Hi there guys! I’ve missed the blog and am excited to get back to some sort of new normal posting schedule in the coming weeks.  There will also be a blog redesign coming your way in a bit that I’m pumped about.

This baby life is no joke.  I’m pretty sure everything Jojo is doing sleep-wise and crying-wise is normal…but man it’s tough.  Andrew and I are still figuring everything out still.  Most nights I’m up with Jojo until I breakdown crying and Andrew comes and takes over for a bit.  I don’t cry every night, but probably 1-2 times a week Joanna takes me down lol.  I was telling Andrew there is nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I love taking care of her AND it’s just so freaking hard and at night I’m so freaking tired.  My friend sent a link to this article for Mom’s about how “I’m not doing anything wrong…it’s just that hard.”  I find that article super helpful when I’m hitting a breaking point.

There is no doubt that baby cuddles are the very best though…

Saturday morning started with an omelet + latte for breakfast.

Then Jojo and I headed out on a walk around the neighborhood.  She is the cutest.  (pssst. do you see the stain on the stroller handle? Andrew spilt beer on the stroller haha)

Other weekend adventures included…

shooting my feature for SELF magazine’s IG Stories!!  Did you guys see it?! I was pumped when I got asked to do it!!

then with Andrew’s help I was able to get some work done Sunday afternoon.  YAY.  Felt good.

also, my knees are back to hurting pretty bad.  All the walking around with a crying baby doesn’t help.  I’ve been sitting with a heating pad on them any chance I get and I’m ready to get back to doing some on my knee physical therapy exercises soon.

one night I made epic cookies.  They turned out way better than I expected and I’ll be sharing the recipe soon I hope.  We ended up not having any all-purpose flour when I went to make these so I used whole wheat flour and I was surprised how much I liked them.

Up on the TV above…since finishing Gilmore Girls I’ve started watching Parenthood, which I’m really enjoying! I like the family dynamic and the uncomfortable conversations and having conflict but still being a family.  I hate conflict and will do pretty much anything to avoid it.  A lot of times I hate having an opinion on anything (even non-diet stuff) because that could lead to a conflict I’m not interested in having.

As far as food, this weekend we hit up Chick-fil-a for a lunch.

For a dinner we did pizza + salad.

And then my very favorite meal of the weekend was this latte + cinnamon roll + taco combo from Slowpokes.

This week I have some childcare lined up so I can get some time to myself.  I love taking care of this little cutie (SO MUCH), but I’m ready to get out on my own for a little bit.


  1. Hang in there, Momma!! This is the hardest job you’ll ever do, but it’ll go by so fast (I know everyone says that)!
    We LOVE slowpokes!! We were so sad that they closed the outside area…it was our favorite (especially with 3 kiddos)!

    • Yeah funny you mention the outside area. I saw a photo of Yelp of it, but when there I didn’t remember seeing it…I guess bc it’s closed now. Bummer!

  2. You and Jo are so sweet! I know you’ll probably feel weird being away from her for that little time she’s with a babysitter, but don’t guilt yourself over it – you NEED you-time, so good for you for taking some! 
    Also,yeah,yum…all your eats this weekend look super yum.

  3. Just discovered your blog and eating it up…:) as a new mom myself (9 month old) I am quite grateful for your articles esp on postpartum.
    And I know everyone says this but it does eventually get better but yeah it’s just plain hard! I’ve found I love being my little girls mommy so much and nothing I would rather do but it also brings lots of tears and sleeplessness and I just have to remember eventually it will get better (and it does!) And I have found getting just a few hours away by myself in the week helps so much!

  4. When I tire of walking all night with babe, bouncing on my birthing ball really saves me. Not sure if that would be better or worse for your knees though!

  5. As always, I want to thank you for your honesty! There is absolutely no doubt how much you love your little girl, but it’s perfectly fine to need your own time. I hope you can get a great schedule worked out so that you feel better mentally and physically! Wishing you plenty of luck and healing vibes for your knees. I just watched the Self Mag Ig stories, and I love it! Great shopping strategy!

  6. You are doing great, it IS tough… but it gets better ! Do you practice co-sleeping ? The little co-sleeping baby bed has helped me so much to survive the “4th trimester”.
    Knees pain gets better too, but it takes some time. It is due to hormonal impregnation of the ligaments.

  7. I love your honesty! Weeks 10-14ish felt super chaotic to me (I think you’re about in that stage). Lots of crying (mine, ha). For me, it smoothed out some after that—I got over the hump of returning to work, sleep got a little more organized when my daughter crossed the 3 month mark, etc. Hang in there, mama!

    • I just ordered this new sleep suit for her on Amazon that I’m hoping will give us some longer sleep stretches! Sometimes it just feels good to try something new haha…gives me hope!

      • Is it Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit? We started using that around 3 months because it’s no longer legal to swaddle in daycares in Texas. It worked really well for us from about 3 months to 6 months.

  8. Yes! Giving yourself baby-free breaks is so darn important. I know I always feel so much more refreshed when I can step away for a bit.

    Also, Parenthood is the best. I was SO sad when it was over :(

  9. That last photo is SO cute! She’s already looking so alert and like she’s ready to have a conversation with you. Love it!

  10. My wrists hurt SO BADLY for months postpartum – I think the hormones that helped your joints relax are going back the other direction and it hurts. Very scientific explanation there, haha. My 2 year old was super tough as an infant-reflux, colic, etc etc- and I promise you, it gets so much easier. Good for you for taking some time to yourself this week, it will pay dividends :) You’re doing a great job!

  11. I totally feel your sentiment that you hate having opinions because it could lead to conflict. I hate conflict more than I can express. Haha. Working on that – glad I’m not alone.

    Also, thanks for honest posting about postpartum – it is so hard. I cried more in those 3 months than likely the whole prior year. Haha. Hang in there.

  12. I think your baby gets cuter everyday.

  13. Just want to say Parenthood is my favorite show ever. 

  14. I sort of feel like you thought some of us moms were child-haters when we were all, “enjoy your baby free time!” “Get all the sleep” “treasure your alone time!” before your sweet baby came along because you were so excited about being a mom. Totally not it! It’s just such a life changing event. So so great, but we all (especially us introverts) need alone time that doesn’t involve someone attached to us – eating, hanging, crying, whining, nagging, asking, heck even just talking to us. We all need some peace and sleep, sister, even though these babies of ours are the best!

  15. I love Parenthood! I actually just finished the last season!

  16. Parenthood is SO good! It really is a perfect series to watch after Gilmore Girls :) Jojo is the cutest little thing!!

  17. Hi there Kyle! Thanks a lot for sharing all this! I will certainly trying eating only omelet for breakfast and wanted to make my own pizza for dinner too!

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