A way to eat beef I’d never tried before: Mexican Sopes!

This post was sponsored by Beef Loving Texans.

With Jojo on my hip (or sitting nearby seeing what items from our kitchen cabinets she could make into a toy), I recently whipped up this recipe for Mexican Beef Sopes.

I love thick & doughy tortillas and have always enjoyed arepas, so when I came across sopes I was surprised I’d never heard of them before, as they are basically an unusually thick tortilla (just like arepas). If making these again I would add ¼ cup cheese into the sopes dough, but other than that they came out great! I did make a couple other minor adjustments to the recipe from the Beef Loving Texan site to suit our family best – swapped the pickled jalapenos for pickled red onions (we don’t handle spice well) and the cotija for feta (I prefer feta flavor over cotija).

For the shredded beef (since the recipe calls for pre-cooked shredded beef), I placed a 3lb roast beef chuck in my slow cooker with 2 cups beef broth and 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, then let it cook on low for 6 hours before shredding it and using it to top the sopes. For me, red meat cravings are no different than cravings for any other food. Just like I crave sweets, vegetables, dairy, I also crave red meat, most typically in the form of a cheeseburger. This recipe was a way to add a bit of variety and diversity to the typical beef recipes I make (aka cheeseburgers, haha). For those with eating disorders, honoring your cravings doesn’t come naturally and is something that must be practiced to improve at. Experimenting with new recipes, foods and cuisines is a way to find satisfaction from your food.

As the weather heats up, I’d rather turn on my crockpot than my oven, so this recipe worked great for that. Topped with fresh pops of summer -pickled red onions, salty cheese and cilantro- some form of sopes will likely keep making an appearance in our home throughout the summer. Plus, my ventures into Mexican cuisine tend to involve tacos and enchiladas, so it was nice to have another platform to deliver Mexican flavors onto our tastebuds!

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