day in the life.

7am: Jojo was up, so I was up.  She was actually up at 5am, but teething has her sleep schedule a bit all over the place so I’ve decided to not let her cry for very long until the teeth are in. Sooo I pulled her into bed with us and fed her until we dozed off and then we got up at 7am.  For breakfast I made me french toast with sourdough bread + my typical iced vanilla latte. It’s always a fight on which I should have in focus…jojo or the food haha.  Jojo won this time :) 

This sourdough is insanely yum.  We got it from the bakery section at our grocery store, HEB.

Then I fed Jo her breakfast (this day she had oatmeal) and made some energy balls for snacks for me and had a few.

9am: Jojo was having trouble falling asleep so I helped her and she took her nap on me.  Hard to beat the sweetness of having a baby nap on you.

10am: Hang with Jojo

11am: My mom came over to keep Jojo for me so I could get some alone time.  My birthday was last week and Ryde (a cycling studio in town) sent me a free class for my bday so I went and took the spinning class.  Before I left I needed some food and ended up finishing off a rotisserie chicken we had in the fridge.  

Into the cycling class I brought a gatorade to drink, while the majority of the people drank their pH balanced water hehe.  Cycling classes are intense and I know my body needs sustenance! My knees felt good during/after the class…we’ll see how they feel tomorrow before I consider taking another class in the future.  I would’ve asked someone at the cycling class to take my picture, but, man, the people there just seemed really into it/intense….maybe I was just intimidated.  Probably the latter.  So instead you get a photo of my empty gatorade bottle haha.

12:45pm: After I got back from Ryde I had a Luvo meal for lunch + a lemonade + some energy balls for something sweet to end the meal.

1:30pm:  Jojo woke up from a nap.  My mom had been wanting to see our new house, so we went over there to check in on it.  Renovations are moving along! I’m trying to convince Andrew that we should add more window EVERYWHERE, but I’m not sure it’s in the budget.  There is a room of windows (i.e. a sun room!) in the house which is where all my food photography will be happening so I don’t need more windows, but I’d like them.  Our current house is small with huge windows, so I know I’ll miss that…but there are a lot of great upgrades the new house will have, like the gorgeous vaulted ceilings in the living room.

For the rest of the afternoon me and jojo hung out.  Like I said, Jojo is teething so she’s been more fussy than usual. We’ve chosen to use tylenol to help her with the pain. Any teething soothing ideas? I heard someone recommend giving a baby a frozen bagel to gnaw on, but haven’t tried that.  Also a few people have recommended essential oils.

We have a bunch of teething toys + frozen wash clothes + frozen banana stuffed inside a teether, which all seem to help! And me just picking her up always helps :)

Later I had an afternoon snack…some frozen custard from Connie’s Custard (<– the best ice cream/custard).

4:30pm: Andrew got home from work and I headed to my office to see a client.

Jojo discovered that Andrew has ears lol…

Oh and I got this shirt on sale at Madewell and AM IN LOVE WITH IT.  It feels so me!

6:20pm: Back home for Jojo’s bedtime routine…bath, boob, books, bed.

6:45pm: Andrew made dinner for us –> salmon + salad + buttered sourdough.

I went back for another piece of sourdough because it’s so good!

6:55pm: Joanna woke up so Andrew went in and helped her back to sleep. Like I said, her sleep is just mega off since we felt her first tooth poking thru on Saturday and we’re helping her get to sleep a lot more than we have in a while and I’m perfectly good with that.

7pm-ish: Andrew had to run by the new house to drop off some stuff for the contractor and I worked on this post.

Rest of night: We’ll probably watch Parts Unknown on Netflix, I’ll read a bit (like literally a bit…like 2 pages of the book on my bedside table), have a snack if I want/need and head to bed around 10pm.

Sweet dreams!

(pssst. I have so many clients who tell me how the women in their life don’t eat much. I’m a woman who honors her body’s needs rather than suppressing them. I share what I eat in a day to model a healthy relationship with food.  This is the amount of food my body needed this day. Sometimes I have more food and sometimes I have less food.)


  1. I gave my daughter a peeled carrot (the big ones) to gnaw on for teething! It worked really well and since she had no teeth she couldn’t bite through it! Not too cold but cold enough to help! 

  2. We used Orajel and Tylenol for our son when he was teething, on top of teething ‘toys’. He had this one that when he chomped on it, it would vibrate and he loved that one! He also wore an amber necklace which I found made a difference – he was less fussy for sure.

    ps – I need some of that sourdough and custard! YUM! 

  3. I love that you and Andrew generally have similar portions (or so it seems)! I feel like so often women feel like they “should” eat smalller meals. But WHY?! We are hungry, busy, in-need-of-nourishment humans:)

    • I agree! Sometimes I’ve caught myself thinking I eat too much at some meals or that my portions shouldn’t be similar to my husband’s, but often they are! It’s because our hunger is not dictated by our sex, & women can eat more than society says. It’s based on physical hunger & other needs. Thank you for this comment & reflection! 

      • I third that! I always feel like I shouldn’t eat in between meals if my boyfriend doesn’t. But I’ve started to realize that it’s okay that I usually eat less than him at meals (I fill up quicker) but then need to eat more often in between meals – our bodies are just different! 

        • Andrew rarely snacks when I snack and occasionally skips meals, which I never do. It never seems like he does it in a diet-filled, “i’m trying to lose weight” way. Just in a “I really wanna work start working on x project, so I’m gonna” way. It used to really bother me that he wouldn’t eat 3 meals and 2-3,4,5 snacks EVERYDAY and I would need to, but now I’ve learned thats just how he eats and I need to eat in a more consistent way because 1) that makes my blood sugar feel best and 2) bc I’ve had an eating disorder and my body will always needs consistent meals and snacks coming in. And…I like eating. I’d be bummed to not eat consistently throughout the day at the amount my body was asking for.

  4. I loved this post! I always enjoy reading your “day in the life” posts. I know it can vary daily, but you all seem to be in a good rhythm. 🙂

  5. I love the little footnote at the end, you are a wonderful rolemodel Kylie. Can you also tell us what’s in your energy balls? 

  6. That is the cutest shirt! I may just have to order it!

  7. My daughter’s favorite teething thing, hands down, is a cold cucumber stick.  I cut them lengthwise into quarters (or 8ths depending on how giant the cucumber is,) and she will chew and eat the entire inside and leave the skin.  She’s obsessed.  I’m also not sure how old your daughter is, but I’ve found infant Motrin to be more helpful for teething than Tylenol.  It’s anti-inflammatory in addition to pain relieving, but I know all babies are different.. she will need to be 6 months for Motrin.

  8. Poor baby! I am not a fan of teething, our 1 year old is alwayssss teething, they just keep coming. Tylenol helps so much when they need a good pain free sleep doesn’t it!? :( I just want to take their pain away!

  9. I’m the same. I would want to add so many windows. I think I’ve inherited this trait from my mother. Whenever I go over to my bf’s apartment I open all of the blinds.
    That picture of Jojo on Andrew’s ears is the cutest thing.

  10. Hi Kylie,

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while – I found it for recipes and kept following because your message on life/eating really resonates with me and has helped me recover from my own eating disorder. I’m writing because your blog isn’t only helpful for those recovering from disordered eating. A variety of obsessive-compulsive behaviors run in my family, and I have applied the messages in your blog to other problems I’ve had in the past, such as toxic/extreme perfectionism. I’m in a much better place now than I have been in the past, and your blog has been part of that process. Thank you for what you do!

  11. I used herbal calcium for teething for my youngest daughter and it helped sooo much! I ordered mine from mountain meadow herbs and gave it 3 times a day when the teething was super rough.

  12. I think you are covering all the bases for teething – chew, cold, and pain relief. We have tried Motrin also now that little one is over 6 months. He seems to take that better than Tylenol. Please be aware that there a tons of safety warnings about essential oils, tablets, and teething gels! I don’t mean to come off as a judgy-mom but i’m personally not willing to risk it with my baby.

    • Totally agree with doing tons of research!

      Re: Essential oils. I would be very cautious, as there is a lot of misinformation out there. I would consult with both your doctor AND a certified aromatherapist before using essential oils with an infant. Note that someone who sells essential oils may not necessarily be certified.

      And just because I see it all the time: “therapeutic grade” is NO indication of oil purity or quality. It is purely a label term. (much like “natural” for foods)

      • I agree with y’all on essential oils. I’m not a fan of them and am tired of people recommending I “just try them out” to cure every obscure ailment known to man lol. I just mentioned them in this post in an attempt to prevent anyone from recommending them in the comments section.

  13. This is so helpful. I am one of the women who feels like other women in my life don’t eat a lot so I constantly question how much I eat. I am also recovering from an eating disorder and have a large appetite so it’s helpful to see how ‘normal’ women eat

    • Sounds like you’re just rediscovering your normal appetite :)…it’s not a large appetite. Just a good ol’ normal appetite that many suppress so that makes it seem like you are eating a large amount in comparison. Good for you honoring what your body needs!! This is going to get you to such a peaceful, relaxed place with food that will definitely be worth the effort.

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