Joanna Lucy is here!

Born Nov 9th at 6:18am. I’ll be taking a week or two off to snuggle all 9lbs and 22.5inches of her.  Looking forward to sharing more very soon!

Thank you for all the kind words and thoughtful gifts you have showered Jojo with. I’m lucky to have all of you in my life…cheering us on from afar.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I absolutely love the name!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday Jojo! I hope you’re doing well Kylie :)

  3. So exciting!!! Congrats Kylie & happy birthday Jojo!

  4. Congratulations!! So happy for you!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. Well done, mama. Welcome to the world, precious one!
    What a lovely name, too 😍💛🙌🏼

  6. Miss Joanna Lucy!! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Congratulations!! So so so so happy for yall!! God bless you!

  7. YEAH!!! :) :) :) Congratulations!! :) :) I’m so so soooo happy for you all!!!

  8. oh Kylie she’s lovely! Hope you are both doing well, sending you lots of love!

  9. Congratulations!!! The pure joy on your face in that picture is so wonderful! Enjoy that sweet girl :)

  10. You are blessed! Congratulations Kylie & entire family!!! ❤️

  11. It’s so awesome to never have met you, but feel like I know you so personally! Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. You’re going to be a great mom. Congratulations. Enjoy all the snuggles.

  12. Congratulations!!! She is precious! So happy for you. You are going to be such a fantastic mother!

  13. Congratulations Kylie! Jojo is beautiful! So happy for you!!

  14. Congratulations!!!!

  15. Congrats mamma! So happy for you!

  16. Congratulations! What a beautiful name.

  17. I think Jojo might be the best name in the whole wide world 💕

  18. Congratulations!!! I am pregnant right now (due in May) and our #1 girl name is Johanna Grace. I love all variations of Johanna/Joanna and plan on calling our baby (if it’s a girl) Jojo too…and we have an 11 year old dog named Maggie. :-)
    Sending lots of love!

  19. Congratulations Kylie!! Welcome to the world Joanna!!

  20. I’ve been waiting for this day :-) A huge congrats. She’s perfect.

  21. what a BEAUTY!! congrats!

  22. I LOVE this photo! So perfect, and she looks adorable. I saw you Ig story that you made it through your first night well. Sending all the well wishes and love. Cannot wait to hear more when you are ready to share!

  23. So love to see you doing well and holding your beautiful baby girl! Enjoy this time! <3 <3

  24. Love the name and this photo! So many congrats and enjoy the snuggles :)

  25. Beautiful picture full of happiness! Congratulations!

  26. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, enjoy the snuggling!

  27. Congratulations!! And what a lovely name! :)

  28. YAY!!!! So excited for you guys! She is adorable, also LOVE the name!! <3

  29. Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  30. Somebody tell me I wasn’t the only one already guessing it when you didn’t post here or on Instagram yesterday :). Yay! Congratulations, Kylie. I said it on IG already but: such a beautiful name!!

  31. Y’all are beautiful! So much joy! I pray for many happy days and a lot of support! Good luck, mama!

  32. Yay! Congrats! She’s perfect! (:

  33. Congratulations!!  Enjoy every minute of your time with her!!  

  34. Congratulations!! Enjoy all of your snuggle time!

  35. Congratulations!!! You both are beautiful!

  36. Love the name! ;) Congrats!

  37. ahhh congratulations!!! So so so happy and excited for you!! and Love love that name <3

  38. Look at you beautiful ladies! Enjoy your week off with Joanna. <3

  39. WOOHOOO!! Congrats (-:

  40. so many congrats, hugs, snuggles to you guys! enjoy that gorgeous little one :) 

  41. How did you choose her name? Love your website

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