit, twist to the other side, shimmy back down, etc.  It’s just physically challenging with da belly.

OF COURSE the reward we’ll be getting any day now makes all this worth it.

In other news…I’m keeping myself busy by planning at least one outing a day with my parents/friends/Andrew/myself.

Monday morning I took myself to River Oaks Donuts for breakfast.

I don’t like their donuts enough to go here regularly, but the one fun thing they do is have donut holes in EVERY flavor. 

Why don’t all donut shops do that? They have glazed blueberry, red velvet, cinnamon sugar, old-fashioned…list goes on and on.

Other things that have been going on that are funny enough to share: The one night I thought I was in early labor Andrew put on old Oprah clips (that wasn’t recommended in the Bradley book lol)…but they were so funny.  

a favorite things episode…

and then a Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan one.  So funny.

I had an OB appt this past Monday and it was fine.  My doctor gave Raz an eviction notice for the week before Thanksgiving.  So I believe that means baby will be here November 17th at the latest.  My OB’s office isn’t scheduling any inductions the week of Thanksgiving, so baby will have to be induced next week if she hasn’t come out on her own.

Random thing…I wasn’t a big fan of the documentary The Business of Being Born.  Mainly because 1) I usually hate documentaries bc most are obnoxiously one-sided/black-and-white.  And 2) bc I thought it painted all OBs as idiots and I believe most in the medical field aren’t trying to ruin your life or harm you…they’re just doing their best to keep you safe.  That said, I do tell my clients that sometimes the ‘MD’ behind a doctor’s name can stand for “Maybe Dumb” because MDs can say super restrictive comments concerning food and tend to make people feel awful about their body size. 

Anyways, I did laugh a bit on the inside when I was told I couldn’t go 2 weeks past my due date because it was a holiday and my OB wouldn’t be scheduling inductions that week.  I would think supporters of The Business of Being Born would be like, “see!” haha

At this point I’m like whatever.  I just wanna meet baby.  I’ll be super surprised if baby stays put until the 17th.  I’m planning a visit to the acupuncturist soon to see if that can get things going :)


  1. I got a good laugh (and peed myself…again) reading this blog post. Right there with you and I’m only 30 weeks! 😂

  2. My second baby was due last November 9 and he was born on November 17! It seems like you wait forever for them to be born, but once they’re here you forget all about the wait. Best of luck to you!

  3. Oh the hemorrhoids!!! All I can say is I am so sorry and I feel your pain. 💕

  4. I thought I was having random pee leaks and it was actually amniotic fluid seeping out after contractions….basically in sneaky labor for 48 hrs- and then all of the sudden it was TIME. Just saying! 😉

    • Yep. This is actually my number one fear…that I’m gonna somehow miss my water breaking bc the sac broke high up or something like that. My OB knows I’m worried about it and is constantly putting my mind at ease that all is well:)

  5. I’m wondering if you saw the documentary, Embrace, its about body image (body image I thought it was really good. I know what you mean about most documentaries being super black and white. Embrace had the overall message about feeling comfortable in the skin we are in.

    I’m wishing you well as Raz makes her debut. It’s been so fun to read your pregnancy posts. I think you’ve done an incredible job of caring for her these past months. Reading your posts remind me to listen to the wisdom in my body:)

  6. The end is so hard and long! But agreed with the previous comment that once baby comes (and baby WILL come, you will not be pregnant forever haha!), you forget about the waiting. I went to 41 weeks and 40 + 4 and I feel like every day past your due date is the longest, weirdest day ever. So much anticipation. After the fact, I felt proud that I’d cooked my babies so long and helped them grow as big as they needed to. But focusing on that when you’re SO ready and can’t turn over in bed is basically impossible.

    Good luck! You’re so close!

  7. Girl. I HATE pads. HATE them. Unfortunately I was in pads for the entire first 4 weeks after delivery and then in liners for another 3 weeks. No one told me that before my baby came!

  8. Maybe some cute cotton washable post-partum pads are in order? There are some super cute ones on Etsy. I’ve only had experience with them during that “time of the month”, but IMO they’re much better than regular pads.

    Anywho, I’ve loved the whole experience of following your pregnancy, and your thoughts through this time. Wishing you, Raz, and the rest of your family well <3

  9. I appreciate your authenticity with all of the body changes. It will all pay off when Raz is born.It looks like Maggie is ready for her!!

  10. I still remember waiting for my first.  I was so uncomfortable & not feeling patient at all.  I was so excited to have the baby that it was like waiting for Christmas morning as a kid, only you have no idea when Christmas morning actually is (:  I can’t wait to read all about your little ones arrival (:  My littlest was born on Nov 21st (:

    • YES! Waiting for Christmas morning is exactly what it feels like. I kinda imagine her birth day will come and go in a haze…kinda like I felt about the day I got married. So much anticipation that when the day actually comes it passes in a blur. When Andrew and I think back to our wedding we’re like, “were we even there?” LOL

  11. I decided not to watch “The Business of Being Born”… I am so over all the various fear mongering/sensationalist documentaries. I’m sure I’d probably agree with a ton of the stuff in it (there are certainly things out of the norm that I’m planning to ask for that I bet are in line with the film), and that a lot of it is valid and should be put out there – but I just felt it would upset me and that’s not what I need now!

    Hang in there… we are SO close!! How crazy would it be if our littles had the same birthday?! Also, LOL to the “maybe dumb” comment – I will remember that for my clients who have less than stellar weight-related interactions with their docs… I wish that norm would change because it’s certainly not helping anyone!

  12. I literally laughed out loud at work at your comparison to backing up a semi truck and rolling over in bed. LOL! I love that photo of your dog in baby’s room. So cute. Virtually holding your hand as you get through this. I can feel the anticipation in your posts. So exciting!

  13. Kylie, could you please remove the above comment? I am the blogger behind Miss Polkadot/ and I feel uncomfortable seeing somebody oh so randomly steal and post using my alias. If you want to verify it’s really me: I’ve commented on your blog before which you’ll see comparing the IP adresses. Hope this isn’t asking for too much. I just find the comment above very … strange and suspicious.

    • Ah, now I posted my comment, the one above has disappeared?
      Onto what I actually wanted to say. First, I’m really sorry for the icky parts of pregnancy you have to deal with. I really hope Raspberry’s arrival will make you immediately forget all about those. Well, the whole continuing pad situation aside.
      Second, though, thank you for sharing all parts of pregnancy with us. The good and the not so amazing. I’m saying this because I feel it’s still some kind of taboo (or is it just me getting that impression?). Like: my family is super open in talking about all kinds of issues [we totally chatted about menstrual cups with the guys of the family sitting at the other end of the table once]. But pregnancy and the changes women are going through during and after it? No. And I think we should be able to talk about it so no women suddenly finds herself faced with these issues all unprepared one day.
      Fingers crossed Raspberry won’t let you wait much longer now!

      • And all the icky parts are totally worth it. The majority of them are actually pretty comical at this point…except I can’t always laugh about the hemorrhoids because those can be pretty freaking uncomfortable!

        I’m so glad you enjoyed me sharing the pregnancy with you guys<3<3

    • Hey! I had just deleted that comment!

      I was having a caching issue that was causing the comments section to auto-populate the name + email field of the comments section. I talked with my host today and they cleared the server’s cache, which should fix the issue. SORRY ABOUT THAT!

      • Hi Kylie,

        It still seems to be an issue! I cleared all the cookies and history from my ipad and although the Comment section is no longer autopopulated as Miss Polkadot, now it is Amanda Again, I have no idea who this is and why my ipad is autopopulating with other people’s info only on your site!!!

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