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Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a nice week.  I’m popping in today with a day in the life post!

The day started with getting Jo up and feeding her.  She gets up between 7:00-7:30am.  Somedays I let her sleep past that because I’m sleeping and sleep is soooo nice, but then I’m like “we did it again!” –> (Home Alone style lol).   She naps SOOO much better during the day if I get her up consistently at the same time, so trying my best.  After feeding and situating her I made breakfast for me while unloading the dishwasher.


For breakfast I warmed a pita on our stove…

…and then topped it with eggs + crispy cheese. 

Then served it all with an iced latte.

Jo is starting to have moments of independence where she is okay playing alone for like 20 minutes and it’s so nice because I can just sit and relax.

Shortly after eating I put Jo down for her first nap of the day.

For a morning snack I had a cookie.

Jo ended up napping for 2 hours so I got a few blog emails sent and then I was like what do I do with myself? lol.  She is just starting to take longer naps and man it’s nice.

When she woke up we went on a quick outing to Kuhl Linscomb (aka the best store in Houston) to find a birthday gift for my best friend’s little girl. 

They didn’t have what I was looking for anymore so I ended up ordering the gift off Amazon, but while there I found this bucket bib for Jo….

Then Jo went down for her second nap of the day and I made lunch, which was a burrito bowl with leftover farro + leftover chicken tortilla soup + sour cream + cheese.  Yum. Served with some lemonade on the side that is so perfect in summer.  Wait is it summer yet lol? Because Houston sureeee has been feeling like it lately.

In the afternoon Jo and I went exploring.  I heard there was a labyrinth nearby, so we went and found it.  I’m having a moment with labyrinths and now want to go find more of them in Houston.

Then I had a snack and prepped a salad for dinner…

Then we watched Ellen.  I was craving something sweet to drink so I made a mocha with milk + chocolate chips + dark cocoa powder + decaf espresso.


Then we watched Ellen until Andrew got home.

I had a couple clients that evening so when Andrew got home I handed over Jojo and I headed to my office.

When I got home Andrew was making wings for us for dinner to go with the salad I’d made earlier.  I made the salad dressing with peanut butter and sesame oil and it was so good.  Definitely good enough to share on the blog soon.  AND WINGS! I’ve never been a wings person until Andrew’s dad made us some during the Superbowl and I liked them so much! They’ve been fun to have in our dinner rotation lately.

After dinner we did Jo’s bedtime routine and got her to bed.  I went to bed soon after to read. Currently reading this with my sisters…

I feel asleep but then Jo woke up crying an hour later, which woke me up.  She cried for 15 minutes before falling back asleep on her own.  But at that point I was hungry again so I got up and had some chocolate milk + Belvita crackers + peanut butter.  Lately I’ve been making chocolate milk with just mixing milk + Hershey’s chocolate syrup and it feels like childhood.  So fun.

Then back to sleep (until Jo woke up to eat at 10:30pm and 4am).

And that was our day! 

Hope y’all have a fun weekend planned! 


  1. Love these posts! I would love to hear what y’all do for Jo’s bedtime routine! I’m just a few months behind with my little one and want to implement a consistent bedtime routine :)

    • Sure, Beth! Bedtime routine is:
      2 books
      sing one-two lines of a favorite song super quick
      lay her down and say the same thing to her

      • How old was she when you started this?

        • It was hard for me to be consistent with her bedtime routine until we sleep trained at 4 1/2 months. So at 4 1/2 months. Before that Jo was just so unpredictable with when she would fall asleep.

        • I have a 2 week old and at “bedtime” I’m like…whhhyyyy. 9-1 or 2 we are awake, crying, nursing non-stop!

        • Hang in there, Megan! You aren’t doing anything wrong and that is just how it is right now…but (like one of my followers reminded me and I so agree) this isn’t your new normal! It gets so much easier and better! My advice is: get sleep when you can and make it until 3-5 months old when you can sleep train!

        • I appreciate the encouragement. Being a new mom is no joke! Hardest but greatest thing ever. Some nights he does go right to sleep so I have to remind myself that he is a baby and we are both doing the best we know how.

        • I didn’t find the first 4 months the greatest thing ever haha. It was so hard. Many of my friends say that going from zero kids to one is the hardest transition…going from one to two kids usually is easier. And I hear you on “some nights he does go right to sleep”…I know w Jojo some nights she would go from screaming to asleep in 30 seconds and that helped me stay positive on some nights just knowing that right now it seems so overwhelming but she may be asleep in seriously 30 seconds. Sending you all the encouragement! IT GETS SO MUCH EASIER!

  2. So fun to take a peak inside your life! If you have an affiliate link for a latte/espresso maker, i’m in the market! Part of my plan for spending less money on vanilla!

  3. That mocha looks so gorgeous and delicious!! It looks like it’ll be really rainy this weekend, but I’ll be meeting Kaci and Drew for a pop-up brunch hosted by one of Kaci’s friend’s husband, who is a chef. He holds it at local coffee shops and other places around town. I’m really looking forward to it! Then yoga afterwards, which is a form of movement that I truly enjoy so much. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  4. Ooh I’ve never done a labyrinth before! So glad Jo is becoming more independent and you can have some chill time. :) Also I read The Attentive Life last year and absolutely loved it!

  5. Such a good read for my morning :) and nice to see inspiration for eating well, even so busy with bub! X

  6. You are so cool! This is the kind of life I hope I get to enjoy after I graduate. Simple but wholesome. 

  7. Kylie, I love the mom God made you to be! I love how intentional you are with your self-care and family care. I’m including a link to my “mom book” that just came out bc I think you might like it, but mostly I just want to say, you are doing an excellent job at this balancing of life!

    Mine was a weird and rocky journey and I love how intentional you are about your parenting from the get-go.

  8. That mocha chocolate chip drink NEEDS a blog post!! would love the recipe:)

  9. I love these kinds of posts; it’s great that you and Jo are finding a schedule that works for you! She is such a sweet little babe and you’re doing an awesome job as a mom! ❤️
    That espresso drink looks amazing, btw! Would love to see the recipe! 

  10. How is that book? :) Might be something I would be interested in reading!

  11. Oooh that salad and mocha look DELISH! So fun that you got to adventure so much with Jo; love that! :)

  12. That crispy cheese in your breakfast looks incredible! I think crispy cheese might be one of my favorite foods. Also that store looks so awesome! I love finding local shops like that especially when traveling.

    Speaking of the amazing looking drinks you shared in this post.. I shared a post today with my favorite teas!

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