weekend away.

This past weekend we headed up to my parent’s lakehouse. They have recently done some renovations to the front yard and put in a spool (aka spa/pool…it’s like a small pool that can also be heated) and it was so nice!

Jojo loved the water and was a swimming fool.  I bought her this free swim baby float (<–affiliate link) and it was adorable and really impressive watching her kick.  The float holds her upper body at an angle and her legs dangle back behind her into the water so she can kick kick kick and she did! She’s not really into relaxing haha and likes to be on the move so this float worked great.

We spent a lot of time swimming because 1) it was so hot and 2) Jojo was super happy in the pool.  We have a lot of water in our life and it makes me nervous with having Jo now, so I’m very into teaching her how to swim asap.  I looked into Infant Swim Rescue classes and think it’s so cool, but right now our plan it to just secure all pools as much as we can.  Have any of you done ISR with your kiddos? The youtube videos I watch of babies doing it AMAZE me.

For lunch we had salad (cantaloupe + blue cheese, my mom’s good idea), ribs, texas caviar, and pretzel crackers.

…and I had one of the below Lime-a-Rita’s and found out it was kinda gross lol.  Have you tried them? I drank most of it, but wouldn’t have one again. Gimme a real margarita! 

Later we went for a boat ride and the rocking of the boat put Jojo right to sleep. To which I was like, YESSSSSSS. 

For snacks throughout the day I had cookies I brought.

At some point I took a nap and then when I was up Andrew went and took a nap.  I feel like when we have rougher sleep stretches with Joanna, daytime naps for me and Andrew are needed so much on the weekends. 

Later for dinner we had salmon, lo mein noodles and a kale-roasted brussels salad. Paired with some wine. My parents did an incredible job with the meals all weekend…they were all SO good, as usual.

Sunday morning started early. Jo wasn’t a fan of sleeping in a new place or maybe her teeth were bothering her, so she woke up constantly that night.  Around 6am she and I went outside to play with some toys, since Andrew, Jo and me weren’t getting any sleep anyways haha.  Once we were outside I realized how beautiful it was and didn’t mind being up so early anymore. 

Breakfast was tacos and a milky iced coffee. My dad crisps the tortillas in a sautè pan in butter and it’s SO good.

We had a picnic-y lunch – crackers, bacon, pickles, cheese.

Then squeezed in another pool hour and boat ride before we headed home.

On the way home we went by a highly nostalgic, yet unimpressive fast food place and got malts and shakes for the ride home.  Joanna slept in the car all the way home and I was like THANK GOODNESSSSSS!

Sunday evening Andrew mowed and then I went grocery shopping.  After Jo went to bed we had pizza + salad + watermelon for dinner.

And that was our weekend! I hope you had a refreshing weekend as well! 


  1. We did ISR when my daughter was a baby. It was amazing and I wish we had kept up with it, because she is not a strong swimmer at 6 years old. Consistency is key!

    • Y’all are making me really want to do it. I’m gonna look into it more! Our new house has a pool in the back, so pool safety has been on my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your breakfast tacos always look SO good! I had the best breakfast taco from a food truck at my local farmer’s market this past Saturday and thought of you since you have them often haha :)

  3. We did ISR with our now 3.5 year old and we are signing our 6 month old up soon. They are AMAZING and worth every minute and every penny.

    • Y’all are making me really want to do it. I’m gonna look into it more! Our new house has a pool in the back, so pool safety has been on my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yesss pool time and breakfast tacos are a motto for my summer!

  5. I teach swim lessons and one of my classes is a parent taught class! It’s not the exact same as ISR, but it still teaches the young babies to be comfortable in the water and some very important skills. Start kids early and you will be so thankful you did! And as mentioned above, consistency is KEY.

  6. Traveling with babies is the worst sometimes when it comes to sleep! My son woke up constantly whenever he had to sleep in the pack n play. But one time I just decided to put a blanket on top of the mattress (underneath the crib sheet) to make it a little softer and warmer and he slept 10x better. I don’t think the pack n play pads are very soft or warm, so that seemed to help! It might be worth a shot! :)

  7. Looks like a gorgeous lake property and fun weekend!

  8. All of the food looks so incredible, and even though sweet Jojo didn’t want to sleep, it sounds like such a lovely weekend. <3

  9. Love these weekend updates! So many good food ideas!

  10. Ahh what a lovely weekend! Love these posts. Jojo looks so happy in the water; she’s totally gonna be a swimmer :)

  11. Random question, how do you go about drinking while breastfeeding? I always get so worried it goes into the breastmilk?

    • This stressed me out too. But I have a couple doctor friends who have made me very relaxed about drinking while breastfeeding. If I’m planning on having a fun night out with Andrew where I know I’ll likely end up drunk, I try to make a plan for Joanna (i.e. pre-pumped milk for the babysitter to give her or a larger solid food dinner).

      Occasionally I choose to have one beer or one glass of wine and still feed Jo whenever. With one drink I feel neurologically normal (aka not even tipsy), so I don’t have a problem w feeding her. When she was itty bitty I didn’t like drinking and then feeding her, so I just chose not to drink much during that time…or if I did drink I’d wait a couple hours for the alcohol to metabolize before I’d feed her.

      You have to do what you are comfortable with though!

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