quick get away.

Hi guys! I’m still laughing about how many of you had weird food combos to share lol.

This weekend we headed up to the lake to spend the weekend with my friends, Kalyn & Donika + their husbands.  While college wasn’t my favorite time, almost every positive college memory I have has these two in it<3

Do you see little Andrew in the photo below lol.  Jo is still all him haha.  Except her cheeks are totally me! I’ll have to post some baby photos to show y’all! 

The weather was pretty dreary with rain and fog, but I actually love that type of weather when we’re at the lake.  Makes for a super cozy weekend!

We divided up meals between the 3 couples for the weekend.  

Breakfasts were:

egg souffle + milky coffee

…then on Sunday orange-cranberry rolls + eggs + milky coffee once again in the creepy cat mug.

Saturday lunch was french dip sandwiches + buffalo chicken taquitos + carrots w/ dip.

I handled Saturday dinner and made two recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook: lettuce wraps and crunchy Ramen noodle salad.  I’d for sure make the lettuce wraps again, but IMO the salad wasn’t all that great.

There were too many snacks eaten to take pictures of, but some favorites were:

sweetened dried mango from Sprouts (SO GOOOOOD!)

tea cake cookie things

oatmega bar.  Have you had these? I think they’re pretty good.  I’m not a fan of the Rx bar or quest bar texture and find these a million times tastier.

Maggie had a wonderful weekend jumping into the lake.  I was so happy for her to get some energy out.  We’ve been living in babyland since November and while she hasn’t been neglected…she hasn’t gotten as much attention as she used to. 

And her friend Cooper was at the lake.  Cooper is super playful and, at four years old, Maggie is turning into a grumpy old lady who when she is done playing gets all moody and snaps at him.  He’s a good sport tho.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to when Cooper was a baby pup…

It is so fun getting to do the next baby filled life stage with friends.  Overall Jojo did good and it was nice to have extra hands to help us.  I mean, she’s still a baby who cries and we’re still pretty sleep deprived but it is getting better! 

See ya back here tomorrow!


  1. The cat looks wise, not creepy! LOL

  2. The last pic of Jojo is hilarious!

  3. Jo is seriously one of the cutest babies ever. We just started the process for adoption and I keep getting lost in thought about what our baby will look like, it’s super exciting. :) Glad you had a restful, fun weekend!

  4. What a super fun weekend! All of the food looks amazing, especially the egg souffle & orange cranberry roll. That last photo of Jojo is way too cute!!

  5. This looks like such a fun weekend! I agree about protein bar textures – I really like the oatmega peanut butter chocolate they’re delish!

    I just put up a new blog post sharing some of my favorite recipes I’ve found on pinterest!

  6. That orange cranberry roll looks so good… sounds like a lovely weekend :)

  7. Oh my gosh, she DOES look like Andrew, lol! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the texture of those infamous bars. I see the RX and Quest bars EVERYWHERE now and I just can’t get on board. Looks like a really fun weekend!

  8. telling myself that qwest bars tasted good were part of my eating disorder.  Not for me!!!

  9. That looks like a very fun weekend. I think its absolutely awesome that you take the baby out and have fun! And a foggy day at the lake catching up with friends sounds perfect!

    I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful blog. Yesterday I put my snow pants on (that I bought 2 years ago) and they would not close….. and for the first time in my life my first thought was “well it looks like I need new pants!” I smiled to myself and went sledding with the kids, just pulling my jacket over the pants and pulling them up once in a while. And not for one second did it down my mood or distract my thoughts from enjoying the wonderful afternoon with the kids in the snow. I am so very grateful for you and your blog. Thank you!

  10. Thanks! This weather has been so rough but what can you do, right??

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