The fa la la la laaaa-ing begins!

We spent some of the weekend decorating the house for Christmas.  I actually let go of micromanaging Christmas decorating and let Andrew go get our tree by himself.  I gave him instructions that this year I wanted a “short & fat” tree (clearly didn’t let go of all micromanaging…baby steps hehe).  I usually think the bigger the better with Christmas trees, but this year I wanted something more mid-size.

While I would take at least 20 minutes to wander around the tree lot and find the perfect tree, Andrew said he picked out the tree in less than 20 seconds lol

I would’ve picked a little bit wider tree (which totally wouldn’t have fit in the spot we put the tree ha), but the height it great.  Andrew put lights on it for us and then me and Jo spent some time decorating it.

And put out a few other Christmas-y things…

We don’t have a mantle/fireplace or stairs/banister in our house, so I never know what to do with our stockings.  Still looking for a place to put em.

Saturday started with me making french toast for us.

I’m in love with the below photo <3<3<3

Then me and Jo went out shopping for Small Business Saturday.  I loaded her up in the carseat…

…and we went to Emerson Rose in the Heights.  Love this shop.  Anytime just me and Jo go out I’m wearing her in the Solly wrap, WHICH I LOVE and Jojo loves.

Some meals and snacks from the weekend included: 

eggs + bacon + tortillas 

french toast + maple syrup + blueberries

salad with walnuts, cheese, bell peppers, blackberries + cinnamon swirl bread + iced tea

taco salad my parents made for us

chick-fila.  The key to their cobb salad is to top it with their BBQ sauce and their avocado dressing.  It’s perfect.

I didn’t realize I ate salads galore this weekend.  So it goes.

Some snacks were…

Chobani Flip

lactation cookies my Doula made for me.

walnuts + chocolate

…and still making and loving my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday morning started with me feeding Joanna and Andrew going to pick up groceries.  We’ve been using the curbside-pickup function at our local grocery store and it’s awesome.  Andrew orders our groceries on Saturday evening and picks them up for us before church on Sunday morning.  

Sunday morning Jojo had a massive spit up + cry fest.  Mornings always end up feeling a bit nuts when Andrew isn’t home, but we’re figuring it out.  

Andrew got back from the grocery store and we made it to church only 10 minutes late.  YAY!

Pretty much every other minute of the weekend was spent feeding Jo + cuddling. 

Today I’m planning on doing some CyberMonday shopping, Gilmore Girls watching, and kissing baby cheeks :)


  1. What a fabulous weekend! I hope this isn’t a cliche thing to say, but motherhood suits you beautifully. You just look like a natural (I know there are and will be trying times), but you look so happy in this season of your life. I hope you score some awesome deals!

  2. Love this post! I miss your posts daily but also love that it means you are busy being a mom!

  3. You guys are just too cute! I saw a cute sign that says “the stockings were hung” at bonton. It has hooks you could hang them on. Maybe something similar for your stockings.

  4. We don’t have a fireplace or mantel either so i use normal stocking hook/base things and hang them from the side of our tv stand! It gets the job done!

  5. I’m 21 weeks and trying to soak up every minute of being pregnant. Trying to be intentional about not wishing it away waiting for baby to be here! I’m having a boy. Love following your pregnancy and new mommyhood :)

    • Congrats on the pregnancy, Megan! When I was little my grandma told me once that I was “wishing my life away” because I made some comment like “I wish it was Christmas already”…it always kinda stuck with me. Glad you’re doing your best to enjoy pregnancy! I ended up needing to plan fun short term events to help me look forward to each month of pregnancy and not just my due date month :) Like signing up for a pottery class or planning a fancier dinner out, etc.

      • That makes complete sense. I love the passing comments that stick with us and make a difference in how we approach parts of life.
        My husband and I have a short trip planned (from home in Iowa) to go to Arizona to hike in Saguaro National Park for early January! Our hobby is visiting national parks so we are SO looking forward to our last vacation as a family of two. I also want to get involved with a bible study for something studious to do each week before baby comes.

  6. Wow! You are so amazing and important in this internet-world! Loved this post. Hugs from Sweden!

  7. Have you thought about hanging the stockings from a window sill? That could be an idea. Love how much motherhood seems so natural for you!

    • NO! I hadn’t! Brilliant! This will probably be what I go with. But actually Maggie may get too curious. I need to find a higher up window sill…maybe out TV console could work!

  8. The tree looks great – Andrew did a good job! We don’t have a mantle or anything either, we’ve always just laid out our stockings in front of the tree and then christmas morning kinda prop them up in front of the other presents. Whatever works! lol

  9. Kylie, I love reading your blog and today I realized again why. When I had my two boys, the post birth belly was something I hated. I hated that I still looked “kind of pregnant”. And now I look at your picture, with the wrap, and you cloths show your belly and its BEAUTIFUL. It is such a wonderful reminder, that this baby was inside of you just 3 short weeks ago, a symbol for all the changes your body made to be able to turn you into a mother (you grew an extra organ… how awesome is that?), and maybe also a reminder that… its just been 3 weeks, you dont have to have it all figured out, just like your body will change back to a “non-pregnant-you”, you will slowly grow into being a mom. Seeing that picture of you makes me want to go back to the weeks when my boys were newborns and look at my belly, not with disgust and shame but with pride and appreciation! Thank you!

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