weekend five.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Here were some of our weekend favorites:

Sidewalk chalk

Saturday I drew with sidewalk chalk outside.  I love it.  Such an enjoyable thing.  Growing up my mom was always drawing with sidewalk chalk outside (and still does).  So I get this from her.  I wanted the colors to look like they were radiating out of the door.  I loved how it came out.  Makes me smile.

Bike ride

I can bike ride again! Around about 15 weeks pregnant when I got on a bike I felt like the bones in my hips/vagina were coming apart and then I’d have this radiating numbness down my legs and I couldn’t walk right.  It was such a weird sensation.  So bike riding was out for awhile.  Then while healing from childbirth bike riding was, obviously, not an option.  But Sunday I rode a bike to the grocery store and nothing hurt.  Woohoo!

Man.  The female body is an amazing thing.

New game to play with Jojo.

One of my mom friends texted me asking if I’d ever played the below game with Jo.  You just clip/tie a balloon to your baby’s sock/ankle and when they kick the balloon goes everywhere and Jojo LOVED it.  Obviously, I kept an eye on her while she had the string + balloon.  It’s fun having a new way to watch her play.

Shower Favorites

Showering is always one of my favorite things lol.  I think I’ve mentioned all of these products before.  But I really love them.  Do you have any go to shower products you LOVE? I’d be interested to know your favorites. The below is my current shower line up: 

Caudalie Instant Mask
Pacha Soap Co. Whipped Soap + Scrub
OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 
OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner 
(^^^all affiliate links).

Pulled Pork

Last week we made Damn Delicious’s Pulled Pork and ate on it all week and finished it off this weekend.  Not a fancy meal…but it’ll do! Carnitas taco with sour cream + apples + carrots.

What were your weekend five? 


  1. JASON body wash in “glowing apricot” is my favorite…It smells soooo good. Hot showers might be bad for your skin, but they’re oh so good for your soul. :)

  2. Love your rainbow entryway! Sidewalk chalk is so much fun

  3. I make a coffee scrub with the used beans and coconut or olive oil. There’s nothing like a freshly scrubbed body! You can even use it on your face, which I do before a post-shower face mask :) 

  4. i got plenty of rest + Vietnamese coffee (which is on the blog today btw) and it was glorious :)

  5. Bonfire outside with friends for Sunday morning church. Walking around target while the kids ate popcorn. Eating frozen pizza so the kitchen wouldn’t get messy. Making a new dish- Mofongo- and liking it. Both kids napping at the same time.

    It was a good weekend!

  6. Aww I love the sidewalk art! It’s amazing the effect color can have. And that balloon game is genius! Also yay for bike rides again! My weekend five are amazing almond milk iced lattes, black and white cookies, brunches with friends, watching Ladybird, and doing a student panel for incoming freshmen! :)

  7. So funny that you made the carnitas–we just made it for the first time last week and ate on it all week, too! It was so good!

  8. Yay for bike riding again! And I use that same coconut OGX brand and looove the scent!

  9. I forgot about sidewalk chalk. Now I really want to go draw with it!

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