a blur of a weekend/week.

I feel like I have no idea what day it is haha. The Fourth holiday totally has me thrown off. We had a busy weekend and busy Monday-Wednesday. 

The weekend was filled with sister festivities…a bachelorette get-together for Quinn and a baby shower I helped throw for Layne.  Shower organizing is not my forte so I was happy a lot of family and friends were up for helping me! 

Andrew’s sister, Molly, was at the shower and I thought this photo was so fun. You can see where Jo gets her eye shape from…

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from seeing clients and headed up to the lake with my family. Here’s Jojo taking in the view…

We got back from the lake earlier today and we’re all just exhausted. Traveling with a baby is fun and just so hard. Jo doesn’t do well sleeping at nighttime if she’s not at home in her crib, so I didn’t get much sleep two nights in a row and am looking forward to some better sleep tonight.

We just lounged around the house for most of the day…then I quickly made a grocery list and got the grocery shopping done.


I was planning on making these chewy flax-coconut oil granola bars, but I was too exhausted to even get the ingredients for them at the store lol so I figured I wasn’t going to have the energy to make them.

When Jo and I got to the store I realized I didn’t have her stroller or the ergobaby carrier, so I decided to sit her in the grocery cart seat for the first time and she loved it/could sit up without toppling over! This is gonna simplify grocery shopping for us, which makes me happy.

Currently Jo is having a rough time falling asleep and Andrew has taken over helping her get to sleep because I’m exhausted. Looking forward to an early bedtime and some, hopefully, longer stretches of sleep.

I hope my American readers had a nice Fourth of July!


  1. She looks so happy in the grocery cart!

    I was browsing earlier today and saw an article titled something along the lines of, “How to enjoy vacation with small children” And I thought, “Yeah right. It’s just not the same as vacation before kids and I bet all of these things is going to be lame and not even realistic”….. and then I read the article and the gist of it was, “Vacation with small children is really hard, so have low expectations, and you might have a little bit of fun.”

    And that pretty much summed up my feelings! I have a baby and a toddler and the lack of sleep is REAL. But I know it’s only a season so we try to do stuff anyways.

  2. And I’m always forgetting to pack something with just myself and my husband…yikes, I can’t imagine traveling with a baby! That would be exhausting. Glad you could take some time off work though to spend with family!

  3. I love that tank top you’re wearing in the second picture! Also, Jojo’s smile is so precious. <3

  4. Hi Kylie, My daughter was born the same day as Jojo so it has been so fun/helpful to read and follow your experience with parenthood since we are going through many similar things at the same time. I know you have had success with getting Jojo on a schedule (vacations aside!) and I’m hoping you would be willing to share the one you have been using. I try to get my daughter on a schedule but the lengths of her naps are so unpredictable so it’s been tough. Since our babies are the exact same age, I’d love to know what’s working for you guys.
    Thanks so much for your blog and insta updates, it’s really helped keep me sane to know it’s not just me having some crazy mom days!

    • Hi Jessica!

      I have another motherhood update post coming next week or the following and I’ll share how that is going for us in there!

  5. OMG she looks SO happy sitting in the grocery cart! Too cute.

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