The 2 apps I use (pretty much) everyday.

Marco Polo

Quinn casually mentioned after Jojo was born that Layne and I should get on Marco Polo as a way for we sisters to stay in touch.  It has been such a great way to feel close with them as neither of my sisters lives in Houston.  Marco Polo is a “video walkie talkie” that lets you leave video messages for whoever you want.  My sisters and I pop in daily with random life highs/lows/whatever and it’s so nice having a way to feel connected to them throughout the day.

Genius Scan

For work I’m constantly needing to scan things and this app is so useful for just that! Genius Scan is a “scanner in your pocket.” Anytime you need to scan some document, it allows you to just take a photo of the document and the app turns the photo into a PDF.  For me, this is so much easier than going and using an actual scanner.

Do you have an app you use on a daily basis, other than the typical IG app? I wanna know! This post isn’t sponsored…I feel like it came off kinda ad-y haha, but these are just 2 apps I really like.  Obviously the podcast app is another fav of mine, but since that comes with the phone I didn’t include it here :)


  1. I like Scanner Pro – basically the same thing as Genius Scan. It’s so useful! I just recently downloaded the “One second every day” app and it allows you to upload a photo/video every day then puts them all together in one clip! I’m going to see if I can do it for a year. I think it’ll be fun to look back on!

  2. Ibotta!! They have a bunch of coupons for whole foods (and other stores but that’s closest to me), you just shop normally and then scan your receipt afterwards and they give you cashback for things they have ‘coupons’ for. I usually get $2.00 back each time I shop.

  3. I am someone who needs the sound of a fan to fall asleep at night, but that isn’t always practical in the winter, if you’re traveling, etc…so I use the app SleepAidFan every night. There’s three fans you can choose from that make different sounds, you can set a timer or not. It’s pretty straightforward but I know lots of people out there are like me and may benefit from it!

  4. About the podcasts – i really love overcast for podcasts. I found the podcast app to be super buggy and I have loved overcast. Not a paid ad either and I didn’t upgrade to the paid version. :)

  5. Alarmed.

    It’s WONDERFUL. I set reminders on it constantly. For instance – if you remember at 10 a.m. that you need to do something that evening (example: put a note in your kids backpack) – you can set a reminder to go off at a designated time. If you sit the reminder for 5:00 p.m. and it goes off but you’re not home at 5:00 you can delay the reminder in 5 minute, 1 hour or 1 day increments.

    You can also set reoccurring reminders.

    I use it every single day. The moment I think of something I need to do but can’t do in the moment I think of it I put it int he alarmed app and it keeps bugging me until I get it done and remove it! :)

  6. Google photos is the best! It has tons of storage so if you have an iPhone, you don’t have to keep deleting stuff. You also teach it to recognize faces and locations, so I can search my sisters name or a certain vacation and immediately it will pull up every photo I have related to the search. You can even search something like “necklace” and it will pull up every related picture. It’s super cool.

    Other than that, try Chicken if you need some entertainment. It’s like flappy bird except you have to cluck like a chicken and scream loudly to get the chicken to jump. Maybe not great if you have a baby around, haha. But it’s super entertaining.

  7. Waze is the absolute best map/directions app–better than Google Maps. It’s saved me so much wasted time in traffic. It routes you around traffic slowdowns and always gives you the best route, even if it seems like a weird way to go. I *always* follow the route it gives me for any drive of more than a few miles or during rush hour. The one time I didn’t, I lived to regret it!

  8. OMG I wish I knew about the pdf app a few months ago! Part of applying for a travel visa needed a passport photo in pdf format, and I struggled so so hard figuring out how to do it!

  9. Spotify. I listen to music getting ready in the morning, doing homework, working out, and driving. Upgrading to premium was one of the best things I did too (especially with the student discount!).

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