A really great salad dressing.

Alternatively titled: how to turn any dressing into a vinaigrette.

I love a creamy dressing like blue cheese, but sometimes a vinaigrette just sounds perfect.

There’s this bakery in Houston, Kraftsmen, that serves their sandwiches with a salad dressed with the best dressing.  I could never quite figure out what the dressing was other than saying, “it tastes like a tangy + slightly creamy dressing.” THEN Sunday night Andrew made a salad with our dinner and when I tasted it I was like, “HOLY SMOKES! This is the Kraftsmen dressing! How’dya make this?!”  So this is what he did.

Ya just combine the 3 ingredients below: a honey mustard dressing + balsamic vinegar + olive oil.  Super easy.

I remember in my eating disorder days I’d dress salad in just vinegar and tell people that’s how I liked it.  And at the time my eating disorder had me convinced that I really did like it.  Lies.  Now I know that fat actually helps you absorb fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A,D,E and K.  So not only does dressing on salad taste good…it also helps you absorb vitamins. 

It’s like other foods that taste great together and also have a nutritive component when paired together.  Like when rice and beans are paired together they make a complete protein.  Or when chickpeas and tahini (hummus!) are paired together they too make a complete protein.  

All that to say that letting your tastebuds guide you is good for your health.

How to turn any dressing into a vinaigrette.

Yield: a really fab dressing

Total Time: like 15 seconds


3 parts creamy dressing
1 part olive oil
1 part balsamic vinegar


Whisk everything together.  YOU DID IT!