The weekend of early dinners.

Friday I started to feel kinda lonely with an ahhh-I-don’t-have-any-friends whoa-is-me attitude, so I texted a mom friend to see if she’d be up for a morning walk…and she was! We walked to a coffee shop for vanilla lattes, walked & talked on a nearby trail while pushing our girls, and then ended up back at our Airbnb to hangout.  I had some cereal before our walk and then made us eggs once back to our place post-walk.

Our friend has a Bob jogging stroller, so I pushed it while on our walk and it felt like I was pushing a cloud/like the stroller was floating haha! I told Andrew we should look for a used one on Facebook and we ended up finding one for sale in a nearby neighborhood, so Jojo got some new wheels! It’s about 5 years old and had been used by 2 kids, but seems like it’s in good condition. I don’t plan on using it for jogging, but it’s gonna be great for Houston’s bumpy sidewalks and roads! We also have a beach trip coming up so it’ll be great for the boardwalk (I hope).

Other Saturday highlights included popsicles…Strawberry Cream for Andrew and Piña Colada for me.  Jo tried both :)

After popsicles we 3 headed to dinner with some new friends.

Sunday was church + grocery shopping.  For lunch I whipped up a meal kit pasta I found at Target and we split a bag of beef jerky while I was making it.  I thought I felt meh about beef jerky, but that beef jerky was good!!

Later on Sunday we swung by the new house. Things are still moving forward. All the cabinet doors got built last week.  This week we’re hoping all the cabinets/vanities get fully built and then everything gets sanded, caulked and primed.

We really embraced the early dinner time this weekend with 5pm dinners both nights. It works so well for Jojo’s bedtime and if we eat early then Andrew and I start our own wind down towards sleep sooner and are in bed earlier, which is good.

For dinner I wanted a burger, so we went to The Counter. It was our first time and we both loved it. While I used to love Smashburger, the one by us has really gone downhill (the food and the staff) in the past year, so we don’t go anymore. Sucks to suck lol! 

Jojo ate dinner before we left the house, since the last time I gave her pieces of burger she choked a tad bit, so I don’t think she’s quite ready for the burger texture.  I’m not in any hurry to try again anytime soon.

So while we ate Jojo happily munched on these…

After Jo’s bath+bed time Andrew and I hung out. He grilled some chicken for us for the week…

and we started reading Hebrews together…

For the rest of the night we just chilled on the couch with our Apple products haha.  

How was your weekend? 


  1. Ok…the Counter sounds amazing!! Love how many choices they have. Wish there was one close to me! My husband’s favorite food in the world is burgers…so we are always on the lookout for new places!

  2. ^Agreed, I’m not a fan of burgers but that place looks awesome! SO many choices!


  3. “Friday I started to feel kinda lonely with an ahhh-I-don’t-have-any-friends whoa-is-me attitude”

    So nice to see I’m not the only one!!  I’ve been thinking I need to find a way to meet more friends.  Before kids I always had tons of friends but it’s been way harder to connect after kids 😕. Love that you called a mom friend.  I need to get better about that!!

  4. I’ve used our BOB once and it felt heavy to me! haha I guess I just have to get used to it. I keep telling my husband that we need to eat early too so when baby’s ready for solids, we can all eat together before her bedtime. How often are you nursing or bottle feeding her now that she eats a good bit of solids?

  5. “Friday I started to feel kinda lonely with an ahhh-I-don’t-have-any-friends whoa-is-me attitude”

    THIS. Friend life completely changes when you have kids, especially if you’re the first to have them. Need more mom friends.

  6. I never thought I’d like beef jerky either but once I microwaved it – yum!  It tatses lke ribs lol!

    Can you post about IE and making /meals for a family?  I’m married and a new mom and wondering how this would work. For example, making breakfast or any meal for the family but not necessarily hungry when making it.  

    IE was easy for me years ago (didn’t know it had a name then) when it was just me.  But now with two more mouths to feed, I’d imagine I’ll be eating a lot of times when I’m not necessarily hungry, especially so I don’t miss eating with my family.  Thanks! 

  7. Those fruit and veggie melts look really yummy.  Is that weird that they look yummy to me?   Also grilled chicken is definitely my favorite.   

  8. Random question, but wondering what kind of high chair Jojo has? It looks great, and I’m in need of one soon! Thanks!

  9. I LOVE the Counter!!! First went in Pasadena with my cousins several years ago. You would think with Nashville getting everything lately, we would get one of those. :( Maybe one day soon!!!

  10. I see that SRT Bible ;) I love mine!

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