wine + toast date.

Last night Andrew and I went out for a date night to Postino. Have you ever been there? They have locations in Arizona and Colorado too!

I had gone with my little sister a couple weekends ago and liked it so much I wanted to go back with Andrew, mainly because I thought the menu was creative with the 10 different flavored bruschettas you could order.

So I asked me parents if they would come take care of Jo for a couple hours while we snuck off for an early dinner.

We started with some glasses of wine and then ordered 4 different bruschettas to split.

And we got a meat/hummus plate too.

I feel like I finally figured out a better way to do date nights is to go to dinner early.  Jo prefers if Andrew or I are there to put her to sleep and I don’t like putting her to sleep and then going out on a date night because then whoever is watching her (typically someone in our family) doesn’t get to spend time with her.  So I’m seeing a lot of early dinners in our future, because that way we get home around her bedtime and can put her to sleep.

I hope you all had a nice weekend! What were y’all up to? 


  1. I am heading to Denver later this week. Thanks for making me aware of this restaurant! Those brushettas look really good. I may have to try to go there to get some!

  2. That spread looks and sounds so fun and tasty! You both look great, Kylie. That simple switch to dine earlier sounds like it will make such a positive change for you all. I hope you get to enjoy more dates this way! Matt and I toured homes on Saturday as we’re trying to find our first together. We are currently renting a town home. I’ll tell ya, house hunting is incredibly exciting, exhausting, and upsetting. Any tips would be appreciated! ;) On Sunday we spent the day at our lake house, and that truly helped me to relax. It’s my fav place ever, and it always helps me to refocus and clear my mind a bit. One of our best visits with just the two of us. It was very needed for us and our marriage. I will say while house hunting has caused one epic argument, it’s brought us even more incredibly close. Sorry to be long-winded!

  3. An assortment of bruschetta is basically my dream dinner. Our second baby is arriving imminently, but this reminds me that we need to get back to date nights as soon as it’s feasible!

  4. Yum!! I’ll have to try it out! Definitely relaxing and reading/working as it’s a pretty rainy weekend where I am!

  5. Girl! I was just at Postinos in my Gilbert, AZ location on Saturday night. I love their bruschetta and their amazing deals on wines + boards. Seriously a rockin’ place. As always, a great post and best wishes! – Carly 

  6. Wish we had one of those restaurants near us! Wine and toast sounds like my kind of idea for a delicious and fun restaurant! :)

  7. Hi Kylie – just popping in quickly to say how much I love your blog! You are such a great role model for a happy and healthy lifestyle and I admire your values and I have learned so much from your blog. Plus your fun posts about date nights and random life in general are so fun to read. Just wanted to say thank you! Have a great week!

  8. Such a cute and enlightening post! My parents did not do regular date nights when I was growing up, but I do not want to follow in their footsteps with this. Going early is a great idea, for the reasons you said, plus you beat the dinner rush! One question, did you find it hard to leave your kids with yours or your husband Andrew’s parents?

    • Hi Elise! Yes, I found/find it hard to leave Jo with anyone. I feel best if Jo is with my mom (i’m sure a lot of women could relate? Even tho I know she is in great hands with any of our family.), but leaving her with ANYONE is hard for me. However, I think nurturing our marriage is important and getting alone time as often as possible is something I want to continue to prioritize! I feel like I’m constantly practicing micromanaging Jo’s care less and less because I know she is in good hands when I leave her…but it’s still my gut instinct to leave whoever is watching her with a list 10+ items long. Andrew reminds me that Jo is not a baby with special needs and the people who take care of her are qualified to take care of her. It’s still hard. I’m working up to a night away from her! Hopefully that’ll happen eventually!

  9. I went to the one in the heights (not sure if there’s more than one in HTX) a few weeks ago and loved it, definitely plan to go back. That meat and hummus plate looks delicious! Happy you guys had a great date night!

  10. I live in Denver and immediately looked at their website and they said they send a freebie if you sign up for emails and it’s for a full bruschetta plate! So you should totally sign up for next time!

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