This weekend we went up to my parent’s lakehouse.  We were gonna head up there Friday night, but I had a fullllll day of clients and was pretty tired by the time I got home and Jojo does SO much better in the carseat in the morning than at night. So we pushed back our plans and headed up there Saturday morning after swinging by Chick-fil-A for breakfast. YUM.

Andrew was helping my dad fix some sheetrock in a closet, so Andrew worked all morning.

Later Jojo took her first boat ride with her G.Poo (short for Grand Poobah from The Flinestones).  My dad loves to fish and can’t wait until he gets to take Jo on her first fishing trip.  He already has 3 kid sized fishing poles waiting for her<3

I couldn’t get over Jo’s little lifejacket.  ADORABLE (and safe haha)!

We just did sandwiches for lunch and then for dinner we had pork with BBQ sauce + sautéed veggies + red wine.  We were gonna make some garlic bread, but every one was too tired to make it.  

I enjoyed some Cookie Two Step (cookies ‘n cream + cookie dough ice cream) before bed.

Sleep Saturday night totally SUCKED.  Jojo went to sleep at 7:30pm and when I went to bed at 10pm I did a dream feed and she went right back to sleep.  So far so good.  But then she was up at midnight and 3 other times before 6:30am and I ended up bringing her into the bed with us out of desperation.  At 6:30 I told Andrew I was about to lose it and he took her out of our room until 8:30am so I could get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Jo’s sleep has been a TON better since we sleep trained, but anytime we’re in a new place she has trouble sleeping and would rather be awake ooohing and ahhing at things.

So Sunday I was pretty tired.

Sunday morning we had a crepe breakfast and Andrew finished up some of the sheetrock work for my dad.

Then we headed back to Houston with two sleepy babies…

Once home I scrounged up all the fridge/freezer leftovers and made us some burrito bowl with Trader Joe’s frozen rice + chicken + sun-dried tomatoes + sautéd cabbage + cheese + crushed tortilla chips.  Topped with a sauce made out of salsa mixed with sour cream.  A few of you had told me that any salsa + sour cream makes a great salad dressing…such a good idea.

Andrew spent a lot of Sunday afternoon working on our laundry room project (which you can see a peek of below), until I needed a break from being on Jojo duty.

Oh and Jojo has started sucking her thumb and I think it’s adorable. 

If there’s one thing Jojo loves it’s being outside.  She loves watching Maggie/other kids play and she loves watching tree branches sway in the breeze.  So whenever she’s fussy we end up outside.  And I get bored feeding her on the couch/rocker all the time and Sunday was a beautiful 65F-and-sunny day so we soaked up the nice weather.

Sunday evening we went to church and then swung by El Rey for some Cuban tacos for dinner, which I ate in the car on the drive home so I would be ready to start Jo’s bedtime routine asap.

How was y’alls weekend? 


  1. Who knew babes could make you so sleepy?! Before kids I was such a night owl and could run on hardly any sleep (which I now see led to a lot of anxiety and depression but I wasn’t aware of that then!) but now I’d like to get like 10 hours a night haha Thanks for sharing for us mamas!

    • One of my friends with 3 kids said the other day that sometimes she thinks about when she won’t be tired again…when she’s 40 years old? 50 years old? Made me laugh lol

  2. I’m sorry sleep was so tricky, but your weekend sounds so lovely. That biscuit looks delicious!! Thanks for always keeping it real, Kylie. I hope you have a great week ahead. <3

  3. It’s so awesome to watch you grow as being a mom while Jo is growing! Mom-spo for sure. Also I second that biscuit looking amazing! I’ve never tried chick-fil-a breakfast but I feel like I need to!

  4. Ugh that egg sandwich looks so good. I need to make some at home soon…it’s finally spring weather here in NYC so I had a picnic in central park by myself with a TJs salad + kombucha + those pea crisp things I haven’t had in forever and it was glorious. I also built an entire 4 drawer dresser by myself… ALSO the Netlix original series “Chef’s Table” is absolutely stunning. I highly, highly recommend it! It’s inspiring me to get back in the kitchen and really COOK

    • I’ve watched a few Chef’s Table. I liked the Italian one with Massimo a lot! And that same chef was on the ravioli vs. dumpling episode of Ugly Delicious!

  5. Oh man. I remember the wacky sleep of traveling. My little guy had a tracheotomy for the first two years and it was hard enough for him (or us) to sleep, but travel was one of those, “Is it worth it?” discussions every time. Good for you for adventuring!

  6. For the salsa + sour cream dressing, is it about a 1:1 ratio? Do you think plain Greek yogurt would also work? Thanks!

  7. Man I wish there was a way to tell babies & kids to not fight sleep because it’s so precious when you are older! ha! Glad you all were able to have a great family weekend though, and I’m excited to see y’alls new laundry room space! I love home decor/reno posts. :)

  8. So I probably shouldn’t say this because I have two abnormally adorable children (which u can confirm from seeing them on FaceTime..and they’ve only gotten cuter since then😂) but Jojo is possibly the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen. I showed a picture of her to my husband and said “is this the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?” And he was like “ummm YEP” and then looked all guilty because everyone knows that you’re supposed to think your own kids are the cutest.😂 Just wanted to confirm to you what you already know: You have the cutest baby ever. 😍

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