Donut Sushi

This recipe was created in partnership with Unilever.

I like donuts. I like sushi. So here we go!

I would say my very favorite way to eat mayo is in a spicy mayo sauce on top of some sushi. Preferably on top of some unagi + unagi sauce because that’s the best. A close runner up for the best way to eat mayo is in mayonnaise chocolate cake, which sounds so weird but is actually totally fabulous. I mean, when you think of it, it totally makes sense because mayo is mainly just eggs, oil, vinegar…all the things you would put into a cake.

But today we’re not talking cake, we’re talking sushi. For this sushi recipe, I’m collaborating with
Hellmann’s® and their creamy, dreamy mayo, Hellmann’s® Real. Hellmann’s® is on the side of food as their mayo is made with real, quality ingredients like 100% cage free eggs and they have a commitment to source their oils responsibly.

All I did here was take Hellmann’s® Real and make it into a delish spicy mayo sauce by just, umm, adding something spicy to it. SO SIMPLE! Then I used the sauce to top a sushi donut (aka rice molded into a donut shape and topped with fresh veggies & salmon). I think this here donut sushi would make for a fun interactive dinner night. Just make your rice donuts ahead of time and then put out a bunch of toppings for people to top the “donuts” with. It’d be like a new themed dinner night.

Instead of taco night, it’s donut sushi night. Woohoo.

Okay: Quick note about the rice donut. You want to make the rice creamy & sticky, so when making
your rice I do recommend using light coconut milk like the recipe calls for over water or chicken broth. Okay. End note.

Hellmann’s® has a delicious, rich taste and can be used on all types of vegetables, grains and proteins. Besides sushi, this spicy mayo sauce would also go great drizzled on a veggie stir-fry, spread on a sandwich, or baked on chicken like this.


Donuts Sushi

Yield: makes 9 sushi donuts


1 cup brown rice
2, 14oz cans light coconut milk
1 cup Hellmann’s® Real
1 tablespoon chili sauce
sushi toppings: smoked salmon, avocado, cabbage, cucumber, everything bagel seasoning, radishes

In a sauce pan over medium heat, bring rice and coconut milk to a simmer.  Stir every 5ish minutes until rice is creamy and cooked through.  Let cooked rice cool slightly and then firmly press it into a donut mold.  Place in fridge to cool completely.

Make spicy mayo by combining Hellman’s® Real Mayo and chili sauce.  Pop rice “donuts” out of their molds and top with sushi toppings and spicy mayo.  Serve chilled.



  1. I cannot get over how amazing/creative/eye-catching/delicious this is!!!! I can’t wait to show Matt. I hope we can make these soon, but I just need a donut pan!

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