Nut Butter Giveaway {CLOSED}

Welcome to the 3rd annual Nut Butter Giveaway!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

For some reason, I always thought it would be cool to buy a crap load of nut butters and give it all away to one lucky person.  So here we are. 

This year you can win 16 jars of assorted nut butters (well, actually, one of the jars is a cookie butter which I don’t think has any nuts).

To enter: Simply let me know in the comment section what you would do with all this wonderful nut butter! Perhaps a nut butter-filled bunch party? Winner will be chosen Monday, March 19th.  I’ll email the winner (and announce on this post), so be sure you give me your correct email address when you comment below :)

Available only to US residents over 18 years old.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED.  Winner is Maryann C. and she has been contacted via email.  Big thanks to everyone who entered the nut butter giveaway this year<3


  1. My 4 year old daughter eats so much PB I’d have to just give it all to her! She is super picky but loves all the PB.

    • Oh my gosh I would go ham with all those nut butters!!! I’m a runner so I think half my intake consists of some type of nut butter. I would eat it straight from the jar (nothing better, honestly), use it as my oatmeal topper in the mornings, make yummy treats like energy bites or cookies, smoothies….opportunities are endless! Address: 830 Bertrand St. Manhattan KS, 66502
      PS. I came across your blog through instagram search and thought the name of your blog is GENIUS and I thought this girl has got to be awesome. I am currently studying Dietetics as a senior and will be heading into my internship this summer–I 100% agree in your food philosophy and hope to impact others the way you have!

  2. Yumm!! I’ve been eating pb&js daily during my pregnancy so these would be amazing to try!! Great giveaway! :)

  3. Such a great giveaway! I’m due with our first babe at the end of March so I’ll need lots of nut butters to power me through sleepless days and nights and breastfeeding sessions!

  4. Omg I love the nut butter giveaway! I’ve entered every year so maybe this will be my year :) If I won all of this nut butter, I would host a nut butter sampling party!

  5. probably go nuts…..;-)

    but in all seriousness, put it on a whole bunch of toast and various other baked goods, oats, fruit, yogurt, ice cream and a spoon!!

    This is such a fun idea, Kylie!

  6. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite and I would try all the new recipes!

  7. Lots of pb and js!

  8. I would conquer my fears of eating but butters by trying all of them!

  9. I love to make quick desserts with nut butters! Or no-bake treats! This would keep me in supply for quite a while. I’d probably have to share with the dog a little ;).

  10. Share it all with friends!! And eat some myself :)

  11. I am going to pretend I’m on an episode of Chopped and the item in the mystery basket is all of these Nut Butters and I am going to cook all of the Nut Butter dishes I can come up with!!!! ;)

  12. Nooooooo…. Why do I live in Australia :( How about.. If I won this nut butter I’d move to the US? ;)

  13. I would include a jar in each of the care packages I send my closest friends throughout the year !! Share the love, pay it forward 💛

  14. I’m not allowed to bring peanuts or tree nuts to work, so I would have elaborate nut butter dinners in the safety of my own home.

  15. I’d bring it back to college with me and use it for snacks and breakfasts because dining hall food is rough…

  16. I would die and go to nut butter heaven if I won :) I would put it on toast, use it in recipes for cookies and breads, put it on ice cream, but most likely be spooning it to my face straight from the jar!! That’s how I prefer my nut butter😊

  17. I love nut butter on toast and waffles so would definitely use it for that!

  18. WOWOWOW! That’s so much nut butter 😍This used to be such a fear food for me, so I’m so grateful that I can appreciate and love it as much as it and I deserve to be loved! My friends and I would probably take a bunch of bananas from the dining halls and then have a nut butter sampling night, kinda like a wine and cheese night, but with nut butter and bananas haha!

  19. Would love to bake loads of nut butter pastries & chocolatw nut butter goodness to feed many colleagues and friends at my going away party to begin my next job!

  20. March 19th also happens to be me and my twin’s birthday, so naturally I have to make enough for two. We don’t live in the same city so all my snacks would need to be able to store easily: peanut butter banana granola, peanut butter energy balls, and peanut butter monster cookies with coconut m’ms. For dinner: Ambitious Kitchen’s sweet potatoe noddle pad Thai with a peanut or almond butter sauce.

  21. If I won, I would use this as a birthday party spread! My husband, our son, and I all have summer birthdays (along with my 3 sisters and my dad) so odds are, we will be doing a big birthday bash for all of us. We ALL love nut butters, so I think it would be fun to do a birthday butter bash with assorted foods to top with these butters. :)

  22. My husband loves peanut butter more than anyone I know so I’m sure he’d get to it all before me :)

  23. Oh my goshhhh I have been wanting to try so many of these brands! I am a huge peanut butter/nut butter lover. (I literally prioritize meals and snacks around this stuff.)

    I would love to try and find a way to bake/cook/incorporate a different jar of nut butter into every meal of the day- breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert (the easiest) and invite friends over to taste test. That would be such a fun challenge – alternatively, if it’s a bust, I’mma take a spoon straight to each jar.

  24. Oh my goodness I would put it on waffles, fruit, baked goods, smoothies, make nut butter chocolate cups and all the things in between! Or maybe do a fun blind tasting. So many options.

  25. I would be so thrilled to try all these nut butters! I would probably make a bunch of energy balls. And of course spread it on apples!

  26. I would ship (some, lol) of the nut butters to my students in Argentina (I did a Fulbright grant there), who never could understand what peanut butter (or nut butter) was, why we loved it so much, and why it was the best freakin’ thing ever. I don’t know how I spent 1 year without it in my life. Thankfully I’m back in the US now :) Best way to teach culture and language is obviously through food.

  27. Nut butter taste test party!! Also eating with a spoon :)

  28. On burnt toast + with fruit + in smoothies + for saucing!

  29. Omg a sampler party with a bunch of fun dippers (apples, pretzels, etc) would be so much fun! Would love to win!!

  30. I love all of these flavors! I’d have a waffle brunch with a nut butter toppings bar!

  31. I’m learning to give myself permission to eat nut butters and not measure or weigh my portions. I’d give myself permission to try and enjoy them all!

  32. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with twins (natural, and naturally unexpected). Quite honestly I’d probably eat the majority of these jars myself throughout the next 20 weeks. Never enough snacks, especially at work. My husband might be lucky to try a few ;)

  33. I don’t think there’s a day that I don’t have some type of nut butter at least once (more likely twice) per day! It’s a staple at breakfast: on toast, in yogurt, mixed in oatmeal, straight outta the jar. ;)

  34. The options are endless with all of this nut butter. I would definitely be baking with it and eating plenty of bananas with the nut butters. It’s my favorite go-to snack!!

  35. This is AWESOME! I’d share with my roommate/bff of course as an apology for the amount of cabinet space this would take up in our apt. I’d also pass it on to my boyfriend and our friends as a thank you for being so important to me since I’m all about showing love and caring through food and cooking :)

  36. Lots of different “boobie bites” for this breastfeeding mom and my friends! Lots of peanut butter has been consumed with this last pregnancy and this would definitely restock me :) yummmm

  37. I just had my fourth baby girl! She was a big surprise and is 6 years behind the next youngest! So I would use the nut butters to help fuel me for nursing and also for making snacks for the 3 big sisters!😏

  38. Bake sooooooooo many things/cookies :-p

  39. My best friend is getting married and she’s a nut butter fiend. With all of this nut butter I can officially make her bridal shower themed “Megan is Nutty for Matt” and host the most epic brunch for my favorite friend. Think spiked Coco Almond shakes, mini pancakes with nut butter to dip in, cute little tea sandwiches with nut butter … wow I’m getting ahead of myself :)

  40. I eat peanut butter every. day. I without fail have it for breakfast in my oatmeal and then find ways to incorporate it into snacks throughout the rest of the day. All of these nut butters (+ cookie butter) would also go great on a batch of fresh banana bread, mixed with granola or cereal. (Apparently mixing peanut butter with milk and cereal is uncommon, as I’ve gotten many weird looks from my friends when I tell them I mix PB and cereal), or just by the spoon for crying out loud!! With such an abundance of peanut butter I feel like I would need to share a little bit with others as well, lol, emphasis on the “little”! But anyways, If I win this contest it might actually be a dream come true. I’m not sure if a long comment like this increases my chances but either way I love going on rants about peanut butter, so its fine. Thanks for doing this contest and making someone in this world so so happy!

  41. I will share them with all my dietetic intern friends so we can survive the last 4 months of the program with sanity!!

  42. I would eat spoonfuls upon spoonfuls upon spoonfuls!!

  43. I’ll throw a nut butter baking fest with my closest friends! Cookies, breads & pastries, oh my!!! :)

  44. At every holiday my family does a blind wine tasting and we all vote/rank our favorites. We would LOVE to do a blind nut butter tasting!!! This is amazing!

  45. This is the best! I would definitely make all of the breakfast nut better recipes I could find to help fuel me and my friends through the craziness of grad school!(And obviously eat it by the spoonful too!)

  46. I love trying new flavor combinations in my PB&Js, this would keep me going for months!!

  47. I’m 25 years old and haven’t really had peanut butter until about a year ago and now I’m peaNUUTTTSSS about it! And this is so fun because I feel like there’s so many varieties I still have to explore! Just think of all the 2 Peanut Butter Cookie variations I could try with your cookie recipe!!!!

  48. As an RD I would share with my fellow dietitians. We always have them around as snacks because who doesn’t love snacks. need to stock pile and sample. 🙌🏻

  49. Eat it 🙈😂 I eat so much nut butter but I also give some to my friends to spread the love of the brands so they will start buying them if they love them! This is so nice of you to do!!

  50. Honestly, I would hoard it. Eat by the spoonful, put it on bagels, melt it for an ice cream topping, dip graham crackers in it. You get the picture ;-)!

  51. I would make as many different nut butter cookie recipes as humanly possible and share with my fam/friends/coworkers! (Well hopefully I would share) 😋

  52. Oh my gshhh…hmm…. I would A) make a cookie from each type of nutbutter, then B) share some with the hubs & baby (and maybe the dog), and finally C) host a nutbutter tasting party 👊🏼

  53. I’m just going to enjoy every bit of it whenever it sounds good and however it sounds good!

  54. This is beyond amazing!!! Nut butter is a staple at my house, and I always have jars around. I would use it in tons of baking recipes or to eat by the spoonful!

  55. I feel like I should win this because March 19th is my birthday ☺️. Quite honestly, I can easily go through two jars of nut butter on my own in a week. So, I might do a little baking with it, but mostly I plan to eat and enjoy the hell out of it 😏

  56. Oh my gosh! I love following your stories and seeing your authentic journey. Now this! How amazingly fantastic that you just want to give away nut butter?! Anyways, I would do all the things – bake, make sauces, smother toasts, share with my sweetest nephews, pour all over my oatmeal, eat it by the spoonful… the possibilities are endless! I will need to try some of those in that pic (whether I win or lose).

  57. I probably wouldn’t know how to control myself because I love nut butter so much! I would either experiment with recipes or put it on everything or maybe show my dietetic intern friends some love and share with them!

  58. I would immediately indulge in a spoonful of each jar and then make tons of PB energy balls, cookies, toast, etc. because nut butter is liiiiife! And of course I would share with my four legged friend🐶!

  59. I’d love to do a nut butter cookie taste test party!! 🎉 such a great idea for a giveaway!!

  60. If I was to win the nut butter… you butter believe I would use them well! I would devote a spoonful of each to be tasted the best way I know how- with a spoon! And then bring them out at my next game night with friends to share the joy! Will joyfully pair them with light crackers, breads and fruits. :)

  61. I would make a nut butter fountain and dip everything under the sun into it and enjoy :)

  62. I would eat it all day erry day!! I used to restrict pb and not trust myself around it, but now I give my self permission to eat this amazingly yummy food 😋 I’m pretty sure you can put nut butter on anything. Ps love all your insta stories!

  63. My biggest binge food when I was deep in my ED behaviors was nut butter. It was the number one food i felt out of control around. Since being in recovery, i am amazed at how having a jar of peanut butter in the house is no longer an anxious matter that takes up far too much of my brain space.
    Remarkably, i have fallen back in love with the stuff, and now that i have my wonderful son, who loves it too, i enjoy sharing it with him without all the guilt and panic i had for so long.
    I would never have entered a contest to win so much nutbutter three years ago, when my behaviors still ruled my life. Now, winning doesn’t matter, the point is that i can even consider entering means i already win❤️

  64. I would definitely have to do some test tasting, and then share with my pb loving family and friends 😋

  65. If I won the nut butters, I’d do a tasting with friends and family, kind of like a wine tasting or a flight of beers, but with nut butters! Each person would choose whether they’d wanted to try it with an apple slice, celery stalk, graham cracker, or pretzel! And we could rate/rank them – SO FUN!

  66. Throw a PB & J brunch party!! Or maybe just keep them all for myself so i can try alllllllllll the recipes because anything + nut butter = :)

  67. I would drop some chocolate 🍫 chips(while hiding them from my toddler) in and get a huge spoon and eat it straight of out of the jar while my 4 month old swatted at and tried to get some 🤷🏽‍♀️ And I would probably eat it standing in the kitchen because I’m a mom and, well, that’s usually where and how my snacks are eaten 😂

  68. I’d share some with my friends & neighbors for sure – maybe I’d give them a jar or maybe I’d make tasty treats for them using nut butter. The rest would be used for snacks for my housemates and me :)

  69. Make a ton of sandwiches for my picky preschooler!

  70. I’d definitely be having a sampling party at work! I love but butter and so do they!!

  71. I would invite all my friends and their kids over for brunch and have a nutbutter party!

  72. I would eat all these on toast and rice cakes 😬😬😬

  73. I would…mix it into oatmeal, bake it into muffins for my family, and dip fruit in it with friends! So many delicious uses for nut butter- as a runner, it’s an awesome source of fuel!!

  74. This is amazing! A sampling party would be fun! Making a variety of oat balls with these nut butters would be nice, too!

  75. I’d make soooo many nut butter sandwiches, pancakes, cakes, smoothies, muffins, pies- everything! But also, my dog loves nut butter just as, if not more than, me. So I’d have to share some with him of course :)

  76. I would add them to smoothies or oatmeal (or energy bites… or everything!).

  77. Apart from spread it on everything, I would use it to make power balls (energy bites, whatever you want to call them)! I just love those things!

  78. Omggggg!! I’m pregnant and a type 1 diabetiv, so nut butters are my BFF at the moment. I’d like to think I’d share but I might just eat them all myself :)

  79. Wow this is a fantastic collection! I would probably make homemade nut butter cups, and have lots of options for dipping my apples in :)

  80. I would use it with bananas/apples, on top of pancakes, in overnight oats, on toast…and eat it by the spoonful!! I am obsessed with nut butter!!

  81. Nut butter haiku
    Creamy, crunchy, thick, or thin
    You are all beauties

    I would share with my work friend who loves nutter even more than me! (And is much better at haikus tbh)

  82. I would share with my coworkers & friends! Spread the nut butter love. and of course use it for all kinds of snacks & baking!

  83. I would try everything I’ve ever wanted to make with nut butter!

  84. Share with my lovely coworkers who are dietitians, because we all love a good nut butter!

  85. OHHH MYYY!! This is heaven! I have like 4 different types of nut butters in my pantry right now. My friends are like why do you have so much?? I said, what can i say i love peanut butter and nut butters in general. (I have some every day! that is not exaggerated i really do have it everyday) You need your creamy, you need your chunky and then you need the famous skippy’s peanut butter. Then you need to try all the random nut butters you see in the store to see if you like them like sun butter and almond butter, chocolate butter. My love for nut butters is a little insane! But you can put it on anything. Have you tried dipping carrots in peanut butter?! literally the best thing ever, especially shredded carrots on a PB sandwich.

    If i received all of these nut butters I would have a nut butter tasting party with all of the other Dietetic Interns during class day! What better way to make it through the rest of your internship except with a pantry full of nut butters!!!!!:)

    I would also make your peanut butter cookie recipe you posted on here!

  86. Holy moly so many nut butters!! I love using nut butters on toast, bagels, & as an oatmeal topping. I’m dreaming of that cinnamon raisin peanut butter on top of a cinnamon raisin bagel like oh my gosh?! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, Kylie!

  87. I would have a nut butter fiesta with all my friends where I’d make peanut butter almond butter nut butter recipes for every meal for the day including snacks and dessert! 🥜!

  88. Eat lots of toast and bananas!

  89. I use some sort of nut butter at least once or twice a day- in oatmeal, on toast, with fruit, with pretzels, by the spoonful, or to make some sort of dessert. I’d experiment with some new recipes :)

  90. EAT IT. In a smoothie. In my oatmeal. For dessert. For snack. With a spoon. With my fingers.
    *I’d also post on insta about it with a shoutout to immaeatthat

  91. This could NOT have come at a more perfect time for me.

    I am entering my sixth month of active recovery from anorexia and an exercise addiction, and my favorite recovery experience has been allowing myself to try (and actually eat!) different kinds of nut butter. I refused to allow myself any for so long, and I would look longingly at all the different kinds at the grocery store. Carefully measured PB2 was all I would consume. For me, he ultimate freedom has been eating it straight from the jar (!!) without crippling anxiety over the calorie content. So what would I do with all that nut butter? Friggin’ eat it! Without judgment, without shame, and without restriction. :)


  92. Alright so first of all I’d have to find the room in my pantry for all these butters (no problem at all!) and I’d definitely figure out a way to turn each & every one of these into frosting for cupcakes & donuts🤤🤤

  93. I would have a nut butter party once a week where friends/family would come over bringing various foods to dip/spread/scoop the different nut butter each week! We’d keep a tally of our favorites! HOLY YUM! Drooling just thinking about it…

  94. If I am lucky enough to win I’d make some killer peanut butter treats for my teacher co-workers. Peanut butter balls, pb cookies, pb chocolate cheesecake & some old Sokol no-bakes to help us get through the rest of this crazy school year🙃

  95. My husband and I eat a nut butter sandwich every day lol my daughter eats one frequently as well – so these wont last very long at my house! 🤣

  96. I would eat all the almond butter! And share the peanut butter with my mom and the homeless man down the street (I’m allergic)

  97. If I were to win I would simply get a spoon and a stretchy pair of pants and happily make my way through the lineup.

  98. I’m a college student fulfilling a degree in elementary education. With balancing the education program, work, and school it’s hard to afford these delicious nut butters.
    I would be so grateful to win this giveaway for personal savings and overcoming fears of food.

    Thank you so much!

  99. With all this peanut butter I’ll finally be able to not only make treats for my immediate family, but also my neighbors as well as they supported my family during our time of need due to cancer!!!

  100. My roommate and I would have a year-long bake-fest of ALL the nut butter things. I’ll be doing a lot of stress baking once the next round DICAS comes up!

  101. Oh gosh, what WOULDN’T I do with this much nut butter?! I would love to try all of these different flavors and brands I’ve never tried.

  102. I would make so many PB and honey bagels, spicy peanut soups, and my dogs would get some as treats honestly

  103. Oh my goodness, I would probably set up a blind taste test party because my friends and I are such suckers for how packaging looks! I love all of these :)

  104. All those fabulous flavors?!? By the spoonful :)

  105. My family are big nut butter sandwich eaters so these will not last long in my house! With a toddler (and me living on scoopfuls with our infant) we go through so much at my house!

  106. LACTATION COOKIES!!!! Thanks so much for having this giveaway and for keeping life AND motherhood real…

  107. I would put it on overnight oats, sourdough bread, and bagels. And of course share. A part of recovery for me has been being able to share my food/not being so attached to it.

  108. I would invite my friends over and we would all sample them and then together we would rank them on which one is better than the other 😛

  109. I love to put peanut butter in my yogurt in the morning. It would be so fun to mix it up! Plus, fun PB&J’s!

  110. I would give the TJ’s nut butters to my mom because she doesn’t have a TJ’s close to where she lives and she would love to try them so much!! For the others, i would make some yummy snack balls for my long days of classes and as toppings for pancakes! :) all the chocolate ones look amazing.

  111. I would make a ton of different peanut butter cups!!

  112. I would make the best bowls of oatmal every day for breakfast for the rest of the year!

  113. I would have a nut butter party with my friends probably as a picnic to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

  114. This is such a wonderful getaway! I think what I would do is have a brunch and nut butter tasting party! That way we could have a variety of different toast and fruit that we can try each of the nut butters and rank them! I think that would be so fun

  115. I am a dietitian in Philadelphia that LOVES nut butters! My boyfriend and I easily go through a large jar per week and would love to continue to broaden our horizons and try these awesome nut butters…plus share them for a nut butter sampling with my fellow RD friends in the area…maybe even try a wine and nut butter pairing! If you give me the opportunity I will get back to you with some delicious pairings 💁🏻😍

  116. Would plan to mindfully drown my sorrows in tons of cutely marketed nut butters as I head into PA school!😂 The hazelnut butters look bomb💣

  117. I’d add it to smoothies, put it on toast, bake it in cookies, put it on ice cream, share with the dog… The possibilities are endless!

  118. this is the best giveaway ever!!!!! i would eat this on top of brownies or on a banana or just with a spoon :)

  119. Yum! I eat nut butters on a daily basis, so I’d definitely be using all these fabulous nut butters in new recipes to add some spins on my classic smoothies, toasts, and fruit dip! I’m also a dietitian, so it’s great to keep up on the latest different market items to give honest opinions to clients!

  120. I’m about to graduate college, so I would have a nut-butter brunch with the gals who’ve gotten me through nursing school :)

  121. PB&J Party, for sure

  122. I’d take a spoonful and add dark chocolate chips. Omg the best.

  123. I would share it with my sweet daughter who wakes up asking for her “butter”…I’m pretty sure this would be a dream come true for both of us 😂😊

  124. Omg yummmm. I remember this last year and was honestly too wrapped up in my eating disorder/scared of winning to enter. I eat PB every day so would definitely enjoy these! I would love to experiment with new delicious recipes…and maybe share some 😜

  125. Oh my gosh, what I WOULDN’T do is the question! I would have a nut butter taste party with my girlfriends and mom. Seriously we are all obsessed.

  126. I would blindfold my partner, get him naked for some sexy time, smear him with all the nut butters, and then let the dogs at him. One of us will have a great time, and it won’t be him.

  127. Hi, what an exciting idea! I run college cross country/track so I would share my nut butter stash with my hungry teammates! We would probably get together and have a tasting party or bake something to share. We are all working on improving mental health among college athletes and reducing fear around foods especially for distance runners. Would be such a fun and productive time to make positive memories and experiences over a delicious food!

  128. Bake some tasty treats!

  129. I am in the home stretch of my first year of medical school… I think 16 jars of nut butter would be JUST enough to get me through the next 12 weeks! 

  130. I would put it in oats and on toast and in granola bars and energy bites and I’d eat it on a spoon and share with my favorite humans. Nut butter is my favorite food group-literally- and winning this giveaway is a personal dream of mine! Trader Joe’s and wild friends and Justin’s, oh my!!

  131. Definitely a nut butter tasting party!! Also would love some new additions to my oatmeal topping game👌Your blog is so fun and this giveaway is literally so amazing😜

  132. oh. my. gosh. I would dig in to each jar with a giant spoon! and maybe some graham crackers. 

  133. Hmmmmm….. bake allll the things, put it on everything, anddddddd eat it out of the jar!

    Myself, my 2 year old, and my husband LOVE nut butter
    And so does my mini golden doodle 😜

  134. Being that it’s March, I would do a March madness style bracket challenge with my husband, where we try all 16 paired up and the winner takes all!

  135. I cannot go a day without peanut butter (seriously though)! Everyone knows it. One time my best friend’s boyfriend made my computer screen a picture of a jar of peanut butter and I did not object.
    Though I cannot share my peanut butter obsession with my husband (I married a man who doesn’t feel the same), I would definitely make various desserts and snacks using the alternative butters (alongside PB for me) for him, his friends, and my dog Brie! I would also use these at my small group meetings! Who doesn’t love nut butters! #PBLover4Life

  136. I would make ALL the nut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! This is an EPIC giveaway, thank you Kylie!

  137. Girls movie night! With nutbutter as the specialty treat 💕

  138. I’m a VCU Nursing student so I would totally bring all the nut butters to my unit (Comprehensive Medicine woot woot!!) at VCU Hospital and have a nut butter set up for quick grab and go while we work our 12 hour shifts! Honestly that sounds like a dream!

  139. Honestly, I would use all these amazingly fat filled nut butters to continue to recover from my restrictive eating disorder where the only nut butter you would ever see me eat would be powdered peanut butter in a smoothie!

    Your blog has been crucial to helping me overcome some serious food fears that put my health in danger. In fact, some of the nut butters in there might still be on my “fear” list subconsciously and I would never buy them myself at grocery store, despite knowing I genuinely love nut butters! The ones I have yet to try, but know I should, are the vanilla espresso almond butter, the cocoa one, and even TJ’s speculous. 

    This is such an amazing give away, thanks for inspiring so many daily Kylie!

  140. Such a fun giveaway! I would have a few friends over to try all of the various butters, have some recipes prepared & try to guess what butter is in it & send them each home with one, while keeping a few for me!

  141. Well…PB is my jam, well not technically, but you get the point. FIRST, I’d try not to eat them all in one day. 😂 TWO, I’d try each one & see how they are different-texture, taste, ingredients, etc. THIRD, see number ONE. 😂😂😂
    Then I’d find unique ways to use each: with an apple, dollop on a smoothie bowl, with a banana before a workout, dollop on kodiak cakes….
    Crap…now I’m going to be dreaming of all these incredible nut butters. THANK YOU for the chance to win! ❤️

  142. This is probably way more exciting to me than it should be. My older son is allergic to nuts, so I’ll eat them all after he goes to bed. I’ll probably try some homemade ice cream recipes with a nut butter swirl!

  143. If I won these, I would bake tons of pancakes and waffles and crepes and French toast and smother them in all different kinds of nut butters! I love baking breakfast foods covered in nut butter and also eating it straight out of the jar!!! PLEASE PICK ME KYLIE!!!! All of my friends in Minot ND would love a breakfast party!

  144. I would bring all of the nut butters into the NICU! My baby girl, Eleanor (Ellie), came 5 weeks early because she stopped growing. She has a bilateral cleft palate and a VSD (heart defect). The NICU nurses have been incredibly patient/kind/funny as we learn how to take care of our daughter. They work their butts off on long shifts and deserve all of the yummy nut butters to keep them energized!

  145. Yes! I love the nut butter give away. I’ve entered every year! This is the day after my birthday so I’d have to make some kind of nut butter cake, muffins, cookies, all of it. I love the no make energy balls so I’d definitely be doing that too. Thanks!

  146. I would take my snack game to the next next level!

  147. Make cookies. Like, all the cookies. 

  148. I can’t believe you’re giving all of this away! Tbh if I won I would sit on the floor with my dogs and let them try all of the best (non-chocolate) ones with me. Then the rest would be for me and my sister to eat straight out of the jars for after breakfast dessert!

  149. I’d be doing lots of baking and experimenting!! 😄

  150. This is such a great idea! I’d eat it on/in all kinds of things and I love your idea for a nut butter filled brunch :)

  151. I LOVE trying new recipes, so I would do some sort of “Nut Butter Week”, and try new nut butter recipes each day and share with friends! PB&J crepes, spring roll bowls with peanut sauce, balls, peanut stew, etc. Although I think my love for a simple PB&J(and banana) will always reign supreme.

  152. YES.

    I would use them spice up a bunch of Girl Scout cookies I just got! And definitely for the usual pb & banana and nut butter flavored oats!

  153. I can’t believe you’re giving all of this away! Tbh if I won I would sit on the floor with my dogs and let them try all of the best (non-chocolate) ones with me. Then the rest would be for me and my sister to eat straight out of the jars for post-breakfast dessert!

  154. These all look amazing! If I had all of these nut butters to choose from, I’d practice forcing myself to get out of restrictive eating habits and try a new nut butter everyday with my snack. What a fun challenge that would be!

    Thank you for your blog, I really look forward to reading every single post.

  155. YES.

    I would use them spice up a bunch of Girl Scout cookies I just got! And definitely for the usual pb & banana and nut butter flavored oats!

    This is amazing!!

  156. I’ll share with my nut butter-loving 3-year-old, and sample some myself in an ED-conquering effort to overcome my nut butter phobia!

  157. We would slowly introduce a tiny bit of each kind to our baby (per our pediatrician’s recommendation ) to hopefully keep food allergies at bay!

    And obvs my husband and I would enjoy the rest! 😉

  158. OMG! I would bake all the things. And make ice cream. And eat it right from the jar

  159. So many possibilities! First, toast is my all time favorite breakfast – it’s fast, easy and delicious! All of these nut butters would seriously help me up my toast game, and give me some great, much-needed variety! Secondly, I love to bake – I would have such an awesome time coming up with countless recipes to use these delectable nut butters – cookies, cakes, pies (and my husband would happily taste test them all)! Excited for the chance to win! 

  160. Well first we’d probably do a wee celebratory dance around the nut butters. It only seems fitting. Surely we would then have to definitively rank the nut butters. I’m envisioning a blind taste test with friends. Finally I think we’d hit the books for creative recipies and get experimenting!!😉😱😋😋

  161. I’ll hide it all from my 20 month old and husband so I can have it all to myself. Kidding, kind of 😂
    Lots of pb toast, pb waffles, and pb on a spoon for us.

  162. What a great idea! I’d experiment with different recipes and share them with my neighbors and family!

  163. I would share it with my family but mostly I would be the one to savor every flavor by spreading it on bread, making granola bites or adding it to ice cream or yogurt!

  164. Oh my goodness my four kids and I would have so much fun with this! I love to make them PB sandwiches, and I let them each pick out a cookie cutter animal shape they want stamped into their bread. That makes every lunchtime better. As for me, I would eat it by the spoonful or smeared on apple slices 😛. Your new baby daughter is beautiful and I love the balanced perspective your blog brings to the web. It’s changing my mindset and giving me freedom.

  165. I’d eat it to finish out my pregnancy then during breastfeeding since she’s due in 2 weeks! Brilliant and thoughtful giveaway :)

  166. With that much yumminess the possibilities are endless! I will host an afternoon of tea and nut butter tasting, invent new yummy recipes to share, eat a spoonful of deliciousness to start every day off right, and of course spread the love with family and friends.

  167. Ohhhhhh what wouldn’t I do with all this nutty goodness? I would make all the recipes I’ve been saving that call for nut butters – cookies, energy balls, bars, cakes, fudge, smoothies, breads!!! And probably knock back a few spoonfuls of each, just cause. Nut butters is a food group (can we just call it a food group?) I really struggled with during my eating disorder. Hello freedom and hello yum! Love your honesty and encouragement, Kylie!

  168. If I win, I’m going to start a nut butter exchange!
    1. Send two jars to a friend (I’d do this for a few since I’ll be stocked up!!)
    2. In a note, tell the friend to try both, pick his/her favorite butter
    3. This person then buys two more butters: one of their favorite and one new one and sends to a new friend.
    4. Each time the nut butters are passed, person must email me one photo of themselves with their butter
    5. I’ll post the photos to an instagram I will make (@NuttyMail)

    It will be a beautiful, neverending chain of nut butter happiness!!!

    Also think of all the almost empty jars you could use for overnight oats…

  169. Ah nuts!!! All I can think of doing with these nut butters is trying them all by the spoonful and creating different recipes with them! I have a craving and the only thing that cure it, is more nut butter! (Especially the chocolate kind!)

  170. Yum! I go through almost a whole jar of nut butter a week due to how much I use them to bake/cook. Recently I been training for the Philly marathon and I like to make toast with nut butter or not butter protein balls for pre workout snacks, so these would definitely come in handy :) I love your blog and have been following it for years!

  171. I would definitely need to share all these nut butters! Probably through a combination of baking with them (banana bread with a cookie butter swirl??), nut butter cups (with some yummy dark chocolate), or bringing some dippers (apples, pretzels, etc) for the nut butters to share with my friends!

  172. I would do anything and everything! Eat them right off of a spoon, put on top of baked oatmeal, on homemade banana bread, on any toasted carb source with banana, maybe find some new ‘energy’ bars/balls to make, etc etc etc 😍😍 Talking to a big nut butter lover here! Hehe. You can’t go wrong!

    Now a question for you: Which one of these is your favorite?!

  173. With alllll this amazing lovely peanut butter I would make lots and lots of delicious things. To name a few, yummy peanut butter oats and baked treats that I would share with my friends. This is an awesome idea for a giveaway! You rock.

  174. I’m currently going to school earning my degree to become an elementary school teacher. In the intense program, it can be pretty hectic balancing school, work, self care, etc. living on a tight budget, it’s sometimes impossible to afford these nutbutters. I would love the opportunity to win these because it would give me so much variety for breakfast, snacks, and lunches while I go to school. I would be so grateful❤️ I appreciate your selflessness for giving these away. Best wishes💕

  175. This is literally the coolest give away ever!

    I would take a different kind to work each week to share with co-workers!

  176. I put peanut butter on my pancakes every morning so aside from mixing up my nut butters on the pancakes, I would definitely eat them by the spoonful or make nut butter cups 😍

  177. My favorite way to eat nut butter… slathered on warm banana bread!

  178. I love oatmeal or bagels with peanut butter, but I’ve always wanted to try different kinds of nut butter. On a college budget, Skippy/Jif peanut butter is all I usually get! Would love to try them all!! :)

  179. Baking, I would do so much baking and bring treats to every event I attend. Bridal shower? Here are cookies! Dentist appointment? Here’s a muffin! Work meeting? Please, have a peanut butter cup. Random target run? Nope, you already have all my money.

  180. This is like a dreeeeam! I’d eat some spoonfuls, top any toasted carb source with it along with banana, but it on/in different oatmeals, maybe find a yummy ‘energy’ bar/ball recipe, pair it with jelly on some soft bread.. Shall I go on?! 😋 Big nut butter lover over here 💁

    Now a question for you: Which one is your favorite out of these? 😁

  181. Hi Kylie!

    Omg. I’ve been eating peanut butter toast just about every morning before school (teacher life), and I’m honestly over it. Thinking about all the options makes me salivate… I’m pregnant, so a lot of things make me salivate, but this, for real would be a dream come true, haha!

    You’re awesome! So happy for you and your beautiful baby!!!


  182. Maybe cookies…and on apples…and on toast…or on a spoon…

  183. I eat peanut butter toast every morning and am going to college in the fall so it would probably last me all four years of college and I would save a lot of money and be very happy!!!!

  184. Oh mah gah… this is like Oprah giving away cars for us nut butter lovahs! My kids are obsessed with PB&J, and these would give them some fun ways to switch up the old classic. Yas!

  185. Make all of the different cakes and goodies using nut butters and then share them with my friends and family to show them things can taste amazing and be nutritious at the same time!

  186. I would use this nut butter for fuel. First, I would try them all with my roommates and close friends who have supported me through a tough struggle and decide which are the best and how they would be best prepared. Then I’d use the butter to help me fight my thoughts, gain weight and get through my disordered eating which has come and gone but I think I’m on the way up and out now! But butter has been a go to energy dense food! It’s my favorite.

  187. Try them all!!! And my new coworkers are definite foodies too, so I think I would have them over and we would try them on things like toast and crackers and with pretzels and chocolate and all the things and choose our faves! If we have different faves maybe we can each take our faves home 😋 (bc I guess I don’t need them ALL to myself 😜😍)

  188. I’d use them for baking…or just eat some by the spoonful!

  189. Nut butter sandwiches for my two toddlers! We go through so much peanut butter! It would be fun to try something new :)

  190. i would love to bake all of the bakes with it!! and eat it smothered on oatmeal and bananas!

  191. If I won I’d convince my kids to try new things!! I have created such creatures of habit. I get dirty looks when I try buy a different brand of PB or try to slip in a different nut butter. And bake! Lots of nut butter baking! 😜

  192. BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!! I would host a Nut Butter Party and dedicate the party to you. It would be a Immeatthat Nut Butter celebration.

  193. I’ve entered this giveaway every year, and I love it every single year!! Just the best idea ever. I’d make tons and tons of different baked oatmeals and slather them with nut butter for all my breakfasts to come!! And I’d share some with my roommates when I finally get to move back in with them in 6 short months :) AND I’d get my picky-eater, peanut butter-loving boyfriend to try some new varieties!!

  194. I would probably open up whichever jar my tastebuds were most excited about when the package arrives and taste it immediately, then run to the store and pick up a few of my favorite partners for nut butters! Pretzels, graham crackers, oats, carrots, and apples!

  195. I would make the creamiest dreamiest oatmeals with all of this delish nut butter 😍

  196. I would have a hellaaaa nut butter breakfast party with fruit, waffles, pancakes and mimosas. There would be some good jams playing in the background and all my favorite people would be around me. :) Xx

  197. This giveaway is awesome! I would love the nut butters and use them to try lots of different combos! They look so yummy!!

  198. Make a different kind of cookie with each different nut butter! Yum!

  199. I would definitely have it as snacks!

  200. Sorry about double posting if you noticed.. Didn’t think it posted the first time.

  201. Is it bad if I say I just want to eat all of them by the spoonful?! Lol 😊

  202. I would share all of this with all of my college volleyball teammates! Perfect fuel for our crazy lives at student athletes! :)

  203. I would bake lots of yummy nut butter filled snacks to share with friends :)

  204. so many oatmeals! so many midnight spoonfuls!

  205. I love all and any type of nut butter! I would love to try some new snack and breakfast recipes that I’ve been wanting to test out. I’d love to use these to use when I have friends over for a DYI PB & J bar for a game night!

  206. Oh goodness, I’d share some with friends and then cry with happiness! 😊 I’d make cookies with each one and have a cookie party. Yum!

  207. Best giveaway ever!!! I would use them on anything and everything and straight from the jar! Love adding nut butter to yogurt, oatmeal, on apples/bananas, and sprinkled with some chocolate chips on a spoon :)

  208. I think I would bake a wide variety of treats and give them to all my friends and colleagues (and keep some for myself, of course!)

  209. I would make a humongous assortment of nut-butter filled Easter treats! And give some away. SOME. 😏

  210. THANK YOU, Kylie! What an awesome giveaway! Without further ado, I will savor it one container at time… well maybe not one at a time because I will be too curious to try all the flavors 😋 plus share with my sistass and friends so we can all enjoy! Oh and whip up some of my many saved pb/nut butters recipes here on the ‘gram.

  211. I would make treats for my coworkers!

  212. Straight
    The Jar

    My plant based family would LOVE to try these!!!

  213. I’m graduating college in May with no job offers so probably a lot of stress eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and listening to true crime podcasts… BUT I also would make as many recipes as I could! I’m lactose intolerant so I love making new and fun dairy free desserts. Probably coconut milk PB ice cream, a peanut butter cake, maybe try making PB donuts??? but yeah definitely a lot of spoon in jar action

  214. I would use it on my bananas every morning and my dessert every night!

  215. I would share with my sisters! I support my two teenage sisters (17,18) (I am 21) on my own and affording yummy nut butters is very difficult now. We usually by big cheap ones from ALDI, but it’s not the healthiest and not very tasty. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and I’m so grateful to have it. But this would help a lot, and would be the best surprise for them❤️ Also I love this giveaway, I feel like everyone who does nut butter giveaways tries to pawn off plain old ground nuts.. those are great and all, but sometimes we need some pizazz! Love reading your blog and Instagram posts, your message does get out and it helps me daily!

  216. A BRUNCH PARTY SOUNDS AMAZING but tbh I would have a cookie party and sub the various kinds of nut butter for like pb cookies! 😍 and invite everyone over in pajamas and watch movies. 🙌

  217. I’d definitely be eating this by the spoonful!

  218. Honestly, eat all of it straight with a spoon! My love for all nut butter is unbreakable 😋

  219. I would test all of the bread recipes I’ve pinned (pumpkin, banana, your chai bread! etc.) and do a sampling with friends of different bread + nut butter combos! 

  220. I would have so many plans for this nut butter!!
    1. Stealing your nut butter themed brunch idea because it’s GENIUS and breakfast is my absolute most favorite meal of the day!
    2. Eat it out of the jar before bed and after dinner because #happinessbeforebed
    3. Slather it on a banana! My FAVORITE way to eat nut butter
    4. BAKE! Your peanut butter cookies have been begging me to make them :) my dad used to make peanut butter cookies growing up and they were a family favorite.

    Thanks for the chance to win! This is amazing!

  221. For sure share with my roommate and eat it every possible way – but of course the best is right off the spoon :)

  222. My dad makes crepes every Saturday, so crepe fillings!

  223. I’d go fishing! Growing up, my mom used to pack a lunch where you’d dip a pretzel stick into peanut butter, then stick on a goldfish cracker!

  224. I am currently training for a half-marathon so I would use the peanut butter to keep me fueled up for my 6 days of running per week! I might share with some of my trusty running partners :) Also, I am a freshman in college so a solid collection of peanut butter would be a dream come true!

  225. Eat spoonful after spoonful until, empty!

  226. If I got these, I would get a bunch of friends together and we’d open all the jars and have a nut butter taste test party!!

  227. I’d take them to ultimate frisbee tournaments to share with my team!!

  228. Fellow new mom here! Currently nursing and I am literally going through a Costco sized jar of peanut butter each week. It would be so fun to add more variety with all of the delicious looking nut butters that you’re giving away!

  229. BEST GIVEAWAY 🤩 If I were to win these bad boys, my life would be complete. I’m not a huge meat eater, so I try to incorporate it into some of my meals for that extra source of protein. Of course one has to eat it by the spoonful. Then with any (if any) that’s left I would have to make the most amazing nut butter cups to share with family, friends, and coworkers!

  230. It’s funny.. today my work friend bought the Justins choco Hazelnut butter, and we tried it for the first time together. Rated it a 8.5/10 hahaha :) We decided that we wanted to try all kinds of different nut butter flavors together, but we were not sure which ones to pick. This would he perfect for our “Rate The Nut Butters” adventure!! :)

  231. I’d definitely first try them all, then probably make some puppy chow popcorn with the best ones. Others will be eaten with directly with a spoon and fruit.

  232. There are a lot of nut butters I haven’t tried, so I’d love to win them to try and share with my 7 hungry roomates (college life 😊)!!

  233. I’d keep a few for myself (daily nut butter fix over here) and use the others for work potlucks, which we do frequently.

  234. I’m a peanut butter lover/college student on a budget, so this giveaway is a dream come true! I would do a lot of baking, snacking and sharing so that I could introduce my family and friends to the wonderful world of nut butters!
    Thanks for this opportunity. ☺️

  235. Such an awesome giveaway!! I would eat them with sourdough toast and apples… and share some, too. :)

  236. I have a bible study at my house every week, so I would bring out all the nut butters with some fruit and crackers for everyone to enjoy! :)

  237. OMG I’d try most ALL the nut butters, and send some to some of my besties who are expecting babies soon! my 2 year old would LOVE to spoon eat these along with mommy! What a great giveaway!!

  238. This is the coolest giveaway ever! I would enjoy lots of nut butter creations (so fun to make yummy nutty things) at picnics and various other summer fun times! That is, if they even make it until summer in my house – we looooooove the nut butters! :) 

  239. I would make tons of delicious nut butter smoothies Or just eat it by the spoonful 💁🏼‍♀️🙈😋

  240. I would definitely eat every single jar by the spoonful…

  241. Yummy!! I would do so many things :) Toast, oatmeal, eat with fruit, on top of ice cream, eat by itself….. ;) may or may not share…… It all looks so good!

  242. Oh wow, I’d bake some new recipes for sure! I’d have a peanut butter ball tasting with different kind of nut butter, probably for my life group. I may also attempt to make some dog treats because, well we bond over peanut butter. I’d also make the best smoothies ever. Basically I’d make and give away a lot of yummy goodies!!!

  243. I would love to win, I put nut butter on everything and would love to sample all of these by the spoonful (my favorite way to eat them!).

  244. if I won all this nut butter? Spoon+jar for dayyyys.
    Or, ya know, maintain some sense of civility and find some new nut butter recipes. Do I hear 14 new overnight oat recipes???

  245. Keep some for myself and share others as gifts!

  246. I would put it in my oatmeal every morning!!!!!!

  247. Oh I’d get creative with some new recipes because I’m a grad student and free things have some weird inspirational powers…. for starters, I’d have a peanut butter ball contest to see what nut butter actually makes the best. I’d also probably attempt some Asian cuisine recipes and some dog treats recipes, because my dog and I bond over peanut butter…. basically, I’d make lots of adventurous treats to give away to anyone willing to try them!

  248. Eat it by the spoonful!!! Mmmmmmm

  249. I would do a nut butter sampling party! And maybe try wine pairings with it :)

  250. I would host a nut butter baking party with a bunch of my dear friends and also keep a jar at work to eat with my fruit!

  251. I would just have fun sampling it all! :)

  252. I would probably sit there and cry while looking at all of the glorious nut butters and then dog straight in with a spoon! I could make a different pb&j every day! Nut butter cookies… the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  253. I just might have to eat some of that with a spoon! I also eat a lot of pb&j sandwiches for breakfast. And I would have to finally try making my own nut butter cups!

  254. I would have my friends over for a party/ brunch where I would make lots of goodies with them like smoothies, brownies, snacks, toast, and more! I would also give some away to my friends because sharing is caring :) I would also fall over on the floor crying if I won this giveaway because nut butter makes me oh so happy!

  255. I would for sure keep a few, but I think these would be so fun to give as little gifts to people – something different! And who wouldn’t want a jar of nut butter all to themselves? I mean really…

  256. Wowwww I LOVE this! First of all, Kylie thank you for encouraging me…you have no idea how much you have helped me in my journey to heal my relationship with food and my body. Your blog has really encouraged me. So, THANK YOU.
    Also I’m super excited about your giveaway!! I used to be “afraid” of nut butter (SO SAD) but now, as I’m working on healing, I’m pretty much obsessed with it. So, I would spread these on any and everything…for meals snacks and everything in between! Also these are such fun flavors…wow! I would definitely do some experimenting with different combos of yummy nut butteriness…
    You’re awesome…thankyou for the work you do!!

  257. I will use it to fuel my fiancé and I’s adventure as newlyweds this June! We will hopefully moving to where ever I get a dietetic internship or he gets a job, whatever the Lord wills!

  258. With all those nut butters, I would do a girls night in !!! I would make all sorts of goodies and slather nut butter all over them. I would invite all the girls over for a really fun night together, talk away, eating all the things, watching a movie and just celebrating the gift of friendship!

  259. I could eat peanut butter at any and every meal of the day! I would probably use the plain nut butters to make peanut (or other nut) sauce for stir-fries and the flavored varieties on sweet potatoes, in oatmeal, or on fruit. Winning this giveaway would be a DREAM

  260. I’m in school for nursing right now so it’d definitely be used for a major study party/snack time with my classmates!

  261. Toooooast. And by the spoonful mostly.

  262. I would make desserts, for sure! Energy balls and cookies and put it on pancakes and crackers and bananas. Did I mention I’m pregnant? It pretty much all sounds good :)

  263. ooohhhhh my goodness girl this is ULTIMATE giveaway!!! i’ve been obsessed with nut-butter filled dates as a sweet treat so i’d probably make a zillion of those first…then make peanut butter cookies ’cause those are the

  264. I’ve been wanting to try a peanut butter roll out so I’d do that and also give it to my three kids!

  265. What! So awesome. I’d make a big batch of PB COOKIES. 

  266. My boyfriend and I would absolutely love trying each of these! We love peanut butter and add it to everything! Our morning smoothies, pb and j’s, everything! Also have been meaning to try the cookie butter also but haven’t gotten to it! What an exciting way to try it!

    Side note: depending on the ingredients….I’m sure our pup Stella would quite enjoy some of these as well 😉🐶

  267. I would have fun experimenting with them and incorporating them into my homemade marshmallow side business. Ex: homemade vanilla bean marshmallows w/ vanilla espresso drizzle.

  268. Bake all the things! Toast! But first, try each one straight from the jar, with my 4 year old. She loves nut butter as much as mama.

    Such an awesome giveaway!

  269. I are 5 siblings at home, 4/5 of us are passionate about fitness. We go through each jar of nut butter also every 1.5 weeks. My brother uses some every day in his protein shake. I and the rest of the siblings are always making sandwich and trying out different types of spreads. This would be great for us siblings!! We would be so excited to try each and single one so we know which ones to buy when we go out, or maybe a bunch at once :)

  270. I am a couple weeks into my intuitive eating journey! Would appreciate the butters so much! Baking, in oatmeal, on apples, PB & J’s- any way will do! Thank you for a chance.

  271. I’m a college student, so I generally don’t try different nut butters because I go for whatever is least expensive and seems like it’ll taste fine. Trying these would be amazing because I would get to branch out and try new nut butters, to figure out what I like without spending a ton of money!

  272. What wouldn’t I use these nut butters for?! I’ll eat it straight from the spoon, added to oatmeal, pancakes, toast, smoothies, cookies, stuffed into dates (the fruit, obviously), pb&j sandwiches… the options are limitless! I’m nut butter obsessed!

  273. I am actually hyperventilating. In all honesty, I would selfishly keep this all for myself.

    Hands down the greatest of all giveaways. Thank you, Kylie!!!

  274. I am pregnant with my first child, and have been eating so much nut butter and baking a lot with different nut butters! I would bake some Lactation cookies and energy bars/balls for after birth and while breastfeeding Addie!

  275. This is amazing and you’re speaking my love laungage Kylie! I entered last year and I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is my year to win big.

    My three littles and I LOVE all the nut butters and I’d host a morning mommy get together with coffee (and chocolate milk) and crepes to serve as vessels for all these delicous butters.

  276. Make a loooooot of fat balls.

  277. I’d definitely host a nut butter party at my house with some homemade banana bread & coffee!

  278. Its simple. Philanthropy. You’ve gotta spreeeeaaaaddd the love (see what I did there? Its nut butter).

    First stop. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Factory. Let’s take a moment to think of these people, who rarely get any recognition for cranking out the joy-providing, bordem-crushing, summer road trip staple of bubble gum. They spread joy, without much love back in return. Think of the sticky globs of gum that get in their hair day in and day out (I know we’ve all been there at least once or twice). Easy solution? Nut butter. Takes the stick right out. 

    Next stop, Humane Society. Have you ever tried to give your pet medicine and they won’t take it? Solution? Peanut. Butter. Now think of all the sick animals at these places who spread love in the world but clearly need a little more love on their side. Start whipping out that pill-disguising magic of a spread and you, my friend, are going to have some happy healthy fur babies in that place.

    Next stop, the local ice cream shop. You may be thinking, “What? Really? There is already sooo much love and happiness being spread throughout that wonderful place.” And you would be correct. BUT there is one thing that plagues all ice cream shops across the nation, and that is the drippy ice cream cone. Now some of you may be aware of this, and those that aren’t can thank me later, but nut butter is in fact a fantastic ice cream cone sealant. Fixing that annoying messy drip and taking something already great to beyond amazing. 

    Last stop, the car wash? Ok, in all honesty I had to google this use of nut butter and I’m not sure I stand by it. However, in case anyone wanted to know, you can apparently use nut butter as an efficient windshield cleaner? Sounds messy and wasteful and I’m not sure I believe it, but it’s intriguing and it reminded me that I actually need to clean my windshield, but thats unrelated.

    But if I’m continuing on this honesty train, I would just end up eating this with my family and friends by the spoonful, in sandwiches, or in baked goods. But I like the idea of someone pseudo-saving the world and spreading love with all these ideas. Now I’m starting to think that it would be a really sweet commercial. Anyway this was fun, and allllll thanks to your creative give away, getting us all to think and share our thoughts. :)

  279. Nut butter buffet and have everyone bring things to dip, dunk and spread with nutty goodness! Also, I’m nuts over cookie butter so it totally fits here!

  280. Oh my gracious! I was just telling my dear friend how much I wanted to try some more nut butters, esp. since the little packets only have a few flavors! Also, wow you’re wonderful!! I would love to have a little nut butter tasting // gathering with friends from my my eating disorder Bible study!! We are planning on going to chick-fil-a together to work on fear foods and doing things like that together! I love them a whole lot and would love to discover which nut butters we really like beyond ed!! Thank you thank you a whole lot!! Also I adore nut butter radio, the podcast from Robyn Nohling’s intern, and she loves nut butters and I want to try more too, wow I am soooo excited!! Okie dokie, rambling, oh dear! Also I’m mimi!! 😊😊😊

  281. My in-laws just adopted 4 cutie siblings from Guatemala…the only peanut butter they’ve tried is Jif (no hate!) but I would love to broaden their horizons when it comes to the world of nut butters. Thinking a little sampler feast with all the nut butters and fun dipping vehicles like fruit or graham crackers. Wish I could attach a pic! Their cute faces would win you over.

  282. This is a beautiful sight…as many others on here have said already, I’m a graduating college student who can’t afford to try most of these in the picture–so if I were to win this I would subject my roommates to endless tastings out of the jar and in a wide variety of baked goods (coconut peanut butter brownies?! Cashew butter baked oatmeal?! Vanilla espresso almond butter choco chip cookies?!). Whatever is left come early summer would be packed with the utmost care into the UHaul for my move to Portland, OR! :)

  283. I would mail one jar a week to my sister who is just moved across the country for a doctorate program in Occupational therapy and has been living on rice and beans because the students of her program aren’t allowed to work due to the intense fast paced coursework!

  284. I would use it to host an overnight oats party with the organization, CHAARG, that I founded on my college campus! CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Actions + Attitudes to Recreate Girls and we focus on holistic wellness, much like you do! There isn’t one way to healthy or happy, and we want to help you find your own way to be healthy not only physically, but more importantly – socially and emotionally! Who could resist a nut butter filled celebration in honor of this?!

  285. I would pour chocolate chips in all the jars and eat them with a spoon (: I would also give some to my cat Peanut who oddly enough likes nut butters!!

  286. I’d host an overnight oats making party for my organization, CHAARG, on my college campus! CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Actions, and Attitudes to Recreate Girls and celebrates body positivity and holistic health, just like you! We believe there isn’t one way to be healthy or happy, and want to help you find your way. Physical health is important, but more importantly – emotional and social health! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that with some nut butter?!

  287. I would keep some of the almond butters, and then give the rest away to friends and family! Sometimes nut butters get pricey and it’s great to spread the love (and the butter!)

  288. I would keep a few of them, and then give the rest to friends and family! Sometimes nut butters get expensive and it’s great to spread the love (I mean, butter!)

  289. I pack a pbj sandwich to work everyday, so I go through a jar per week! This would keep my sandwiches interesting because of all the different flavor combinations!

  290. I’m in college so I could probably make these but butters feed me for a year! After having nut butters be one of my biggest fear foods I would try every one of them to see which one is my favorite!

  291. Best giveaway ever. So my family lives doing test tastes…everything from different kinds of honey, to chocolate, to hot sauces! We’ll even blindfold ourselves to make it more fun (we’re a weird family!) So I’d probably organize a blindfolded nut butter taste test!!

  292. I have 7 lovely roommates in college and we are all obsessed with nut butters. So I would have a roommate nut butter tasting party — yum!!!

  293. Wow!! That’s enough nut butter to fill the freezer with energy bites and smoothies forever.
    And toast 🍞 😍 So not forever. Awesome giveaway!

  294. This is the giveaway of my dreams!! I would definitely have a taste-testing girls’ afternoon…using banana bread as the vehicle to get said nut butters into our mouths :p

  295. I would love to make Allllll sorts of nut butter filled snacks- little peanut butter balls, almond butter oatmeal cookies, hazelnut & chocolate cookie sandwiches…. the possibilities are endless :) and who feels more loved than with a fresh baked treat?! I’d share these with my family & coworkers!!

  296. I have a new wonderful Belgian waffle iron, and I’d go crazy with nut butter on top!

  297. I would make stuffed French toast for all my gal pals! I wanted to host a Galentine’s Day Brunch, but never got around to it. If I won, I would definitely make one happen!

  298. I’d eat it with a spoon :)

  299. I would invite all my friends over for a pb fest! They would go nuts hahah

  300. I would stock my new apartment with all the nut butter and then make as many kinds of nut butter cookies and goodies as I could for my friends and family!

  301. I would make every variation on a peanut butter cup there is! Plus some killer nut butter brownies. And then bring it all into the office to share. My coworkers would be SO happy!

  302. I love nut butter melted and drizzled over my oats! Imagine all of the combinations! It would be fun to set up an ‘oatmeal bar’ at work with a bunch of toppings and all of the nut butters!

  303. Would use it to bake some goodies for friends and family! 🤗 Happy three year giveaway-versary!

  304. Oh my gosh — 100% would throw a Peanut Butter Dance Party (PBDP, has kind of a ring to it!), and invite all of my friends over to jam out to my best throwback playlist, fueled by many samples of nut butters :D

  305. I would definitely make some nut butter cups! These all look delicious!

  306. I’ve been making energy balls as quick, easy snacks for myself while breastfeeding. Oats, lots of nut butter (about half a jar for each batch), flax meal, honey, mini chocolate chips (!!), chia seeds etc. I need more nut butter to make a few batches and share with my girlfriends!! And for my toddler who likes pb&j and just straight spoonfuls of it for snack!

  307. I’m breastfeeding right now and want to eat all the nut butter, so I may just eat it myself 😉!

  308. I live in Germany, and while I am technically not eligible, I would have this amazing nut butter sent to my best friend in VT.

    This isn’t just a friend, this person is a rock, butterfly, flower, sunset on the beach and set of clean sheets right out of the dryer on your bed as your head hits the pillow. All the good things in life.

    From a far, this person has been there for me during this lonely transition so I can’t think of anything better than to shower him with jars of his favorite food. But hot damn – I’m going to thumb war for that cookie butter. Cookies in a jar that can come back in my carryon….be still my heart.

  309. I’m due in the next few weeks so if I won I would definitely be using all the nut butters to fuel up for taking care of a newborn and surviving those long nights!

  310. I would take a spoon to all of them myself.  Eeeeeee!

  311. I would love to mix up my meals and snacks with some new to me nut butters!

  312. Cookies! I would definitely make a million peanut butter cookies.

  313. Around here we put a lot of pb in our oatmeal.

  314. I’m studying abroad in England right now where they really don’t like but butter for some reason so anything that isn’t Nutella is hard to find! I’d be so excited to come home to a bundle of nut butters to enjoy 😊

  315. I would have a pb tasting party!! Like a fondue party, but with peanut butter. Tons of things to dip into the pb with: pretzels, rice crispy treats, banana bread, fruit, veggies, bananas…oh the possibilities!

  316. I’m new to Boston and am working on making friends. That being said I think the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs so I would make some delicious nut butter treats! From muffins to brownies. And of course save some for my breakfasts because I wake up super early to commute and need the fuel.

    This is such a fun idea!

  317. I’m a pb fanatic and love ALL things pb!!! I would definitely make some cookies. Lately I’ve been making lots of protein balls with pb and oats and chocolate chips. My husband and daughter love having them for snacks!

  318. This is the best giveaway…EVER!! I think it would be fun to have a nut butter taste testing party! Any excuse to eat multiple nut butters in one sitting… 😉

  319. I would eat all of those by the spoonful!  I don’t often buy fancy nut butters because it’s not in the budget so I would love a chance to try all of these.

  320. straight from the spoon babyyy!!! yum yum; and in little yogurts for my 7 month old :) :)

  321. Some type of fun taste test with my kids – they love nut butters as much as I do!

  322. I would have a blind taste test nut butter tasting party with all of my RD friends! Using all of the concepts from food science, of course 💁🏻‍♀️

  323. This is amazing! I’d make a million nut butter energy balls and cookies!

  324. Wow, what a fun giveaway!!!! That will be one lucky winner!!! :)

    • OOps, forgot to say that I’d enjoy all this nut butter by using it in smoothies, baking cookies, topping graham crackers, and eating it straight from the spoon! :)

  325. Oh my goodness! I’m pregnant and have been craving anything with lots of fat and protein so that’s involved a lot of me with the spoon in the peanut butter. Also just had that cocoa almond spread with my breakfast! I suppose I should probably share the loot with my husband but I’d love to do a taste test with friends and have a bunch of breads, pretzels, etc. to try all of the different flavors!

  326. Yay! So excited for this! If i won all of that nut butter I would continue to feed into my nut butter pregnancy craving! I cannot get enough!

  327. Yumm! Our 4 kids live on this stuff. 🙈 lots of school lunches, in our yogurt, on our toast… pretty much every meal! Justin’s is a personal favorite in our house.

  328. Oh my goodness! The thought of all of those jars makes me giddy! I don’t even know where to start! Just give me a spoon and let me at them straight from the jar! Thanks for an amazing giveaway! Thank you also for being so real! Kylie—You are such an ispiration!

  329. Selfishly – I would totally use all this myself! ;) I can picture many nut butter fueled days! Starting with my oatmeal, tucked into sandwiches, as a dip for fruit/pretzels! Side note: nut butter used to be a completely off limits food for me, but now I have some almost every day! :)

  330. I’d probably open them all at the same time and having a tasting session with my spoon (and maybe throw in a few chocolate chips)! 
    Then search your website on all the best pb recipes :) 

  331. I would experiment with some new baking recipes, use some for nut butter sandwiches, and of course for snacking! Thanks for the giveaway!

  332. I would host a blind taste testing! The person with the most correct guesses could choose their favorite jar to take home!

  333. I would love to win this! I have two kids and expecting my third in two months. This would be great for when the new baby comes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  334. Yum! I would make lots of delicious sweet treats for my friends who have allergies, especially using those cashew butters!

  335. Warm fuzzy feelings at having all the nut butter in the pantry and being able to actually enjoy it whenever I want when years ago I couldn’t have. Awesome idea 🤗 and awesome blog that changed my whole outlook on food!

  336. I would make a bunch of different nut butter cookies and have a tasting party!

  337. Ummm…. this is my favorite thing EVER!! I think I’ll use a jar every few weeks to make some sort of baked good or snacking ball and take the goods into work for me and my co-workers to enjoy! Specifically your peanut butter cookies, cookie butter apples!!!, and because it’s that time of year… waster candy oat balls. Mmmm. Oh and I’ll definitely be making your super thick and creamy latte almond butter smoothie & sharing it with some girl friends because it’s the BEST!

  338. YUM! I love nut butter, and would love to try the Wild Friends flavors in particular!

  339. I would begin a nut butter cooking and baking frenzy to see all the delicious creations I could make! Oh….and I’d probably eat a lot of it by the spoonful, too!

  340. I would have a blast baking these into and spreading them onto everything!!! I rarely splurge on nut butter, but it is such a fun way to mix things up/experiment when I do!

  341. Probably keep it all to myself and eat it by the spoonful 🕺🏼Kidding, kind of…
    Try some new recipes and share all the deliciousness that comes from it!

    This is the coolest giveaway for sure✌🏼

  342. Peanut butter is one of my favorite things! I would eat it on bananas, pancakes, toast, pretzels, and straight from the jar

  343. I love making things to share with my coworkers, so I’d probably experiment with some new recipes to make some treats!

  344. So fun! I would use them to make granola bars.

  345. Eat it by the spoonful!! haha and use it to bake and in my oatmeal and smoothies!

  346. If I won your AWESOME nut butter giveaway, here’s what I’d do:
    1. Invite my friends and family over for a nut butter tasting party.
    2. Choose my fav and hide it from them.
    3. Eat nut butter on evvvery. thing.
    4. Be the happiest person ever. Nut butter is my love language. ❤

  347. So exciting! I would have a nut-butter tasting party!

  348. Take all the food pictures I can think of!!
    Plus, take half to work for a snack stash 😋

  349. I’m spending this year as an exchange student in Denmark, and recently helped introduce my host family to peanut butter (it’s not really a thing here, but my host dad now loves it!) I’d love to be able to introduce them to some other delicious nut butters – perhaps we can have a taste test with different varieties, or bake some yummy but butter cookies :)

  350. I’ve been wanting to try different kinds of nut butters, but they aren’t in high demand where I live so none are available for sale in stores. This would be the perfect opportunity for me, my sister, and friends to try new stuff!

  351. I would do a blind taste test with my friends and we would all be blindfloded and need to figure out which taste of nut butter goes with which container or brand. I love nut butters so much! I could put them on everything.

  352. Oh! What would I do with all this deliciousness? You see, my husband recently moved my nine week old and me to an extremely rural area for his job! We’re talking no stoplight in the county. While it’s beautiful, there is one grocery store and no coffee shops! There is one neighborhood where we live (as opposed to living along the mountain road) and our neighbors have been so kind helping me with our dogs postpartum. Especially on snow days and negative windchill days! So, what would I do? I would make oodles of nut butter treats – cookies, no bake bites, candies, etc. – for all my thoughtful neighbors. Perhaps even making a few dog treats for their sweet pups and mine! …the rest of the nut butter, you ask? Oh, I would savor every sticky spoonful! Drizzling that goodness on oats, bread, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes. Making sauces for Thai-inspired dishes. Whipping up treats for my family, too. Ooo I would cry with joy, too. Nut butter is KWEEN!

  353. What an amazing giveaway! I love making homemade peanut butter cups so I would try so many new combinations with these different nut butters! Cashew butter cups sound fantastic right now :)

  354. I would make lots of nut butter filled crepes.

  355. Cookies, oatmeal, eat it with a spoon!

  356. I would have a nut butter tasting party!!

  357. Oooooh my! This would make all my nut butter dreams come true. Honestly i probably would keep them all to myself, making balls, cookies, adding to my oatmeal. I am due with my 1st in June and this would likely be my main source of nutrition for the first few weeks lol


  359. This is amazing! I’d definitely choose my top favorites to keep for myself (eyeing the trader joe’s cocoa almond spread and wild friends chocolate coconut..), but I’d probably re-gift the others to some deserving nut butter loving friends! 

  360. As someone who is addicted to nut butter, I would be using the giveaway to slather all over toasts, oatmeal, snacks, and use in other recipes such as baked goods or even entree meals! Such a wonderful idea for a giveaway Kylie!

  361. I would totally make stuffed French toast and stuffed cookies!

  362. I would share the love with some nut-butter loving friends and then use the rest to stock my new pantry!! Love this giveaway. 

  363. Eat with a spoon? Try various “pb” cookie renditions? Avoid sharing with my toddlers? Lol

  364. EAT IT! On oatmeal. On thick slices of bread. In (and on) cookies. On lots of nanners. And the cookie butter?? That I’d eat straight from the jar :)

  365. I would make different recipes to try each of the nut butters in there, maybe donate some to a food pantry, and host a sampling party!

  366. I would donate half of it to my local food pantry and use the rest for endless pb and js!!

  367. Probably the best giveaway to ever exist! I plan on sending a care package with a jar of nut butter to a friend/family member each week….spread the nut butter love and put a smile on someones face. Life is hard, but nut butter makes it significantly better! :)

  368. This is so cool!!! As a college student, nut butters are one of my staple foods. I basically eat them on everything: oatmeal, bananas, toast…pretty much all just vehicles for nut butter.

  369. I would use the nut butters in smoothies and on top of banana bread! Pick me!

  370. I would eat ALL the butters. I love butter in all forms, including the nut variety. I eat peanut butter and almond butter often for snacks on English muffins or crackers or by the spoonful (or on Oreos). I’m currently breastfeeding (baby is 6 months on Saturday and we’re still going strong!) so having lots of high protein and high (good) fats snacks is a must. 

  371. Amazing! so many of these I have wanted to try! I would be chowing nut-butter toast and adding to my smoothies every morning!

  372. I would share the nut buttah love with my French friends, who have an incomprehensible aversion to peanut butter in general. My theory is it’s just due to lack of exposure. We need to help them see the light.

  373. What WOULDN’T I do with all this nut butter?!

  374. These look amazing!!!!! I would do so much baking. And to be honest, eating straight from the jar!

  375. I would totally share this but butter with everyone in my fitness group!! We love baking and trying new recipes together:)

  376. My daughter was born with peanut and nut allergies that she is (praise the lord!) out growing! We try to use different nut butters to keep up her tolerance and to help her celebrate overcoming her allergies. If it were just me though I would totally eat these with ice cream and a spoon! LOL

  377. Food is such a wonderful way to bring people together (and also happens to be one of my love languages!). I just recently returned to the U.S. after studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy through the Fulbright program, and one of the things I miss most are the almost daily gatherings of friends around the table to explore food and life together. I would love to recreate that experience here with my friends and family, and so if I were lucky enough to win this incredible array of nut butters, I would host a dinner with my fiance and invite all of the people we love most to come together and experience nut butter dishes from savory to sweet. :) First on the menu would be one of my favorite dishes with peanut butter: Crunchy cashew thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing from Ambitious Kitchen.

  378. Yummmmm! I’d dip apples into every jar.

  379. Lots of baking, oats (I love to top my oats with nut butter) and toast eating!!! Yummy

  380. I would throw a peanut butter tea party for my niece and her friends. This would be perfect as her birthday is only a few weeks away :) She loves peanut butter on just about everything.

  381. Nut butter toast for DAYS! And make cookies for friends/coworkers!

  382. Nut butter toast is my favorite breakfast so this would be amazing!

  383. I know this is my second entry, but since moving to Minot for the military, there aren’t as many super fun peanut butters around! All of these would be so much fun to make cookies and recipes with for all of the people up here! I love baking for everyone in the squad

  384. I’d eat a good portion via spoon and bake with the rest!

  385. I would host a nut butter tasting :)

  386. I’m 9 months pregnant with our first child (a little girl!) and I would use the nut butter to fuel this last stretch of pregnancy and breastfeeding! :-)

  387. I will likely dip my spoon right into the jars and try them all! Then choose which ones I want to demolish first :) 

  388. Instead of a wine tasting and pairing party, I would throw a nut butter tasting and pairing party!

  389. I would love this for adding variety to oatmeal!

  390. What wouldn’t I use this nut butter for!!! Smoothies, Oatmeal, Yogurt, on ALL the baked goods, sandwiches, in ice cream or the best…. straight from the jar :)

  391. Hmmm…so many options! My kids and I are nut butter fanatics, and some of our favorite ways to use it are for energy balls, in homemade granola bars, as an oatmeal topping, on toast (old school!), and in desserts like homemade ice cream or brownies! 😊

  392. The only solution for that much Nut butter is a PB&J party – one of my favorite ways to eat nut butter!

  393. My 3 year old and I eat pb all day everyday- toast, in baked goods, with an apple, on a banana, melted over ice cream, as a dip for dried fruit or celery. I’m also breastfeeding a 4 month old so I’m hungry AF and am not above the middle of the night spoon full of nut butter!

  394. I would put the nut butter in cookies & smoothies! I would also gift some of it to my other friends that would really enjoy this nut butter!! :)

  395. Ooo that Chocolate coconut Wild friends looks awesome! I have a group of college girls that I disciple come over for brunch every Saturday for waffles and eggs, so they would most definitely get used for that! Oh and my 1 year old eats a pankcake with PB for breakfast nearly everyday cause the dude knows what he likes and wakes up hangry 🤷🏼‍♀️

  396. Make all different kinds of nut butter dog treats and have a dog party in honor of my childhood dog just passing. He loved all things peanut butter!

  397. I would eat it all on toast and oatmeal!! Yummmm 

  398. I have been on a toast kick lately and these nut butters would be an EPIC upgrade to my morning routine. Think of the combos!!!

  399. I love all nut butters!! I would definitely have a play date party and bake some yummy treats and also have toast, bagels, fruit, and anything else you can spread nut butter on!

  400. Such a great idea!!! I’m going on a road trip to see my friends and I would give each a jar along the way!!

  401. This is so fun! I LOVE any and all types of nut butters! I’m trying to put together a little get together with some of the friends I’ve met at my new church, and I’m thinking a Nut Butter Cookie Bake Off might be kind of fun! Everyone can bring their own cookie/ baked good recipe that includes some form of nut butter and we can see who’s is the best! (It’s really just an excuse to have allllll the yummy baked goods in my house!)

  402. I can’t believe how many comments this has already! haha
    If I live in Canada (in a border city) but have a U.S. mailing address, am I still eligible?
    List of uses, by priority:
    2) on my oatmeal, every day
    3) in baking to share with friends (nut butter-based brownies, energy bites, pb banana bread, etc. etc,)
    4) on toast or on a banana

  403. My husband and I would eat it all, mostly with a spoon straight out of the jar!

  404. AH this is amazing! I would eat ALL the nut butter! And possibly share it with my husband… Maybe…

  405. We go through nut butter at the speed of light in my house! Would probably have to whip up some big batches of my favorite nutty recipes to share with family, friends and coworkers – energy balls, peanut butter cookies, cookie dough bars… yum! The possibilities are endless!

  406. As an long distance ultra-marathoner- I would LOVE to incorporate more variety of nut butters in my training and recovery. I eat SO much nut butter in a day to keep me full and happy.

  407. On top of baked oatmeal, energy bikes, plain with apple slices.. yum :D

  408. I would use it for a party! Apple slices, graham crackers, carrots, toast… Options are limitless!

  409. I would keep half for myself (not to share!!), and then give the other half to one of our food shelves in my area, everyone needs some delicious nut butter in their lives :)

  410. First, I would clear out space in my tiny NYC shoebox apartment for the stash, then joyfully savor my way through the trove in oatmeal and yogurt, and on bananas, muffins, and cookies! 

  411. I would have a tasting party and make batches of slightly underbaked, flourless PB cookies! Flourless not because gluten is bad, I just like them better than the ones with flour :)

  412. I would love to win these! I’d definitely make a serious dent in these while I am home on maternity leave this summer. I’ve loved following your adventures with pregnancy and JoJo!

  413. Overnight oats, w/ jam, energy bites, and share with friends!!

  414. Since my college dining hall is nut butter free (devastating) I would keep them in my room and make all sorts of no bake bites with them for on the go. I also would just eat them all straight from the jar . A big spoonful a day at the very least!!! I also would share with my friends because sharing is caring :)

  415. so fun!!! i love making banana bread with different nut butters.

  416. I’ve entered this every year so maybe third time is the charm ;) I’ve recently gone entirely dairy free (RIP my Greek yogurt breakfasts with your cookie dough) so I would have months of delicious oatmeal with a new nut butter topping every day.

  417. If I won all these nut butters, I would share them with the people I love😊 My entire family has a nut butter addiction😂 and I’ve recently converted my friends at college into fans as well😏 ohhhhh or I could do an Easter egg hunt for nut butters instead of eggs!!! Ya I think I like that idea.

  418. My husband was not a nut butter fan when we first met and now he cannot go a day without having his fix! I think it would be fun to have a recipe cook off or bake off with him! See who can make the best dish with all the different flavors you are giving away!

  419. I would create an Easter egg hunt for nut butters!! So instead of eggs, my family and friends could search for nut butter😊 they would love it. We’re all in love with nut butters!!

  420. If I won I would have a family nut butter tasting party and then let everyone keep their favorite :)

  421. My friend – family gathers monthly for potluck supper clubs. We’ve been looking for a new theme, and I have a feeling we’d all love a nut butter theme, let all the guests bring their favorite vehicles to eat nut butters!!!

  422. Bake something yummy!

  423. This is pretty boring but with two teenage boys, most of it would go on toast or just spoons! We go through at least one jar of peanut butter a week, sometimes two-it would be so awesome to add some new nut butters to the mix!! We love nuts and nut butters at our house! Thank you!

  424. Put it on ALL the oatmeal. Make lots of muffins and PB&J’s. My 2 year old is obsessed with PB!

  425. The possibilities are endless!! I would make nut butter toast a daily tradition, eat it with with fruits and veggies, make energy balls, and EAT IT BY THE SPOONFUL!  I would also share the love (maybe). Nut butter for everyone!

  426. Give some to friends, family, and keep a few new ones to try for myself! I’ve never had cashew butter and have been dying to try it!

  427. I don’t know what I’d do with all the but butters, but I DO know what I’d do with the almost empty jars! My husband is a recent convert to cold cereal in an almost empty jar, and I’d be delighted to share the near empties with him. His favorites are Spoonfuls in a jar.

  428. I would eat it all by the spoonful or on toast with bananas!! Fingers crossed, I never win these things!!

  429. Oh my gosh, the possibilities are endless… First I’d have to find a place to store it. Then I’d have to stop myself from opening up EVERY jar and trying each of them. I;d probably open up the Wild Friends first because I have always wanted to try those. Fancy nut butters are not usually in the budget so I am crossing my fingers so hard for this.

    Thanks for the best giveaway ever. :D

  430. So fun! I would probably bake a lot of cookies to share with friends and coworkers!

  431. I collect all peanut butters to try. If I see a new flavor, I always buy it and never fail to have at least 6+ jars present at all times to switch things up! This prize would fit perfectly with my love for nut butter! All eaten of course!

  432. I would throw an oats party in my college dining hall with all the girls on my track team! Oats are nothing without a little bit (or a lot) of nut butter :)

    I would also challenge myself just to try all of them! Never been able to actually fully enjoy cookie butter out of food fear…

  433. What wouldn’t I do with all this nut butter? :) I’d make all sorts of nut butter cups, cookies, and toast/sandwiches. Plus, I’d eat spoonfuls outta the jar when I need a little extra yummy fat in my life… so, always.

  434. My wife hinted (not so subtle) at this giveaway. If I won… I would give them all to her and know that she would put them to good use. She seriously puts nut butter on everything…. oatmeal, bread, banana bread, brownies, carrots, ice cream. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has tried everything with PB.

  435. I would eat it all! I’m a nursing mama to a hungry 11-week old boy and I neeeeed snacks all the times. My older two are always looking for satisfying snacks and to be honest, a lot of those but butters are just not in the budget for us right now. I’ve never even tried almond butter, but I’d love to! Thanks!

  436. Eat them all straight outta the jar :)

  437. Enjoy them all guilt-free :)

  438. Ohhh!!! I’d share them with my mom and grandma! This is so fun!

  439. I’m pregnant and nut butter is life right now, so they would be used for all the things all the time. :)

  440. Share them with my nursing school friends! Nut butter cures all stress, right? :)

  441. I would buy a bunch of apples and have that be breakfast lunch and dinner for a week straight. 😂

  442. I would eat and bake with it! I seriously eat but butter at every meal. My fav is sweet potato wedges dipped in almond butter. It’s like my fav snack ever, along with pb + bananas. NOM.

  443. Nut butters!!!!!!! If I won the giveaway I would use them every day as part of my meals for ED recovery! I’m just starting out and your blog has given me a lot of hope that I can get better!💗

  444. I would host an outdoor nut butter brunch to celebrate the beginning of spring!

  445. I would use it to cook and bake all of the things – from peanut sauces to frosting to muffins! The nut butter addiction is SO real and I go through an embarrassing number of jars per week….but it’s my food freedom forever :)

  446. yum!! i would keep some of the almond butter for myself, give some of the almond butter to my sister, and then give the peanut butter jars away to PB-loving friends! (i can eat almonds but i’m allergic to peanuts lol)

  447. Baking of course – to help relieve some of the workday stress!

  448. This looks amazing!! I so often stick with the same PB and AB and don’t branch out, but would love to try these! Also, I’ve been having trouble finding palatable foods recently (8 weeks pregnant), but PB is one of the few things that sounds good all the time!!

  449. Probably save it all for myself and have nut butter for a whole year

  450. This pregnant lady would love to have all those nut butters! It has been one food that consistently hits the spot during pregnancy.

  451. I would probably eat it on anything and everything … bananas, carrots, celery, oats, toast and of course a spoon! If all my spoons are dirty a fork or butter knife would also work!!!

  452. If I’m being honest, I would probably go through this stash alone in a few months!!! YUM! Thanks for the giveaway.

  453. I would have a PB & J party, where we would try the different nut butters and make variations of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!

  454. I LOVE THIS! I’m all about trying different brands and types of nut butter. I would make some treats and no bakes for my family…and probably hide a few jars just for me if I’m being honest.

  455. I have a lot of friends who I know would love a jar so I would definitely share these, and my favorite way to eat nut butter is in my oatmeal or cereal bowls :) 

  456. I am going to hide it from my family and eat it all myself! I’m a mom of 2 girls (2 1/2yrs and 4 mo) so this is Christmas in March for me 🎉

  457. Anything and everything but most likely a spoon. If all my spoons are dirty then forks and butter knives will work just fine!

  458. I was just explaining overnight oats to my best friend and said that basically for me theyre just a vessel for as much nut butter I can shovel in my face. She’s allergic to all nuts so didn’t understand my love. My pregnant self would eat them rapidly and blame the tiny parasite growing within me :)

  459. OMG! These would be used to show my daughter and my hubby that I’m not crazy for LOVING nut butter. I love them with fruit, some veggies, all the bread, and sometimes by the spoonful!

  460. This is basically heaven on a screen. I’d use this in pancakes and breads and smoothies and on toast and on a spoon and share with friends and oh my the choices are endless 🤗

  461. Put it in my oatmeal!

  462. Oh my goodness!!!! This is so wonderfully amazing, and so generous of you babe! And what WOULDN’T I do with all of these incredibly delicious by butters?! I think first I would probably just dive in and taste a bunch with a spoon because I probably wouldn’t be able to help myself… Yum! And then I’d probably do everything from use them as toppings for oats and smoothies/smoothie bowls to use them in baking for breads and cookies and all sorts of yummy stuff, and hopefully try some new things too! And I would definitely share the goods with a bunch of friends – maybe we could even have a little nut butter-themed girls night! :) Anyway, thanks again babe, your blog is the best, one of my absolute favs!

  463. This is such a great giveaway! Thanks so much! I’m currently in treatment to recover from anorexia and nut butters are my fave way to sneak in extra fat, calories, and protein. I add them to oatmeal and yogurt, spread them on muffins and bagels, and let’s be honest…eat them straight out of the jar with a spoon. SO yummy!

  464. Such a great giveaway! I’d definitely share with my husband and try some new recipes/desserts out with them :)

  465. I LOVE nut butters and testing difference flavors! I would share them with my coworker and sister-in-law who also love nut butters.

  466. This is truly everything my wildest dreams are made of!! I will be honest and admit I could probably crush most of these on my own but I would be kind and share with my family who is also addicted to PB :) 

  467. Thus is so awesome!!! I’m an eating disorder therapist and for most of my clients this is a fear food. With this loot of nut butters, I would engage in fear food challenges with them! I would also make some incredible recipes that include these delicious butters for pure enjoyment 😋

  468. I would eat one spoonful at a time out of all of them!

  469. I’ll dip everything from potatoes chips to baby carrots in nut butters. Nut butters brunch sounds like a lovely idea but tbh, I’ll probably keep these babies for myself :P

  470. This is the most amazing giveaway ever – I freaking love nut butter!!! I am in grad school–I will probably eat it with chocolate, bake with it, and share it with my friends between my intermittent breakdowns and cry fests hahaha

  471. Love this!! I some how manage to go through almost a jar a week so I would put all of this nut butter to good use in my oatmeal, yogurt and baked goods (and most frequently on a spoon!) My favorite is trying new kinds so this is truly my dream giveaway!

  472. I would make all the nut butter things- oatmeal, cookies, smoothies, spoonfuls of yum.

  473. Because I love nut butters so much, I’d keep it all for myself! I’d spread it on waffles, pancakes, breads, crackers… eat it by itself… bake with it! There is so much to do! I am most excited, because some of these nut butters I haven’t even tried yet!

  474. I love nut butters for baking, oatmeal, and spoonfuls right out of the jar ;)

  475. Bake yummy cookies for my family, and let’s be honest, eat it straight out of the jar 🙌🙌. (fellow nursing momma here and always looking for a snack 😜.)

  476. oatmeal, by the spoon, pancakes, rice cakes, oat bars!

  477. I would send each nut butter to a friend or family member, trying my hardest to find the best one for each person!

  478. Oh my gosh… what not to do?! A jar for snacking … a jar for breakfasts (toast, oatmeal, bananas, etc.)… a jar for my office drawer…


  479. First off would have to be a taste test of them all! Then start snacking and adding them to everything- we’ll be in heaven :)

  480. These look so delicious! I’d share with friends and work on some new recipes with nut butters! Probably some baking. Also I’d top my waffles with them. Yummy!

  481. A nut butter brunch themed party sounds PERFECT!!!

  482. My son’s weight does not stay in line with his height. He is 5 feet tall and only weighs 70lbs. He needs to gain weight per his pediatrician. He has refused peanut butter in the past but if I had 16 options to tempt him with, surely he would find one that he liked and we would be moving in the right direction!

  483. I love this so much :) To be honest, I’d probably make a batch of cookies, eat the dough, and then eat all of the rest straight from the jar with a spoon!

  484. I love yummy nut butters! I would probably give some away to friends and family and make awesome recipes with the rest. Some baking adventure would be ahead, as well as some waffles topped with nut butter and honey. Mmmmmm.

  485. I eat nut butter everyday! But with all this nut butter I would find new ways to bake with it and share those goodies with friends :)

  486. Probably just taste every single one with a spoon! Or swirl into brownies. Yum!

  487. I’d share it with all the girls in Loyola University Chicago CHAARG!! ⚡️

  488. Ohmygosh!! The most epic of all giveaways. I would absolutely have a girls night with my twin sis and her sister-in-law, and I definitely would make all types of dishes for Matt and me.

  489. This makes me so excited! I am working on recovering from an ED. I am now working on trying new foods and determining my real preferences outside of what my eating disorder says. Thus, it would be perfect to try all different nut butters from this giveaway.

  490. I’m getting married in May and then moving from Orange County, CA to Illinois in July! The town we’re moving to doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods, so I need to stock up on those fancy nut buttas! <3

  491. So fun! First, I would taste test all of them, obviously :) Then I think I would make a bunch of different fun homemade nut butter cups and share with friends/coworkers!

  492. If given the honor to receive all, 4 to the second power nutbutter (and 1 cookie butter) jars I would recreate the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by the wonderful Dr. Seuss (his birthday was March 2nd just f.y.i). Except in my recreation instead of the titular green eggs and ham I would eat nut butter and fluff (marshmallow fluff that is). And instead of not eating the nut butter and fluff every where, I WOULD eat them everyone where. “I will eat them in a house, I will eat them with a mouse, I will eat them in a box I will eat them with a fox, I will eat them here of there I will eat them anywhere…”
    ― Adapted from Dr. Seuss, “Green Eggs and Ham”

  493. I would make a variety of baked goods! Cookies, brownies, the options are endless!

  494. Heck yes! all that peanut butter! Sign me up! I don’t discriminate! I may have to pay it forward and share a jar or two with my running club, use some to add to my oatmeal, probably make some protein bites, and spread some on apples. All kinds of yum!!!!

  495. Have a baking bonanza! Eat one, freeze one, eat one, freeze one.

  496. Those look awesome! I would make a big batch of cookies and eat oatmeal topped with nut butter every day :)

  497. I would pair each of these with absolutely anything and everything! As I work towards gaining a healthier relationship with food, I have been enjoying some of my favorites such as nut butters that have become more fearful. Having developed more restrictive tendencies, it became so easy to discourage myself from adding things like nut butter to my banana, apple, or toast because I just saw it as an ‘extra’ that I thought I didn’t need. But adding spreads like nut butter to meals and snacks tastes a whole lot better. I also find that when I incorporate a variety foods, I tend to feel more motivated towards keeping up with my meal plan and making those small additions throughout the day for flavor > calories or fear of a changing body size. With this delicious bunch, I have my eye on the Earth Balance coconut peanut butter to make a Thai inspired stir fry sauce! Hoping to try something new in the kitchen!

  498. I would bake a bunch of desserts and eat it straight out of the jar!

  499. Yum! Honestly, I would probably ration it because buying the fun but butters doesn’t always fit into our grocery budget!🤷‍♀️

  500. My husband and I host a group of college students weekly for dinner and discipleship. There are so many different allergies and preferences but we can all agree on one thing… nut butters are delicious! I’d love to whip up some desserts using these fun flavors. Oh! Maybe even a pancake bar with lots of nut butter flavors for toppings! Yummmm!

  501. You know how God has given us gifts? Well I firmly believe he has given me the gift of being an epic nut butter eater 😂 So winning this incredible selection would enable my taste buds to experience and experiment with a whole new array of flavors ad textures. It would definitely transform my grey, cold mornings in Seattle into fun and adventurous! Whether it be nut butter on hearty toast drizzled with honey, banana and chia seeds, or oatmeal swimming in it or let’s be honest, a cheeky little spoonful just straight of the jar- winning this would make me one happy woman!! It would also make my non-breakfast eating husband into very much a breakfast eating husband!!! YAY!! :)

  502. I would throw a peanut butter party with my fellow peanut butter loving friends!! Apples, bananas, carrots, toast, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate and anything that tastes great with peanut butter (so practically everything) would be available to dip and enjoy!!

  503. Oooh, I’d definitely use it to make my kids’ lunches and homemade nut butter cups!

  504. I would stock up and make cookies with it maybe since I’m about to have a baby!

  505. Yum! I’m pregnant with twins so I’m sure I would eat a lot myself, but share with my husband and friends, too :)

  506. I’d attack each and every one with a spoon! This is my DREAM giveaway!!! You’re so awesome!

  507. I would clear out my pantry and make a shelf dedicated to nut butters! Until, I host my nut butter party complete with nut butter treats and a nut butter tasting competition. Obviously the top contender would have a permanent spot on my grocery list.
    Last but not least I’d enjoy it my favorite way: by the spoonful with chocolate chips

  508. YUM. My friends and I have been wanting to make homemade biscuits for breakfast one day and I think this would be a wonderful vehicle for these nut butters! :)

  509. I’m seeing all the peanut butter baked goods!

  510. I would love to play around with a bunch of different combos for no bake bars/energy balls!!! But in all honesty at least half will be eaten right out of the jar bc YUM!

  511. I owe my dad a lot of peanut butter and chocolate-flavored desserts, so I’d probably make a pretty good dent with those bakes, lol!

  512. My favorite way to eat any kind of nut butter is stuffed inside a date – the perfect dessert!!

  513. Yummmmm!!! I’d make all the nut butter treats AND eat the rest by the spoonful! :)

  514. HURRAY! You’re the best, Kylie! I’d definitely eat it ;) and make baked goods for co-workers and myself!

  515. Celebrate graduation from a dietetics Coordinated Program with Cohort 20! 💗🥜🎉

  516. First of all, I would have to open every jar and take a bite to determine which ones I will not share with anyone. Then I would let my two year old have some and maybe my fiance. (Depending on how nice he has been to me.)

  517. Coolness! Would try to stretch these out for as long as I can. and eat lots of oatmeal with it.

  518. A nut butter cookie bake-off!

  519. I’m a nut butter freak, pregnant, and also have a toddler as enthusiastic as I am about the stuff… We would have some tasty days ahead of us if we won all those lovely jars of nut butter…. I see myself making lots of cookies, crepes, good ol’ pb Sammie, pancakes…. Mmmmm mmmmm.

  520. I would have a BYOV (bring your own vehicle)! Basically I’d invite all my friends over and ask that they bring something that you can put nut butter on! Fruits, veggies, pretzels, chips, breads, etc! Possibilities could be endless :)

  521. I eat nut butter every day (sometimes multiple times a day), and would love to get to experiment and mix it up!

  522. I would try a new one for breakfast everyday! And share some with my nut butter loving sister, and any kind of food loving brother.

  523. We are just about to move to a new state and my husband will be deployed soon after so I’d take all the jars and have a tasting party with spouses from my husband’s boat! It’s be a great way to meet new people and make new friends with like-minded tatsebuds!

  524. I would make a bunch of no-bake energy balls and share them with friends during finals week!

  525. Just gimme a spoon.

  526. While I love your idea of a party….I think I would keep them all to myself!!!! 😉

  527. I have always wanted to try different nut butter but have only had peanut and almond. I enjoy using in different recipes! Will also help fuel my pumping sessions for my almost 4 month old as I return to work next week. I have enjoyed following your journey into motherhood too!

  528. Girlllll, I eat some form of nut butter everyyyy day so this would totally go to amazing use! And I think it’d be fab to make some of your no-bake energy balls/cookies and bring to work for my coworkers because they always deserve a little something as a token of appreciation. I think this giveaway is so great of you!! XOXO

  529. Nut butter breakfast topping party 🎉

  530. I eat so so much nut butter that this giveaway is amazing! I’d love to incorporate them into new baking recipes :)

  531. i’m going to risk sounding extremely selfish – i’ll probably hoard them away and savor them all to myself haha

  532. I would go full-on breakfast with this! PB&J french toast, almond butter and raspberry crepes, nut butter muffins. And then I’d use the near-empty jars for overnight oats!

  533. I would share with my PA class and bring a bunch of different things to spread/dip with! Cookies, bread, crackers, fruit!! Would be a nice and fun treat for my stressed out class :) <3

  534. Nut butter cookies- 16 different flavors

  535. As a collegiate long-distance runner, eating enough fats has always been a concern of mine in order to keep a healthy cycle and to stay healthy overall to compete. When I was going through an eating disorder, an irrational rule was always measuring nut butters when I ate them and not eating them past X time of day. Now, before bed every night, I always eat a giant spoonful of pb before bed and I swear it helps me sleep like a baby and perform well at practice every day :) so the use of these nut butters? to continue fueling and to have spoonfuls in my oatmeal & before bed every night!

  536. What an awesome giveaway!
    I would host an ice cream and waffles nut butter party 🎉 🥜

  537. I’d go on a nutbutter baking spree and give cookies/bars to all my friends and family (while of course saving many just for me!)

  538. I would bake a variety of treats for my colleagues!

  539. I’d start by reading all the labels, because I can’t eat peanuts. Then, I’d set aside all the peanut (and probably cashew, because sometimes those upset my stomach) butters for my kids. And then I would teach them to make peanut butter cookies. And a refresher course in french bread. And pancakes. To have something to put the peanut butter on.

    After that, I’d take the almond butters and buy myself a family-sized box of Ritz crackers and enjoy that magical combo for snacks. Followed by the Nutellla-esque butters on graham crackers for dessert. Because yum.

  540. I’m ma eat that….duh. Pancake Nut Butter Brunch. Amen.

  541. I’d use it to make ALL the oatmeal, cookies, and fancy toast. And also just to eat because #nutbutter.

  542. I would eat it on everything…I’m a nut butter luver :)

  543. I would share it with my colleagues at work!!!

  544. I would eat/bake/incorporate into anything and everything…but most importantly – allow myself to ENJOY every nutty bit. Nut butters were an ‘off limits’ food for YEARS, but they have always been an absolute fave; and now that I have gained the headspace where I can enjoy/indulge without any guilt now the budget of a grad student holds me back – what a blessing this could be!! :)

  545. This is THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!! I’m always looking for new and interesting nut butters to try! I’ll put it on EVERYTHING!

  546. Here’s my predicament: recovery on a budget. Wanting to branch out and try new foods as challenges often doesn’t happen because the new, exciting foods are also hella spendy. This is ESPECIALLY true with nut butter. I actually have a note on my phone called “Amazon Wish List” and it’s nothing but different types of nut butters (THREE of which are included in your bundle!) and k-cups. :( My husband encouraged me to enter every amazon gift card give away that I could find (lol) but this is even better! Take out the middle man and just get straight to the nut butters!!

  547. I have long shifts at work where I sometimes have to grab something to eat really quickly- these would be perfect for quick snacks!

  548. I would give some of it to friends and use the rest of toast and apples or straight out of the jar. I love nut butter!

  549. I love your idea of a nut butter brunch. I’m about to move away from an area that I’ve lived for 5 years and have been trying to think if an appropriate going away party :)

  550. I would select 1-2 jars each month and experiment with new ways of incorporating that month’s special nut butter into recipes!

  551. Oh baby that’s a lot of PB! I would definitely host a blind nut butter tasting of some sort with my foodie pals. Hope I win!

  552. GOOD LORDY HEAVENS ABOVE. I am a nut butter lover and a poor graduate student so this giveaway is LITERALLY my dream. My wifi password may or may not be almondbutter99. What wouldn’t I do with nut butter?  Bake with it, spread it on toast and sweet potatoes for days, share it with friends and my puppy, eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon (always). This is amazing.

  553. Can I bathe in it?

  554. Oh my goodness, if I won this I would have all my family over for a nut butter party! 😋🤗

  555. Yum!! Boy I think it’s a toss up on what I would do! I’m expecting my second baby and PB&J is one of the few things I don’t have an aversion to, so I might just eat them all. However, a brunch party sounds amazing! My little guy turns 2 in May and we’re planning a brunch party so I think some of these would have to be featured. He loves any and all nut butters so I’m sure he’d be on board with the plan! Love that you’re doing a yearly giveaway; what a fun and generous thing to do! ❤️

  556. Nut butter on an english muffin with bananas and cinnamon, repeat every morning until all has been consumed!

  557. I’m basic but I would definitely put it on some toast. Maybe with some banana slices, strawberries, or just plain. And I would share these gems with my friends as well.

  558. Darn! I’m only sixteen, so I guess I don’t count. :( 
    But if I could win all that delicious nut butter, I would make all sorts of delicious treats for my seven siblings and I. It wouldn’t last long in this house! 

  559. Make lots of Pb cookies and treats for my team!!

  560. Lately my favorite nut butter combo is a whole wheat waffle, smothered in nut butter, with smashed blackberries on top! Of course, I also find myself just eating it by the spoonful or smearing it on a banana.

  561. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and have been loving any type of nut butter by the spoonful! Especially when my 2 am hunger strikes!

  562. I would eat ALL THE NUT BUTTERS!! I love PB so much, and eat it on the daily. Getting 16 different ones at once would blow my mind! I guess I would probably share some of it too :) A dream come true

  563. I’d bake flourless cookies and blondies galore! I might even share some of them with others. And, of course, I’d eat a lot on dates or bananas or straight from the jar. I haven’t vetted the studies that suggest eating nuts during pregnancy decreases the odds of your child having a nut allergy; but I’m going to assume they’re correct and give my kid all the advantages I can.

  564. Ummm. What would I not do with all these nut butters?!

    Definitely, will up my waffle, English muffin and ice cream game.

    I will also be making all the banana bread so I can pile it high :).

    I would die if I won this! Dream come true.

  565. A nut butter – rice krispie treat taste test. This would probably have to take place over a number of months. It would be hard work, but someone must do it.

    Currently title holder is Jif.

  566. I would have a build your own waffle bar brunch so people could go crazy trying all of the nut butters. And eat them on all the things of course!

  567. I’d write a blog post on my website on how to host a nut butter-themed party! Part of it would have to include a vote on which is best :)

  568. OOH such a fan of this! 100% all about those nut butters. As a college student, budgets are pretty tight, but I would love to share these nut butters with all my girlfriends! I live with 8 girls, and I think it would be safe to say that we are all obsessed with nut butters (I think we have 10 jars in our house right now??). Winning this would save us all some money, but also create lots of smiles & maybe some baking parties??? (also my gal pals are the MOST selfless people I know and I’d love to provide them with a lil surprise because they all deserve it!!)

  569. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Those nut butters would be put to good use! I used to work at Whole Foods, and am currently studying to become an RD. Therefore, I’m a huge foodie, and I love creating new culinary concoctions to test the boundaries of what food can do! I might also give them to my family members, as they’re just as passionate about food and wellness as I am!
    Thank you for your continued dedication to the pursuit of health for each individual. Everyone is different, and every “health” criteria is dependent on the specific needs of others.
    I love your blog and the content/information you provide. Keep up the great work!

  570. I say all kinds of roasts but let’s be honest here. I would make all the baked goods. Baking has become my passion recently so experimenting with all these options would be amazing.

  571. I would bring them to my small group and share the wealth! In our down time we like to talk about different foods and we have recently been on the topic of nut butters.

  572. I LOVE nut butter! It’s practically a food group at this point 💁🏼‍♀️😆

  573. Peanut butter on bagels and in my oatmeal!

  574. I am not sure but I would be excited to dip my spoon in!!!!

  575. yummmm! I would have a smore party and offer all of these nut butters as topping options. With whatever leftovers I would also probably have an ice cream sunday party as well!

  576. I love your brunch idea!! I’d make sooo many nut butter recipes- energy bites, cookies, brownies ahh. :)

  577. I am an avid baker and I love to share treats with my tastetesters (AKA my coworkers). I would love to see what all I could make with these nut butters! I’ve been wanted to try a cookie butter cheesecake!

  578. Swirled into banana bread because YESSSSS

  579. I have 3 kids and a husband who all love nut butters. We would be able to have it on waffles and toast and try a bunch of new to us flavors!

  580. I would do a blindfolded taste test party! 😍orrrr keep it all to myself 😬

  581. Oh my goodness! Now that right there is my dream stack of nut butters. I would definitely put blobs of them on my oatmeal in the morning. Sometimes regular peanut or almond butter gets boring! I am so happy that peanut butter is back into my life. Seriously, who ever said the fats from peanut butter was bad for us is insane!

  582. Peanut/cashew/almond butter help make the BEST sauces for roasted veg…and the other sweeter ones are perf for those times ya just need nut butter spoonfuls straight outta the jar 

  583. I would love this prize! I love everything about nut butters!!!! I would make treats with them to share with my hubby and friends. I would also slather them on all kinds of foods!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  584. Oh my god, I am drooling just looking at that picture. HUGE nut butter fan!

    I would top a lot of oatmeal and smoothie bowls, experiment with some delicious baked goods (vanilla espresso almond butter choco chip cookies, anyone?), and share with only the best of friends :)

  585. I would keep 1 jar for myself and 1 for my husband and share the rest of it with my coworkers and friends! 😋

  586. This is my most favorite giveaway! I always eat nut butter straight from the jar, baking them into breads and bars, topping my fruit and when they’re all gone, 16 jars worth of overnight oats! Yum!

  587. I would make some peanut butter granola, nut butter toast, and a nut butter trifle and host a celebration for my friends while we are at our church’s spring retreat at the beginning of April. We go to the beach with my church every spring, and while the worship and community and relaxation in great, many of my fellow college students have a shame based relationship with food which is especially evident when swim suits are the attire for the weekend. I’ve gotten several people in my circle of friends to hop on the intuitive eating train and it’s been cool to see us encourage one another to live shame free in all areas of our lives! I’m a senior and would love to have this chance to provide a shame-free food celebration for my friends before we all graduate in May!

  588. Oh my stars, amazing giveaway! I would put it in smoothies, snack bars, oatmeal, straight from the jar to my mouth…as long as I get to eat it, I’m all good!

  589. I would have to make some tasty cookies with some of it, such as vanilla almond cookies, yum! But the rest would have to be enjoyed on toast! What an assortment!

  590. Before my ED, peanut butter was seriously my favorite food, and I ate enough of it to basically consider it a food group. Its become a fear food so this would be a huge (but tasty) personal challenge to have in my kitchen and actually use. PB+J used to be my favorite go to lunch–maybe I can get back to that point!

  591. I would share with my friends and slather it on all of my snacks!!!! I would love to try out some of those brands!

  592. I would bring the non-peanut butters to the school where I work and put out a variety of things to spread it on to show appreciation to my amazing co-workers! And I would keep the peanut butters to myself :-)

  593. I would challenge my disordered fears of nut butters and eating with people to have a nut butter sandwiches and smores party with my friends. :)

  594. I’m in Australia 😥 but I’d get them sent to my sister in the US who is breastfeeding and needs spoon-ready sustenance!

  595. I would eat tons of toast with nut butter and banana!

  596. I would host a nut butter party for all my close girlfriends that I don’t get to see often. And we will bake cookies and treats and sample them all while having adult beverages.

  597. Wow, well I would first eat a bunch of the almond butter out of the jar, then probably add it to some toast with banana and granola and a smidge of honey. The other nut-butters and I would then join forces and go on a journey across the USA spreading joy and deliciousness, all the while listening to our awesome car mixtape. Obviously Nuttin’ But Strings would be on the mixtape, along with a few songs from the Nutcracker (the classical ballet music would be good for the young Cookie Butter to listen to, since it encourages both sweetness and brilliance). We would also jam to Beyonce’s classic “Run the World (Nut Butter)” and “Crazy in Love (with Almond Butter).”
    It’s a little known fact, but Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” was actually an ode to Peanut Butter, so this would also HAVE to make the playlist, not to mention Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Nut Butter of My Life” or T-Pain’s “Buy You a Pint of Nut Butter (Shawty Snappin’)” or Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ (in Nut Butter).”
    After driving all over the country, the remaining nut butters and I would return home and congratulate ourselves on a job well-done. Finally, I would invite my friends over to enjoy the rest of the nut butter and watch the live-action “Cinderella” because it’s an amazing movie, and the experience of watching it could only be heightened by the awesome-ness of the nut butter.

  598. YUM. I would make all of the nut butter toasts, soups, and COOKIES. I possibly could. And don’t forget about my butter loving dog. I’d make her quite a few batches of dog treats AND a doggy smoothie bowl of banana and almond butter. Then I’d make a few desserts for myself and my friends.

  599. Oh my gosh! I wouldn’t have a party – I’d want it all for myself! I might make my family some treats, but we would enjoy every bit of it. My family eats so much nut butter that I order 24 jars at a time online.

  600. I would throw a little blindfolded nut butter tasting party to see if people can correctly guess them and they could take the leftovers home, minus of course a couple of our fave jars to keep and put on waffles and toast for breakfast and offer the dog fun kongs.

  601. So many fun ideas! First, I’d take all 16 jars to my classroom where I teach foods & nutrition to 8th graders. I’d love to do a sampling with them (along with some other more processed, brand name & generic nut butters) & talk about the flavors that appeal to them most, sugar content, ingredients, etc. I have a long history of ED struggles & love every opportunity I have to help teens learn about nourishing their bodies with healthy fats! We’d probably also need to do some baking with a few of the flavors because it would be so darn fun to fancy up some regular PB recipes with a few of these beauts. The leftovers (fingers crossed) would come home to my house to melt & drizzle on apples with some of our homemade granola, and regular any time snacking on fruit, toast, crackers, spoons & fingers…with the nearly empty jars going to our sweet little pup, Lincoln…his most favorite treat!

  602. Wow, it’s amazing to see all the different kinds! I think if I won, I would definitely have fun experimenting with all the different flavors. I go through a lot of peanut butter, but that’s all I really buy because of budget reasons. There are SO MANY here! Exciting!

  603. I am nut butter obsessed and usually have 3 jars open in my fridge at all times! I would love to try all these in a bunch of different forms – as spreads for toast, graham crackers, banana bread, apples or bananas, baked into cookies and brownies, and mixed into oatmeal! Yum!

  604. This is epic!! I have to say, I think nut butter (of any kind) is my favorite food. I’m just coming out of the first trimester of my first pregnancy, so I would definitely be eating some of these nut butters (and maaaybe sharing some with family/friends, ha) without nausea. Yum!

  605. I know this is a lame answer, but I would start with a million billion nut butter toasts! I’m currently living in Spain, where you can hardly even find peanut butter, so I’m craving nut butter plain and simple. After that, I’d make all sorts of nut butter dark chocolate chunk cookies.

  606. Every morning I have oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll switch up the fruit toppings I add from time to time but one thing that remains consistent is my dollop of almond butter on top! I will never ever ever get tired of it! I will go through this jars in no time for my breakie :)

  607. Wow, what a spread! I think i would have a dessert baking party/movie night with my girlfriends. It would be like one of those cookie swaps where each person leaves with a plate of treats.

  608. I would try them all! Peanut butter, Nut butter, regular old butter, have all been considered “scary” to my eating disorder self. My healthy/recovery self is starting to explore different tastes, fats and textures ~ and all the “butters”is one of those things! Wonderful giveaway, Kylie 💗

  609. Use them for smoothies, over night oats, and just to eat!

  610. Oh delicious nut butter, let me count the ways to eat you: straight up by the spoonful, stuffed french toast, nut butter-dillas (think quesadilla but creamier), smoothies galore, loaded sammies, with fruit, cookies/brownies, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, shared with friends, on the trail, and my one year old’s favorite… by the fistful. Messy but effective. Now I’m hungry and off to make that nut butter-dilla. ✌️😋
    Seriously though, try it. 😉

  611. Oh WOW. I bet many of these would be outstanding spread on french toast or pancakes, or homemade bread! I’d have a gift for someone with the espresso flavored one.

  612. I’d have friends over for a pancake/waffle brunch with an extensive nut butter bar to ease stress during final exam season (why is it approaching so fast :'()

  613. OMG all the nut butter!!! Love this!

  614. I would stockpile all this amazing yum yum butter for the impending zombie apocalypse–mostly because I’m NUTS!

  615. Umm… eat it? 😄

  616. With a nut butter haul like that? I’d certainly have to spread (literally) the love! I’d be sure to gift some to some fellow nutrition grad students, inspiring professors, and obviously, myself!

  617. Make endless amounts of toast!!! And eat it with everything- bananas, apples, oatmeal!

  618. If I’m being honest, I’d probably just go after it with a spoon ;)

  619. I would have a post-practice pancake party with all my fellow swimmers, and go crazy with the nut butter toppings! It would probably all be gone in minutes, since teenage swimmers are always hungry 😂

  620. On and in fruits, vegetables, cookies, bread, and oatmeal!

  621. Is it wrong to say that my husband and I would eat it ourselves? Ha! We easily go through one large jar of peanut butter a week. We love all nut butters but they are often so expensive and our little town doesn’t have much variety. It would be a blessing. Thank you! 🙏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

  622. Oh my God. Well, I’m moving to a new state in less than two months for PA school and I would 100% bring all 16 jars (in bubble wrap to keep them safe😋). I could take like a jar a week to campus everyday. That variety though 😍😍😍

  623. OMG what wouldn’t I do with this deliciousness?! Peanut butter cookies out the assssss

  624. I have tried many of these brands and love them all!! First thing would be eating straight from the spoon…then probably I’d probably make my peanut butter energy balls (beans, oats, honey, peanut butter) then my famous peanut butter cookies!!

  625. Omigosh. I would have a different nut butter on my oatmeal every morning! Or baked oatmeal, or pancakes, or waffles, or nut butter sandwiches.

  626. I would bake with it, use it in both savory and sweet meals; and most importantly, the opportunity to have all of these nut butters would help me to continue adding more variety/flavors to my eating regiment. Delicious, fun nourishment.

  627. I would have to bake lots of different breads as a vehicle for sampling! Oh, and I think I’d also be able to sneak these into a few cookie recipes! ;)

  628. Nut butter tasting party anyone? Then eat the leftovers with a spoon and on toast, mmmm