My favorite postpartum things.

I wanted to mention a few things that helped with my transition into motherhood!

1. a mom’s group filled with my kind of moms

I ended up in a mom’s group through our church that mainly has moms with multiple kids.  I’ve found that moms with multiple kids are a whole lot more relaxed than I am and it’s so nice being around them.  I’m glad I didn’t end up in a group with ALL first time moms because I imagine other new moms would be  similar to me and be freaked out about everything.

My mom’s group meets every other Monday and I’m so grateful for the ladies in there.  We went out without kids for the first time last night and it was so fun to drink, share a meal together and stay out late talking. So grateful for them.

2. nipple masks (if you choose to nurse)

I feel like I didn’t know what to do to take care of myself in the early motherhood days.  Some of my favorite questions to ask myself when my thoughts are like a loud, clanging cymbal and I’m feeling chaotic are: What am I feeling? What do I need?  In those moments, I knew what I was feeling was overwhelm, intense sleep deprivation, and a taxed nervous system after hearing a baby cry and cry and cry. What I needed was 8 hours of silence and uninterrupted sleep, but that wasn’t an option with a newborn.

Being proactive with nipple maintenance (not really sure what else to call this lol) was really helpful. My favorite boob/nipples things were Booby Tubes and Nipple Gel Pads (both are affiliate links). My sister Layne is having a baby in September and I ordered her nearly a lifetime supply of those nipple gel pads!

3. Madewell’s 10″ high-rise jeans in danny wash

Andrew says these are the best clothing investment I’ve ever made lol, because I wear them all the time. If you’re an in-person client of mine then you know I wear these jeans a lot haha.  I never thought jeans were particularly comfortable…until I found these.  

I got these around 3 months postpartum and they still fit great because they’re stretchy.  I also love how high-rise they are (they go up to around my belly button) beacause when I’m in public nursing they give me some extra modesty since they cover my stomach, more than low rise jeans would, when I lift up my shirt. 

I’m not really a clothes person, so these jeans were more expensive that I typically buy and I’m so glad I bought them.

4. monthly massage

I realize this luxury isn’t an option for everyone, but if it is for you…I recommend it! I had a really hard time leaving Jojo early on (as I’m sure some other moms do as well).  I remember telling Andrew one time, “what if I can’t ever leave her?”  To which he said, “that wouldn’t be healthy for either one of you.” So I starting practicing taking sometime away from Jo when I felt like I needed to. I don’t like having to ask other people for help, so having a reoccurring monthly massage was something that pushed me to have to reach out to others for childcare and encouraged me to find time to leave the house and get some quiet time.  We are lucky that both mine and Andrew’s parents live very close and help us out with watching Jo whenever we need them. I’ve been going to Massage Heights and it’s $59.99/60-minute massage.  I’m not sure how many months I’ll keep getting massages…we’ll see!

Was there any things you found especially nice to help with your transition into motherhood?


  1. Totally agree about monthly massages. Also, re: nursing, Motherlove nipple cream is THE BEST. Everyone I have recommended it to is obsessed with it, and it’s like 10 bucks on Amazon.

  2. Having easy snacks on hand, buying mostly easy to prepare food, nursing tanktops and bras!! Nursing clothes are seriously game changers for nursing mamas… you can go out feeling put together but can nurse easily (which is key for getting out). Walking inside or outside with baby in ergo has been the single greatest thing for me mentally since day one, if even just around the block.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing a pair of jeans that has a wide range of sizes. Super discouraging to want to try a clothing item aaaaand it doesn’t come in your size.

  4. Love the idea of a moms group…you NEED that adult time, with people who totally understand what you’re dealing with! lol

  5. Prepping food at night when my husband is home so I have it on-hand the next day has been really helpful. Even if it’s just 5 minutes to throw together some overnight oats and a sandwich, it means I have something to reach for during the newborn marathon nursing sessions were having.

    I also took 30 minutes on Sunday to throw together some muffins and clean and cut some veggies and snacks and it’s made the week (especially mornings) a lot easier.

    I’m only 2.5 weeks postpartum but I have my eye on those jeans— my belly is so different now :)

    • The belly is just so mushy postpartum…I’m like…”Do I even have ab muscles anymore lol?” Like where are they? I felt like my muscles had been rearranged! Maternity yoga pants were my go-to for a long while in postpartum :)

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