typical tacos.

I was a bit MIA last week on the blog since we were transitioning to Jojo’s first week at daycare.  It went okay! Some good things (like, Jo really does love being with other babies and she ate well) and some not so great things (like, Jo not napping much). Adjusting to our new schedule left me with not enough time to check-in with you guys.

I was so happy when the weekend arrived! This was our last full weekend in our home we’ve lived in for the last 5 years. On Saturday we went to a diner for breakfast, laid around, made something easy for lunch, moved some things to the new house and got burgers for dinner. Sunday started as most days start…with us realizing Jo isn’t going back to sleep so one of us scoops her up and lays down on the floor to try to sleep a little bit more in her little baby cage with her while she plays.

We headed to church early for our typical Sunday morning lattes and breakfast tacos.  Jojo had some boob that morning and then had the parts of the breakfast tacos she could easily eat.

Jojo was spitting up a TON (I think my milk supply going back up since my period ended was contributing to that) and she seemed sleepier than usual, so instead of going to the church nursery I kept her with us in the Ergobaby.  It worked really well (this Sunday lol). We got to stay for the whole sermon and communion, some weeks it doesn’t go so smoothly and we don’t even make it to the sermon.

After church we went to the grocery store.

Once home I made lunch for Jojo.  She had…

…and lunch for me was tuna salad (tuna, mayo, mustard, apples, a bunch of dill, walnuts, tomatoes and bell peppers).

Eaten with these chips. I LOVE these chips.

Then a miracle happened and Jojo took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Those have been VERY rare for the last couple months. I’d say her average nap length is an hour, so with 2 1/2 hours there was so much time to do stuff.

Andrew and I watched an episode of Evil Genius, I did a yoga flow, I made (and had some) oat balls for snacks for the week, put some laundry in, and I cleaned up the kitchen a bit.

Once Jojo woke up she nursed and then we played until my parents came over to Jojo-sit while Andrew and I went on a date night to Karbach Brewery.

For dinner Jojo had avocado, raspberries and tofu.  And I left a bottle of formula for my mom to give her before bed.

I love the brewery we went to.  The food is so good.

To start I got a flight of beers, which Andrew laughed at how light they all were.  Yep! Practically like sparkling lemonade lol…that’s how I like my beer haha.

For an appetizer we got spinach & artichoke dip.

For our meals, Andrew got the hanger steak.

I got the crab cakes.

Now we’re home.  Jojo is asleep and I need to pump.  How was your weekend?!


  1. I was traveling (in Europe!)  literally every weekend in July, so it was nice to finally be home this past weekend! Lots of time spent with family and relaxing  😊

  2. Because of my dry sense of humor I have been really enjoying the addition of phrases like “she had some boob” that you have been peppering throughout your posts. I especially love that you ended this post with a “I need to pump.”
    I loled hard. Really appreciate how honest you are in your posts on motherhood and life in general.

  3. ^I also really enjoy the way you phrase things…still loving the “baby cage” as well LOL!
    It must feel like such a miracle when Jo goes down for a nap and you have time to actually DO things! As adorable as she is, I’m sure she’s exhausting too!

  4. Love your style of date night!!  That food looks awesome 😊. It’s fun to see glimpses into your life with a cute little!!!

  5. That’s so exciting about Jo making it through church!  Woohoo for victories!  

  6. I cracked up at “Jojo sit.” She is a cutie pie!

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