Fat Bao

Saturday night we went out as a family to Fat Bao.  Have you ever had bao before?

I’d been here before with my best friend and her family and wanted to go back to take Andrew.

To split we got Bulgogi (aka Korean grilled beef) fries.  SOOOO good.  The fries are crispy and not all soft potato-y…aka my kind of fries.

Then we got a bulgogi bao + a curry beef bao. If you haven’t had it, bao is a steamed bun stuffed with all kinds of tasty things.  The bun has a bit of an odd, airy texture…but I think it’s delicious.

Joanna ate out at 2 restaurants in one day on Saturday and did great.  It’s been working nicely for me to feed her at home, then we drive to the restaurant and she hangs out awake on mine or Andrew’s lap, then by the time we leave the restaurant she’s getting fussy and she’s ready to nap and falls asleep on the drive home. 

Such a change from 2 months ago when going out with her was tough.  She’s getting much more predictable now…as long as we don’t have a timeline to have to be anywhere and we can just head out after she eats.  Having to be on a schedule is still a bit tricky.

Did you go on any food adventures this weekend?!


  1. Not a food adventure per se, but we just realized there are four asian markets across our city (we just moved here in June, in our defense, and thought the one up the street from our house was the only one), and have been taking our time exploring them all. Today we went to the biggest one and spent over an hour wandering up and down the aisles picking out fun foods we rarely keep in our pantry! I’m most excited about  all the fun flavors of mochi, which are now a mandatory freezer staple in our house!

  2. Now I want Korean food! So yummy.
    I’m still “d’awwwwh”-ing over every picture of Joanna – she’s just SO sweet <3

  3. Love your commentary about the crispy fries. My husband is quite particular about his fries and “they taste too much like potato” is an insult he’ll throw out if they’re not thin or crispy enough. Consequently, the food at Fat Bao looks *awesome*!

  4. That food looks so unique and delicious! I want to try those buns – they look so soft. What a lovely date night, and that’s great that Jo-jo is doing a bit better! I treated myself to the raspberry chocolate latte I tagged you in on Ig :) plus I enjoyed a tarragon mushroom crepe from a food truck while I was there. Hope you have a great day!

  5. I’ve never tried that type of food before but it sounds amazing! I went to one of my favorite little restaurants for arepas this weekend- sooo tasty :)

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