A fun way to serve food. STACK IT!

I’ve been kinda in a dinner rut lately UNTIL I decided to start stacking everything.  Burrito bowls are a thing of the past, but burrito stacks are here to save the day.

You could really put any cuisine in stack form, but I think sushi or burrito flavors work particularly well for this idea. The stack pictured here is more of a sushi stack-of-yum complete with spicy mayo.  

I have zero interest in following recipes these days and if I get a meal on the table it definitely was just from throwing together things in the fridge.  This recipe is what I’m all about because it’s super customizable based off what you have on hand and what your tastebuds are guiding you towards.


burrito/sushi stack

Yield: as many stacks as you like


chicken fried rice
avocado slices
Asian sesame cucumbers
mango-cilantro-lime salsa (all those ingredients just tossed together)
spicy mayo
store-bought wonton strips


Find a round cookie cutter/biscuit cutter/open cylinder and add layers of each of the ingredients to make a stack! Drizzle with a delicious sauce before serving.



  1. Such a beautiful and fun presentation; so creative! :)

  2. Sometimes simply changing how we plate/present our food can make all the difference! One could simply remove the top and bottom of a metal can after fully cleaning it and use it to stack a dish. I cannot wait to try it!

  3. So pretty! What a great presentation idea!

  4. Love this!!  Another way this is good with hashbrowns mixed with cheese & anything else (onion, bacon) & topped with a fried egg (:  

  5. Do you have to oil the form before using so the food doesn’t stick? I want to use it for rice. 

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