What recipes I have prepped for postpartum.

Sometimes it makes sense to eat boring food, but postpartum is one time I’m especially interested in caring for myself well and that means having a fun food life I look forward to.

Here are the recipes I’ve stocked our freezer with to make that happen. I focused on prepping breakfasts, snacks and dinners. I didn’t worry about prepping lunches since my plan is to eat salad kits paired with some carb & protein, sandwiches, or meals brought over by people visiting us.


Into the freezer went the best breakfast biscuits, these raspberry crumble bars and a banana bread from The Seriously Delish cookbook. The crumble bars and banana bread will also make great snacks. I pre-sliced both before they went into the freezer. My plan is to serve all with cheesy eggs (been adding some greek seasoning to my eggs lately and enjoying it) + a latte in the morning.


I whipped up no-bake monster oat balls. I’ll take them out of the freezer once baby is here and have them thaw in the fridge.

I also have a bag of the best chocolate chip cookies. I rolled the dough into balls and placed them in a large freezer bag to be baked up as needed.


Andrew and I get super tired of back-to-back crockpot meals, but I’m hoping we’ll eat one of these bags a week (probably get 2-3 dinners or 4-6 entrees out of each) and we’ll get take-out fajitas or something else that makes excellent leftovers (like, maybe pizza. Mellow Mushroom’s Great White with added pepperoni is currently my favorite pizza!) until we’re feeling like grocery shopping + cooking again.

Below are the 4 recipes I made to just dump into the crockpot. Clearly Tex-Mex is my lifeblood lol.

easiest taco soup of your life (will serve with chips)

sweet & sour chicken (will serve with rice)

dr. pepper pulled pork (for tacos)

cilantro lime chicken

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with having to make a TON of meals ahead of time, but ending up with 3 breakfasts, 2 snacks and 4 dinners feels like a nice head start.

Do you prep freezer meals ahead of time regularly or for big life events? I heard of a meal planning strategy where you prep once a month ALL the food for the month and I can’t imagine ever being that organized haha! In some ways it sounds awesome though.


  1. All your planning / prepping / freezer foods are so impressive…I’m betting baby #2 will be a piece of cake!!!  (Looking forward to her new name) :)

  2. THANK YOU FOR THESE IDEAS! I’m just starting my third trimester and I’m trying to get prepped ahead so I can have some wholesome meals once baby gets here! Praying you have a safe and healthy delivery and baby too! 

  3. I have been LOVING Greek and Italian seasoning in eggs lately! Such a nice touch! :)

  4. Went to the store today because you inspired me with the raspberry bars and the Dr Pepper pulled pork. YUM!
    Will be praying for you and baby. Hope all goes well!

  5. I’ve loved following along with you during your second pregnancy (I’m also expecting baby #2, and I think our “due” dates are pretty close- mine is 7/14!). I started making some things to freeze in preparation for our little one too- so far, I have zucchini muffins, m&m cookies (priorities!), sloppy joe meat, baked ziti, chili, and marinated chicken thighs stocked in our freezer. There are a few more things I’d like to prep, but I’m afraid we don’t have much room left in our freezer! It is a good feeling to have a freezer full of yummy food! Congratulations, best wishes during these final weeks of waiting and prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!

  6. I’m not expecting a baby (not even close to that stage in my life, haha), but I am anticipating being super busy this upcoming semester of college. I’m moving into my first apartment too, meaning I’ll be in charge of cooking all of meals instead of just “Swiping” into the cafeteria like I did on a meal plan. I see meal prepping in my future for the sake of time and convenience, will definitely be putting these recipes to good use! Praying for a smooth final stretch of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

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  8. Excellent recipe. thanks to you for sharing.

  9. What a recipe. I have to try it at home.

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