5 Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts! I had a lot of things floating around my head and I thought this format would work best to say them.

1. My wine of Summer.

BIG NEWS lol. I have found my wine of summer.  It’s a red and white blend from Peju called Province and it was one of the most delicious chilled wines I’ve ever tasted.  I’ve never been a big fan of white wine, but holy smokes this wine is good. It’s a bit pricey (IMO in terms of how much money we spend on wine), but I think I’m gonna buy a couple bottles to have on hand for summer entertaining.

2. I’m doing a summer bible study with my sister and good friends.

Quinn is in town for summer, so I asked her and one of my very good friends and her little sister to do a bible study with me for 6 weeks this summer.  My relationship with God is still in an infant stage and it’s nice to have people who love me to support me as I walk towards what is truly lasting.

We are doing a She Reads Truth study and it is the most aesthetically pleasing bible study I’ve ever done.

Last night I hosted at my house so I made a pasta dish and Quinn made these goat cheese bacon wrapped dates, which was a recipe within the bible study.


3. No good at self compassion.

Right after I posted about how I am excellent at self-compassion, I’ve been having a really rough month being nice to myself about a lot of stuff…from things related to being a mom to being a small business owner to many other things too.  It’s funny how it happens like that…you say you’re good at something and then there’s something that swoops in and say NO YOU AREN’T to try and stop you.  I’ve been watching some Kristin Neff videos (what Brene Brown is to vulnerability, Kristin Neff is to self-compassion.  And just like Brene, Kristin also says some diet-y things).

I liked the below video where she pointed out…

  • when we are criticizing ourselves we are both the attacker and the attacked
  • the biggest block to practicing self compassion is that people think they need to have self criticism to motivate themselves to achieve what they want to achieve

4. No-bake monster balls.

I talk about these no-bake oatmeal energy balls like every month, but they are so tasty and I keep making the monster ones for snacks most weeks. They are so nice to have on hand for an easy breakfast or snack.

5. A poem.

I resonated with the below poem a lot as I’m in this transition to motherhood and figuring out what kind of mother I want to be and how to become that mother.  Every month I feel myself working on letting go of some things in order to grab on to what I feel I want to be becoming.  And while I feel like that sentence I just typed was beautiful and eloquent, the actually process of letting go of things has been incredibly messy and emotional.

I hope you find a way to make it a wonderful end of your week.


  1. Gah I am SO glad you posted the monster ball recipe! I remembered reading about them in your birth story or a post right after and thinking, UGH that sounds good! But I couldn’t find the right recipe. I’m 3.5 weeks to my due date and figured those would be fabulous to have on hand for late-night snacks! :)

    It’s easy to beat ourselves up about EVERYTHING in pregnancy (and motherhood, but I’m not quite there yet)…my husband keeps telling me our little guy loves me and doesn’t even know it yet and it makes me feel better when I feel inadequate about birth or motherhood. Joanna smiles HUGE in pics with you– you’re plenty enough for her.

    • Thanks for the encouraging message, Melissa<3 And YES those oat balls are great for late night snacking when you feel like you just can't get enough food no matter how much you eat. And I really wished I would've prepped some breakfasts (sweet and savory) pre-baby's arrival. Mornings were wonderful/hectic/filled with the purpose of cuddling a tiny baby and having breakfasts ready to go would've been a huge help!

  2. I have made that monster ball recipe many times since you first mentioned it too! I passed along with recipe to my mom for my brothers…and they love it as well!

  3. I want to try that wine! It looks so good!  Do you buy it online or were you able to find it in a store? I live in Houston too. Thanks!

  4. Yesss energy balls are a staple for me too!  And i’ve been wanting to try She reads truth!  I’m cutrently studying 1&2 Corinthians too with a Kelly Minter study which I’m really loving.  I’ve done her No Other Gods Study which is AMAZING!  I really recommend it!  It ties in a lot to intuitive eating and being okay with your body too! 

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!

      • I’m doing the No Other Gods study right now and I don’t agree that it ties into intuitive eating. She has diet-y references and half of the women in my study decided that sugar was their “idol”. I did my best to steer the conversation in a new direction because it was headed for diet talk and body bashing disaster. Just my take!!

  5. Thank you for sharing that poem! It really resonates with me :)

  6. Such a beautiful poem! I’m so glad you shared. And I love SRT- aren’t their studies/graphics so gorgeous?!

  7. I have the coral colored She Reads Truth Bible & I LOVE it. The word of God certainly doesn’t need to be beautiful to be read/enjoyed, but it sure doesn’t hurt! Also love the poem you posted – might have to share it with my moms group this fall. You’re doing a great job, mama!

  8. Thank you SO much for posting that poem. It is amazing and resonated with me as well as a new mother of a little girl. 

  9. That poem is just so lovely, <3. 
    I quite like these quick "5 Thoughts" posts – I find getting just a few lil snippets of stuff going on in someone else's brain really interesting to read!

  10. My friend and her family introduced me to the Peju wine last year. They love it and buy it by the case. It’s a great summer wine!! Enjoy!!

    I also listen to Kristin Neff meditations/talks on the InsightTimer meditation app. I have them on repeat a lot of the time. Self compassion is so dang hard for me so I get it. Best wishes that you can come out of this self compassion rut soon.

  11. My therapist introduced me to Kristin Neff and I LOVED her book and tips regarding practicing self-compassion. Definitely life-changing, although I still struggle.

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