DIY Pom-pom Baby Mobile

So I was looking for a baby mobile for Joanna and as I was searching on Amazon I just really didn’t like how they looked.  Etsy has some cute ones, but I wanted one that rotated and I wasn’t finding one that looked asthetically pleasing and also rotated.

So I made my own and it was surprisingly easy.  Total cost was $20 (including shipping).

Here’s what I did.

I bought this Rotating Baby Mobile with Music Box (affiliate link).  There are no batteries, you just wind it up manually (which I really like for some reason) and it plays You Are My Sunshine + rotates for ~2 minutes.  If you want something that stays on longer without needing to be rewound this may not be the mobile for you.

Sometimes when it’s on Jo stares at it and can’t stop smiling and I’m like, “wait isn’t this supposed to be putting her to sleep” haha. Clearly, everyone (even babies) loves ’em some pom-pom decor. Overall I do think it helps her calm down.

Then I used these pom poms that I got from Aerie.  My pom pom’s had a loop of string attached to them because I think they’re supposed to be used as Christmas ornaments, so I just looped them onto the arms of the mobile.  It looks like the linked pom poms have a button so you could attach them to other Aerie products…but you could easily just tie a string in a loop around a piece of the yarn and then just hang them over the mobile arms.  

I’ll probably secure the pom-poms a bit better so I’m sure they don’t fall off and boop Jojo in the noggin.  But for now it’s working and I love how it came out!

If you make this, send me a photo on IG! Would love to see how yours comes out!


  1. This is so adorable! You have me loving pom poms, and every time I see them, I think of you. <3

  2. Thai is really cute.I just love pom pom crafts and i have never thought this would add so much beauty to the cradle.Recently i have seen a cradle and the upper corner was been decorated with pom pom in a parallel way and it really looked too good.

  3. Wow, that’s so cute. Actually, I never was interested in i such articles. But this really looks incredible, keep going!

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