3 things I wouldn’t want to live without.

This post is sponsored by FAGE.

1) Flowy kimonos

I like to be comfortable, so I dress rather casually. If at any point I stop working for myself I think I’d have to recruit a stylish friend (or Pinterest haha) to help me learn how to dress myself again. My favorite item of clothing is probably these kimono style covers. I love wearing jeans or shorts + a tank top with one of these thrown over. They’re breezy, have been great for when I was nursing in public, and I wear them non-stop.

2) Snacks

Each day we have different rhythms of hunger.  Snacking allows you to flow with your hunger as you need to.  If you have a food rule that says snacking is wrong in some way, it may be time to challenge that.  I find for myself and for my private practice clients that not snacking during the day typically leads to pendulum-esque eating.  Where you wait too long to eat and end up swinging from ravenous to overly full when you finally do give your body food.

If you are constantly under eating during the day and then ending up with out of control hunger by the evening, which leads to you eating until uncomfortably full, then it may be time for you to add more snacks into your life.

That brings me to FAGE Total Split Cups. Andrew and I are big FAGE fans. For the past few years we’ve bought FAGE weekly. Andrew has seriously eaten the cherry FAGE® Total Split Cup weekly for the past 5 years haha (he still finds it satisfying after all this time), whereas I like more variety and enjoy switching up the FAGE flavor I try.

I love the higher fat content of their split cups (they have a 5% fat option that has 11g of protein), as 1) fat makes things taste good, 2) fat and protein keep you full, and 3) FAGE is awesomely thick, so thick that when you spoon some out the rest of the yogurt doesn’t move.  If that doesn’t scream rich and creamy I don’t know what does!  In my book of things I know, these 3 things make FAGE a wonderful snack choice.  Also, with less sugar than some other brands, I also like FAGE for when my taste buds crave a creamy snack that’s not overly sweet.  

To learn more about FAGE Total Split Cup, visit here.  To find FAGE Total Split Cup near you, visit here.

3) Tacos + lattes.

We all know how much I love tacos and vanilla lattes haha.  No explanation needed here.  It’s just such an enjoyable way to start the day! I’m not sure if my tastebuds will ever get bored of this meal!

What are some things you wouldn’t want to live without? 


  1. Big wrap-around sweaters. Poptarts. My cat.
    Honestly those are probably the three things that make me feel the most comfortable/happy/safe LOL

  2. Emily Varsy, are you me?  Only swap Id make is Diet Coke for the pop tarts :)

  3. I LOVE flowy kimono sweaters and cardigans! I have two from Amazon that I love. I wear them with shorts, jeans, dresses, and over my swimsuit. So versatile! Hmmm I’d say the three things I couldn’t live without would be my cats, savory breakfast in general (I can’t narrow down to just one food!), and old fashioned fruit pies.

  4. Love this list! My three must-haves are mint chip ice cream, fuzzy bathrobes, and lattes.

  5. Can u give us some recommdations on where to get the kimonos?  Really cute

  6. Ooo I’ll have to look into kimonos (as a nursing, casual mama also)!

    My 3 are:
    1. Flowy tops
    2. Chocolate covered almonds (specifically chocolate coconut covered ones from Costco or the Sprouts ones)
    3. My nikes (love comfy yet cute shoes to wear out)

  7. I can’t live without my furbabies!, coffee, shopping (I know, so vague but I loveeeee fashion and shopping), and peanut butter.

  8. Flannel shirts and leggings, Greek yogurt with peanut butter mixed in, and Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning. 

  9. Peanut Butter, Sweatpants and coffee!

  10. I love SUPER thick and creamy full-fat Greek yogurt too!! I don’t think I’ve tried the 5% fat before…only 4%. Will have to look out for that!

    I couldn’t live without peanut butter/nut butters. Literally eat them in some form (sometimes more than once/day haha). And let’s not forget eating chocolate daily too!

  11. 1)string cheese. currently my fav food. so simple to eat anytime!
    2)chapstick. not carmex- the good stuff. I must have chapstick everywhere i go!
    3)colorful pants. I cannot wear just black pants everyday to work. I love a good pop of color!

  12. Could NOT live without affection, animals, or carbs (figuratively but also literally). – specifically the bready/doughy variety.

  13. Love those kimonos! 
    I couldn’t live without my camera, oats (I eat them every day in some form or another!) and running. 
    (Oh, and while my life wouldn’t be impossible, it would be kind a dull without your blog! love reading it!)

  14. I couldn’t live without coffee (flat whites), dark chocolate and comfy soft pants.

  15. Hmmm…
    1. homemade pumpkin spice lattes
    2. cheesy popcorn
    3. heated blanket come winter time!!

  16. Biigggg fan of FAGE yogurt!  Also, chocolate almonds, soft blankets,  and peanut butter pretzels!  

  17. I won’t live without dark chocolate and a gym membership or home workout area!

  18. I LOVEEE sweatshirts; they would be like sweaters are for you.  I Think I need to find some comfy sweaters though.  

    Also tacossss are the best.  :)   

  19. I won’t live without steak, good dark beer, and my car! Read some good world news here

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