A dinner party idea.

This weekend we had our good friends over for dinner.  I was trying to think of a theme for the dinner, like “bring foods the color of the sunset.”  Then creativity could abound.  We could’ve made red salsa chilaquiles, beet hummus with orange carrots, sharp yellow cheddar cheese, etc. But we didn’t do that theme lol.  Maybe next time though, because I think that would’ve been super fun!

What we ended up making was…burrito bowls! We both contributed toppings, so we ended up with a lot of tasty things:

Dr. Pepper carnitas
pickled red onions
corn-cilantro pico de gallo
chipotle chicken
black beans
sour cream

Have you ever thrown a dinner party with themed food? What was it!? I wanna know!


  1. Im really curious to know what Dr Pepper carnitas are!!

  2. I love the sunset idea! That’s so cute. I can’t wait to have dinner parties/BBQs this summer. I’m going to a combo Cinco De Mayo/Kentucky Derby party this weekend so I need to think of something themed to bring there!

  3. I love doing things like this with friends! Some of my favorite themes: Once we did a pizza night, where everyone brought those three veggies that had been hanging out in their fridge for way too long.

    We also have done a “Where are you from?” party where everyone had to bring a dish related to their family heritage.

    I’ve done taco bars or burrito bars a lot as well. A fun challenge I’ve done with these is that someone else is tasked with making you yours and you have to see how well they know you. This was fun for a lot of college kids but maybe a bunch of married couples would get it right?

    A sunset theme is cute!

    • Hi Savannah! Love the “Where are you from?” party idea. So fun. Also having your spouse have to make your bowl to see how well they know you sounds hilarious lol

  4. Love this idea! My friends and I have done this a few times. One of my favorites was a grilled cheese bar, where we had several bread options, multiple cheeses and add-ins. Delicious!

  5. I love baked potato bars. I bake potatoes–russet and sweet–and make a pot of vegetarian chili. Then, I ask my guests to bring a variety of toppings–peppers & onions, fancy cheeses, herbs, chicken, hummus, sour cream, cured meats, olives…the possibilities are endless. And everyone always loves it! (Plus, it’s super easy.)

  6. Um if you want to host a “bring food the color of the sunset” themed dinner, I will 100% be there! This sounds like SUCH a fun idea!

  7. That looks and sounds delish! I have not hosted a themed food party, but that sunset idea is precious and so fun!

  8. i love this idea!!! whenever my boyfriend and i have friends over, we almost always do taco night – it’s just easy to set up a buffet-type situation where people can choose what they’d like! and it’s not too expensive either :)

  9. My dad and his fiancee have had a couple of dinner parties where they choose one famous chef and each guest brings a dish they made inspired from one of that chef’s recipes. I think it’s a cute idea, but everybody has to be into that type of thing :)

  10. At work, we have hosted a Mexican themed taco bar and a Greek food themed lunch. So much fun!

  11. I think the only themed party I’ve ever hosted is a Thanksgiving Pie Party. We usually host a thanksgiving party for friends the weekend before or after, and last year it was a pie-only party! I made a few different pies and requested everyone else to bring either a pie, their drink of choice, or both!
    It was so much fun!

  12. I love everyone’s ideas! I definitely love a good theme. I do love the idea of a taco or “power bowl” idea in which all attendees bring an ingredient to contribute. :)

  13. Hi –

    I was re-reading through old posts and I this post below:

    In the background of the first picture, you have the cutest beverage cart, does it have your coffee maker on it? I know you’re always open to blog post ideas and I think it’d be super cool if you had a post about how to use a beverage cart for cute and clutterless beverage type things storing :)

    Long long time reader :) – Haley

    • Hey Haley! Great post idea! I’ll add it to my list. There’s no coffee maker on that cart. That cart is mainly used to house all of Andrew’s scotch lol. But how cute would a coffee cart be?! I love that idea!

  14. I went to a dinner party a few months ago where there was a Breakfast for Dinner theme! It was so clever and delicious! I provided champagne and various juices for mimosas :) 

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