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For those who enjoy following along with my thoughts and experience in the world of motherhood, I have a longer post coming soon on how things are going since becoming a family of 4!

For now, I wanted to share a new series I was thinking about starting. I like sharing my meals and snacks, but since many of you who read this blog struggle with eating disorders or have in the past it’s tricky to know how to share what food I’m excited about cooking without sending someone else down an unhelpful comparison spiral. I thought occasionally throwing together a post about a few meals/snacks I’ve made for my family that week could be a fun way to provide some meal and snack inspiration without anyone getting fixated on food amount needed, eating timing or anything else that only your stomach could tell you.

Lately Jojo and me have been loving this banana bread for breakfast served with cheesy eggs. This week I added shredded carrots and walnuts into the bread for a carrot cake + banana bread hybrid. I use regular all-purpose flour for it, not cake flour. Comes out great.

In the pitcher above is a find Andrew made. It’s Dunkin Donuts Coldbrew Packets and we buy them from time to time when we’re feeling bourgeois. We’ve tried a lot of the coldbrew packets, because why not, and we think the Dunkin Donuts ones are the best. Even better than when we make coldbrew from our favorite beans at home. In the morning I add milk + creamer.

For a couple dinners for the week I prepped this Chicken + Rice Casserole (I loosely followed that recipe – used wild rice + brown rice, rotisserie chicken and forgot to add the butter, but didn’t really think it needed it) + roasted carrots. Jojo went to town on the carrots. I just roasted them in the oven with olive oil and poultry seasoning until soft.

For some of my lunches this week I made this broccoli salad, which has a special place in my heart as my aunt often makes it for holiday gatherings. I’ll serve it with croutons.

For other dinners this week I’m planning a bacon & swiss quiche with salad and Chinese takeout!

I hope these posts will give you some ideas for filling your home with tasty meals.

Note: For any recipe I link to, I share it for the recipe, not for the blogger’s text that typically comes before the recipe. It’s impossible to share recipes from others without food-is-bad/be-scared-of-food-and-eating-too-much/avoid-carbs-sugar-dairy talk. I rarely read other blogger’s text on their recipe posts so for the blogs I link to, the recipe is solid, but I have no idea what the blogger says about food. Unfortunately, I’d be super limited in what recipes I could link to if I had to avoid all diet-y comments.


  1. I can’t stand when I’m trying to find a recipe and see “Oh this isn’t good for you, You shouldn’t eat this everyday!” Like….Thanks I thought that was suppose to be for me to decide.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kylie! Also a huge thank you for providing a space where I can gain inspiration for different recipes to use while also resting assured that I won’t stumble across calorie counts/ demonizing food groups/ diet mentality within your posts. Each of your post is a breath of fresh air in today’s culture of food/ lifestyle blogs.

  3. Yes, looking forward to more of these posts. Love getting ideas of different foods that fit into real life & no pressures of having to have the ‘perfect’ diet.

    • & I’m with you on not reading the blurb that comes with above recipes, I’ll read blogs that I trust, no time for the rest!

  4. This is a great idea Kylie! We are about 11 weeks away from becoming a family of three (four if you count our fur baby) and it would be awesome to get some inspiration about what to make for our family every now and again. Coincidentally I made banana bread for our breakfasts this week too! I love mine slathered with peanut butter :)

  5. I love these posts! I remember your post about grocery shopping when you don’t have a plan from a few years ago now, and I still use your method when I don’t have a plan! It’s so refreshing to see full family meal ideas that aren’t Keto/Paleo/whatever is on trend at the moment. 

  6. That’s an awesome idea, always looking for easy/new ideas.  I miss your inventive recipes!!! :)))

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