Saturday we rallied after a hard night and went to a late breakfast at Slow Pokes.  I was supposed to be at a bridal shower for a family friend…but that unfortunately didn’t happen. Baby girl was needing a lot of love and attention.

Tacos for both of us + lattes + a their delicious cinnamon roll to share.  Me and Jo may be taking a mom + daughter date this week so I can eat that cinnamon roll again.  Really enjoying it lately and have been eating is pretty much every week since discovering it!

I was still feeling like I needed a break, so Andrew took over baby duty and I headed to a yoga class. 

I ended up having some bleeding after this class so I’m gonna take a break from yoga this week and give everything more time to heal.  My med school friend was telling me that a lot of the bleeding you have after birth is because where the placenta rips off leaves a wound that needs to heal.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize that.  Makes sense. Then another friend mentioned it’s easy to overdo it because you can’t see the wound healing.  I would’ve thought at 9 weeks everything would be healed up, mainly bc my vagina feels so normal again, but I guess I need a while longer to heal.  So I’m gonna give myself a break from all the twisting in yoga.  I’m doing my best to respect my body’s needs and not jump back into anything too quick…but it’s hard because it sure feels nice to move again.  Working on being patient.  Also I know I don’t need to be all or nothing.  There are still plenty of things I can do for gentle movement that feel fabulous.

For Saturday lunch I made a snack-y type of lunch with the below.

Then snacked soon after on the below.  Loving mixed cookie butter with peanut butter lately!

In the afternoon Andrew and I interviewed a nanny for Jo and we liked her a lot!

My mom knew I’d had a hard night, so my parents offered to come over and watch Jojo while Andrew and I went on a date night.  Our first date night since becoming parents!  It was so fabulous. 

And my parents brought friends for Maggie to play with!

For dinner we got…


…and sopapillas that I was impressed by.  YUM!

Sunday morning came and we didn’t make it to church.  Joanna is just finishing her second developmental leap and has been fussy and clingy for the last week.  This weekend we seemed to hit a peak fussiness.  It’s been hard.

Andrew went and got us milk from the store + picked up donuts for breakfast.

Loving my OhJoy! mug that was a Christmas gift from Morgan.  Morgan is moving to Italy soon and I’m trying my best to talk her into regularly sharing her adventures there with us!

The rest of Sunday was spent grabbing lunch with an old friend.  Chilaquiles were on the menu so of course I ordered them.

I fed Jo at the table (she then proceeded to have a massive spit-up lol) and then again once we got to the car.  I think the below pictures turned out really great haha…that parking lot lighting tho.

Other weekend eats included: a cabbage, avocado, & walnut salad with an Asian dressing.

and (this oh-so appetizing looking) chicken tenders + roasted cauliflower.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 



  1. I’m really sorry little Jojo is going through a bit of a rough period, but it sounds like you really made the most of your weekend! Your brunch and then coffee and donuts look so perfect! You and Andrew look adorable on your date night. I hate to hear that you bled post-yoga. Sending lots of healing vibes so that you can get back to the movement that soothes you! Hope you have an amazing day and start to your week, Kylie. XO

  2. Your date night outfit is so freakin cute! You might be sleep deprived but you are looking beautiful. I sure hope this week improves!

    Side note: I love your reflection in your lunchtime spoon photo. ha

  3. I’m not a mother yet, but I hope to be someday. I SO appreciate how real you are about all of this. I think I’ll return to your posts someday to help me through that sure to be a difficult time… <3

  4. Those blue and white plates!! Love. What restaurant is that?

    It also surprised me how long it took to fully heal post-delivery. It was easy to overdo it because I didn’t necessarily feel like things were still healing.

  5. You are doing motherhood so well. I love the way you speak about Jo’s stages and just seem to go with the flow of this crazy stage of life! Also, I dont have kids yet but one of the things that scares me about having a baby is dealing with daycare… but when I read the part about you guys interviewing a nanny I was like, “oh yeah! Those exist!” That seems like a much more ideal option than daycare. Do you think there are any downsides to having a nanny?

    • I only need childcare (outside of family help) 2 days a week, so a nanny was the best option for us. I’m not against daycare, but a nanny sounds better to me when baby is so little and I feel like she needs so much attention/care. Once she’s older I’d want to look into a daycare or nanny share so she can have other kiddos to play with. I think the word daycare has a stigma associated with it (in my head it did)…but I’ve found some awesome looking daycares in the area and I feel differently about them now, however the waitlists are INSANELY long.

  6. Awwwwh pupperdawgs! Theyre cute.

    The whole having-to-wait-to-exercise thing has to be so frustrating, I’d miss yoga so much!

  7. Can I just say your skin is absolutely fabulous! You are glowing! Being a mommy looks great on you!

  8. My kids loved daycare. They had other kids to play with and another adult in their lives to love them. I think bad experiences are the minority.

  9. LOVE that pic of you & JoJo in the car!!!  I think she’s the spittin image of her daddy!!!  

  10. I love reading your blog.  I can relate to what you are going through so much as I have a 10 week old boy.  We live in Oregon where the weather is cold and there are a lot of bugs going around so we don’t get out much but I enjoy wat hing your journey with your beautiful baby. I also struggled with an eating disorder for many years and I am now a mental health therapist, I also use ny experience to support others.
    Thank you so much for your blog, it is refreshing to see somebody else enjoying time with their baby and not so focused on diet or exercise.

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