Day in the Life

Jo had a rough night Monday night. She woke up at 9pm and I couldn’t get her to go back to sleep until 11pm.  We both have come down with some kind of cold and I think she was just uncomfortable.  I ended up taking Jo to the pediatrician earlier that day so they could assure me she’s fine.  For a moment, the rough night of sleep reminded me of the first 4 1/2 months of her life when you could never guarantee when you were going to be able to sleep next…that made me feel panicky for a hot second….and then she fell asleep :)

Tuesday morning started with Jojo having a boob snack and then me putting her in the baby cage :) while I prepped our breakfast.  Sometimes she loves being in here…and sometimes she HATES it.

This day, breakfast for me was eggs + buttered sourdough + latte.  Jojo had eggs + peaches + avocado.

This week I had intentions to make Jojo (and me) some different breakfast options…but that hasn’t happened yet haha.  Maybe by the weekend I’ll make the baked oatmeal.

Mornings always feel a little crazy when I’m trying to get out of the house.  A few of my mom friends say they prep all their stuff the night before, but that would require me to have to plan ahead of time so that rarely happens and I usually end up feeling rushed in the morning.

For Jojo’s lunch/snacks, I just left some prunes + oatmeal + cashew butter.  And there was milk in the fridge for her.  My milk supply drops massively right before my period (I’m supplementing with Ca/Mg to see if that’ll help), so I also left formula (…which Jo ended up refusing to drink this day).

At 8:30 out nanny arrived and I headed to the office and had client sessions + brand work from 9-2.

For morning snacks and lunch this day I had some random trail mix from my office drawer, a bunch of ice cold cherry tomatoes with a cheese stick and…


That afternoon I ended up not having any clients scheduled so I went and got my first facial. My sister Layne had gotten me a facial giftcard for my birthday and I’d never gotten one before. Since June I’d been on the lookout for an afternoon off and IT WAS AWESOME.  I always thought a facial would burn and string…but everything felt good.  I have some discoloration on my forehead that I thought were sun spots, but the facial lady (I don’t know her proper name) said they’re more likely due to hormonal change.  Who knows.  They really don’t bother me much…I’ve just noticed them becoming more noticeable. 

After the facial I was hungry, so I swung by Common Bond for a cookie, which I was massively unimpressed by. It tasted like a biscuit…not a cookie. It took away the hunger though. I brought one home for Andrew too and he was also unimpressed.  

Before heading back home I stopped by Kuhl Linscomb, a super cute shop, to get our nanny a gift and pick up a couple birthday gifts for friends/family. Their kid’s section is so cute and I’ve pretty much never bought anything for Jojo there because I feel like it’s all a bit pricey :) 

Once home I nursed Jojo and hung out with her for a bit. Then I started to prep some of her dinner and pumped again to try to get her a bit more milk for her last feed before bed.  For dinner she had steamed sweet potato spears and some carnitas I cooked in the crockpot.  Andrew took over Jojo duty, because my little sister Quinn arrived and we headed over to the summer bible study we’re doing.

Our friends made dinner, mashed potatoes + pot roast.  It was so good and I had happily had seconds.

After dinner we all had some sort of blueberry pie that our friend’s neighbors had brought over (it was really good) + vanilla ice cream.

Then we had bible study until 9pm.  It was important to me to do this summer bible study with some of my favorite people and I’m glad Andrew and I are making it work!

Once home Jo was already asleep and seemed to be sleeping much better than last night, so I typed up this post.  And that was our day! Now it’s 11pm and I’m hungry so I’m gonna have a snack and head to bed. Night! 


  1. LOL “baby cage” made me laugh, but when I saw the pic – it’s a great lil spot for her to hang out!
    That blueberry pie thing looks amaaaaazing

  2. You need a baby cage to get anything done with a little that age 😊. Love to see how you guys spend your days!!  

  3. You are doing an amazing job of feeding her. :)

  4. “boob snack” LOL I love your humor!!

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