Got out of town

This weekend we drove 4hrs north of Houston to visit my SIL and my grad school friend in Fort Worth.  

My grad school friend, Amanda, had a baby a month after Jo was born, so the babies got to meet and give each other a baby high five haha.  Jo’s pants are so ridiculously high lol.  They ride up so easily!!

For breakfast our friends picked us up some tacos & lattes from Ampersand. 

We said our goodbyes and then spent the rest of the weekend soaking up family time.

We met Sally + Molly for lunch.  Jojo did great and I used the baby changing table in the bathroom for the first time.  

Afterwards we headed to the zoo.  I always have mixed feelings about being at the zoo.  I think it’s so cool to see all the animals and learn about them, but I’m like…are they happy here? I am planning on getting a zoo membership once Jo is old enough to enjoy it.  The Fort Worth zoo is really amazing.  I’d say it’s better than the Houston zoo. Have any of you been?

The monkeys always amaze me.  They’re so human-like. When my mom was in vet school she spent a lot of time with monkeys one semester for some assignments and she talks about how creepy they were because you could see them thinking.

The rest of the afternoon we snacked and lounged at the house before heading out to dinner in Roanoke at Inzo.

At dinner we started with really delicious fluffy garlic bread.

…and then I ordered pizza for my entree.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Molly’s before starting the drive home.

a muffin + cheesy eggs + bacon + coffee.

On the way home we stopped at Zoe’s in Waco for lunch…and Jojo had her first massive diaper blow out lol.  It was so bad I ended up just throwing out her entire outfit.

Maggie spent the weekend with my parents and when we picked her up my mom sent us home with dinner.  So nice.  Made Sunday night go much smoother!

After sitting in a car all day I was craving some movement and started a Fitness Blender video…but Joanna woke up so I didn’t get very far into it.  So it goes.

Have a good start to your week!


  1. I agree with your mom – monkeys are creepy and evil!

  2. I think they choose to have their massive diaper blow outs when traveling (lol!!!)
    Ours happened on a car trip also, we were returning from Michigan, he was 3 months old.  I also threw away the outfit!  Just another indoctrination to parenthood!!!!  Still looks like Andrew hee hee!!!!  ;)

  3. That garlic bread looks INCREDIBLE! As does the pizza. Your weekend trip sounds like it was fun and much needed; and road tripping with a baby is another milestone reached!

  4. What a fun weekend! Except for the blowout, haha. I think it was the Dallas-Fort Worth Zoo that we went to back in 2006. It is really nice, but I, too have mixed feelings about it! I love Zoes, and all of the food looks so delicious! Hope you have a great last week of maternity leave, Kylie!

  5. Fun road trip and I agree with Kristin above–parenting achievement unlocked! :-)

    I am so curious… what is the thing attached to your vent in the photo with the Clif Bar??

    • My car doesn’t have any AC vents in the back. It’s a tube that connects to a front AC vent and blows air on baby in her carseat! Houston gets HOTTTTTTTTT so it’s needed!

      And lol about “parenting achievement unlocked” hahahahaa

  6. I was so curious about that, too! (At first, I thought that it was an arm, but then I noticed that it lacks joints.) I live in a mild climate and thus have not been exposed to those things, but it makes sense that they would be essential in Texas. :)

  7. HA I totally feel the same way whenever I go to the zoo and wonder if the animals are happy too! Lol. You are glowing by the way!!

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