Moving weekend.

Hi guys! We moved this past weekend. Some of you may have followed along a bit on Instagram.

I found moving fun and exciting..until we got to the end and I was like WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF LEFT THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH?! We haven’t totally cleaned out our old house yet, so my Dad is going to come help me and Jojo keep cleaning out today while Andrew’s at work.  Then Andrew will go by after work and hopefully do a final sweep to get everything.

For the move we got a POD delivered Friday, which worked out great.

Weekend meals included…

Saturday breakfast out to a place called, Slowpokes. Jojo had her first taste of a cinnamon roll :)

Sunday breakfast was eggs + a leftover cinnamon roll + latte at home.  For her breakfast, Jojo had grapefruit and eggs this morning.

Weekend lunches were…

a sandwich (while Jojo mean mugged the baby at the table over haha. In Jo’s defense, the other baby’s mom called Jojo a boy.)

Sunday we had Zoë’s Kitchen piadinas. Have you had these? The bread is SO GOOD.

And below is the Airbnb we’re staying at! I’m really glad we’re staying in it. It is gorgeous. Andrew is still trying to decide if staying at the Airbnb was the best decision financially for this in-between-houses time, meanwhile I’m just over here living my best life lol. The place is gorgeous and I’m going to LOVE living here for a month!

I feel like I haven’t felt like myself for awhile, I’m not sure if it’s adjusting to motherhood, sleep deprivation, or breastfeeding hormones (or, perhaps, a combination of all of that), but I really feel good so far in the Airbnb (we’ve only been here for 12 hours as I’m typing this up lol).  But I’m so happy we’re here. It’s going to be nice to feel like we’re on vacation in our own city.

Snacks I remembered to take pictures of included: 



An early-ish happy hour on Saturday with wine, cheese and chocolate.

Our weekend dinners included…

pizza + salad 

orange chicken takeout

One dinner I made for Jojo was oatmeal + some puree + cashew butter all mixed together.  I fed it to her with a spoon I held…not baby-led weaning style at all.  Sometimes I’m just not up for having Jojo make a massive mess.

This weekend Jo got her first bath in a sink without her Puj Tub (<– affiliate link). I’ve loved the Puj tub because it didn’t take up a lot of space, but now linking to it I realize it’s only supposed to be used until 6 months of age, which makes sense because it’s been seeming a little small for Jo lately.

Andrew and I are going to miss our first home together, but I’m pumped for the future and am happy for the change! Our new home is still coming along and now the countdown clock has officially started since we have our Airbnb for 40 nights and then we’ll be moving in (assuming our house is finished enough). If the house isn’t finished…I’m not sure what we’ll do. But it’ll all work out.  Always does.

This weekend was very go go go for us, which after a few weekends of just chilling and not doing too much, I really enjoyed.  Did you have a good weekend?!


  1. “But it’ll all work out. Always does.” My mantra lately and it is very freeing.  Thank you for the reminder.  Good luck with everything!

  2. LOL lookatchu in the baby cage! I still love it hahaha
    Jo looks soooo happy about her first cinnamon roll, can’t blame her! :)

  3. Looks wise, I’m really starting to see the similarities between Jojo and Andrew. I may have missed it but what’s the story behind her name? 

    • Yes! They have so many similarities. As far as Jo’s name…there’s a blogger named Joanna who I always admired for multiple reasons, so I always liked the name. Then when I started mentioning her name to people before Jo was born they would say, “like Joanna Gaines?” And I was like OH YEAH! I forgot about her. Okay yes that’s going to be her name haha

  4. Its amazing what a change of scenery can do.

  5. Moving is such hard work but always exciting!  Sometimes a change makes a nice way to “find” yourself again (:  Having kids changes so much, it take a while to even know what feeling normal is!!

  6. I am SO grateful you just said you spoon fed your daughter a meal. The mess is so overwhelming sometimes I’ve been so tempted to do it but then I feel guilty and talk myself out of it or just skip that meal (my daughter is 6 months). I’m glad to know I’m not alone in feeling like its necessary on occasion!
    I am curious- why do you use baby cereal as opposed to normal oatmeal or something else? I haven’t used any of that kind of stuff because I’ve heard its just empty calories, but I also think it surely has its place?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Chloe! I wanna do another post on feeding Jojo soon bc there are some things that annoy me about BLW. The baby cereal we use is just ground up oats.

  7. I got tricked by the puj too! Bfut did love it til 6 months.

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