Day in the Life with Baby Jojo!

6:45am: Wake-up.  Jo and I are still figuring out how to sleep.  I’m mega sleep deprived.  My goal right now is to get at least 5 hours of sleep every 24 hours.  

For breakfast I made eggs + a vanilla latte and paired that with some oat + nut butter balls we had in the fridge.  Eaten while feeding Jojo.  I’ll be talking about postpartum and breastfeeding later, but so far nursing is going good. I was pretty nervous about nursing and feeling grateful it’s going good.

7:45am: Out the door! We had our second pediatrician appointment yesterday.

After the appointment Andrew headed to work and Jojo and I headed out for a little adventure.  I wanted to start practicing going places with her and with our pediatriaican’s blessing we headed out to do some shopping.

First stop Trader Joe’s.  I feed her in the parking lot before going into the store.

Then I drove over to Target and fed her on the other boob in the Target parking lot. I swear she likes my right boob better than my left! While sitting in the car I started to get hungry and decided to look in the diaper bag to see if there were any snacks and either Andrew or my mom had stocked a pocket with bars and stuff. YAY!

From Target I just needed some more pads (so much blood) and gentle detergent for Jo BUT I ended up finding little baby joggers OMGSH.  A lot of the pants I have for Jojo just seem too tight around her little belly…these fit a lot better and they’re the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

noon: That afternoon we relaxed at home.  I made lunch from leftovers + some garden salsa sun chips (aka the best sun chip flavor).

And we watched a lot of Gilmore Girls while Jo ate and slept on me.

Everyone always thinks Jojo is a boy when I put her in the above OhJoy! Romper, but I couldn’t care less.  Sometimes I just go along with it lol.  I think rompers/jumpsuits fit her better than onesies right now.


Andrew’s working half days right now so he got home around 2:45 and we all slept until 4:30ish.  YAY SLEEP!  Then had a chocolate snack.

Later we went on a walk around the block and I was SO tired, but it felt good to be in the sunshine and let some of our neighbors see/meet Jojo.

6:30pm: When back from the walk Andrew made us dinner from some pre-prepped meals we got from HEB.

salmon + potatoes + broccoli 

Took my pain meds + stool softener.  Boy.  If I don’t take the pain med I end up with what I’ve been explaining to Andrew as “flu of the vagina” lol.  You know when you have the flu and you’re crazy achy? Well it feels like that level of ache all localized to my vagina lol.

And if I wanna poop the stool softener is still needed.

That night I made another batch of my favorite cookies for a bedtime snack and to have some more stocked in the freezer.

Then I watercolored a bit while cookie eating.  Thank you Kamri for the wonderful watercolor set you sent me <3

I got Jojo fed and asleep a little after midnight and she slept for 2, (almost) 3-hour stretches last night.  Woohoo!

Today my dad is coming over to prune our trees (yay for a horticulturist dad!) and me + Jojo are meeting my friend Stephanie + her little one for a walk.

I’ll be taking the rest of the week off blogging.  I will be sharing a Thanksgiving themed Watercolor Wednesday today at some point!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!!


  1. So precious! I know everyone’s journey is different, and I understand everything isn’t rainbows and such. But I love seeing how you’re already venturing out, baking, and doing some typical day-to-day activities now with your sweet girl. I worry that I’d feel cooped up and scared to go anywhere, but this gives a new perspective. :) I love this glimpse into your new life! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I miss those newborn snuggles, but not the sleep deprivation!  Things will get easier but enjoy the moments that you can :)

  3. I’m so happy you had a wonderful birth experience. Mine was far from it. So you’ve inspired me to strive for a more relaxed, natural birth experience next time.

    Right after I had Grayson, 5 hours a night was also my goal! You seem to be doing a wonderful job. I’ll keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers. God bless!

  4. My LO definitely preferred my left boob for a while! I think he’s indifferent now.

  5. She’s gorgeous! And you sound like a very content, good mum, I’m so glad for you. Hope you keep this happy and positive. :)

  6. She is just so beautiful and it looks like you are a natural at this Mom life! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Loved reading this. Brings back some of the sweetest(sleep deprived) memories ever. All the best to you guys for a fab holiday together!
    P.S. The boob thing is real- my left was the real producer and both my babies definitely preferred the easier flow! So I always started with my right to keep it in the game …and so I didn’t end up TOO (  –  ) (,) lol. 

  8. Eating is so important postpartum – I am extremely impressed you got to eat 3 meals plus snacks with a newborn. I could barely get myself a glass of water in the early weeks of Motherhood.

    Motherhood suits you. Enjoy all the newborn cuddles.

  9. Wow, so impressed, you are such a natural at this!!!  Loved reading this and all about her birthing experience. So glad all is well with your little family!  Blessings to you & have The Most  Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  

  10. Oh, Kylie she is THE sweetest. I swear these posts are bringing me back to these days with my daughter! I remember at times it seemed really difficult – details like the sudden change of pace in life and the sudden complexity of things like going to the bathroom. But now I reflect on it with fondness. The marathon nursing sessions and binge-watching shows. The love I felt having delicious food dropped by and the goodness of baby smells. Love seeing these new adventures of yours.

    Also, your birth story was sweetness. Also, one tablespoon FLAX and water mixed together for a little bit and down the hatch… works great as a stool softener. A little yucky going down but you’ll be glad you did it. ;) In case you have it on hand or want to try something different. It was a recommendation from my midwife and I relied on lots of flax seeds for a while! ;) This too shall pass. Um… no pun intended.

  11. Awww this is precious!! I love how you and Andrew seem so naturally good at this. Or maybe we’re all designed to be naturally good at it? I don’t even know! Happy Thanksgiving! <3

    • We’re still figuring things out, but overall able to give myself a bunch of self compassion by remembering that I’ve never been a mom before and Jojo has never lived before haha. Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole!

  12. OMG the milk drunk picture is priceless!! Save that one!
    Also – it’s still warm enough for you to be out in shorts?! Holy moly lady, I’m jealous. It’s below freezing where I live!

  13. Congratulations Kylie! You are doing great! Have you asked a doctor or midwife if the pain might come from your uterus pushing down on your still soft pelvic floor? With my first son I was always walking and sitting and out and about and had the pain (and later some incontinence….) with the second one I just layed down a lot more for the first 4 weeks and had no pain and no incontinence. Just something you could ask a health professional ;)

    Have a very happy time with your little family!

  14. She is the CUTEST little girl! Congratulations!

  15. That little cactus onesie oh my goodness! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life with sweet little Jo. Hope you guys get some more sleep soon, mama! Sounds like you are doing a great job of self care!

  16. I love all the Jojo pics! <3 Much love to you all!

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