Weekly Dishes

Here are some recipes I prepped to make life run smoother this week!

First up, Food & Wine’s Chicken Saltimbocca. I ordered this dish at a restaurant a while ago and was like, “holy smokes! YUM! Why haven’t I had chicken saltimbocca before?” So I made some this week. If you haven’t made it, it’s chicken topped with sage + prosciutto in a white wine sauce. (I’m aware the below photo looks like raw chicken lol, but it’s not! It’s just prosciutto topped.)

Next up, lately I’ve been making Gimme Some Oven’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don’t chill the dough and I swap the amounts of brown sugar and granulated sugar, so there’s more granulated sugar in them and they taste more sugar cookie-y.

My mom had brought over some groceries and left them in our fridge, so I sautéed up a container of the vegetables she brought – zucchini + brussels sprouts with prosciutto that was leftover from the above chicken.

Also made a batch of my no-bake monster balls. Didn’t have m&m’s, so just used all mini chocolate chips. These are great for a one-handed snack option while child rearing :) And Jojo runs around screaming, “ball?! ball?!” when she wants one…or anytime I open the fridge and she catches a glimpse of them.

Got a batch of cold brew brewing…

And, lastly, Andrew and I went on our first date night in awhile to Perry’s and we ended up with quite a few leftovers, so we’ll be eating on those this week.


  1. You look radiant! Hope you enjoyed your first night out! 

  2. Love these ideas! I’m expecting my second baby and finding so much encouragement with all the tidbits from you. Thanks Mama! 

  3. Looks yum! I agree those balls are delicious. I started making them after reading your blog and my son and I love them. 

    I have a question about sautéed vegetables though – when you reheat them how do you keep them from being soggy?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Preetika, I’m not Kylie obviously but I thought I could offer some suggestions about the soggy veggies:
      1) When you are originally cooking them, if they are frozen, then don’t defrost. Just pop in the oven at high temp (think 425 degrees f) after seasoning. Make sure not to add too much oil as it can cause sogginess. If you are adding a sauce, like tahini on top of cauliflower (yum!), then use sparingly in appropriate amounts. Use a recipe or find an amount that yields a crispy yet tender result 😀
      2) When heating up leftover veggies, simply place in saucepan without an oil or sauce and heat until your veggies are heated through. Cover and lift to stir occasionally until the veggies on the bottom are warm.
      Enjoy these tips lol. I’m breastfeeding my son right now and love finding ways to be helpful in this otherwise monotonous time 😀

    • Agreed with Rachel! Thanks, Rachel! I typically re-sauté (without any oil this time) and then ’em add to whatever I’m having. Like today for lunch I’m having soba noodles in a peanut sauce with chicken and I’ll just sauté the cooked veggies and then add the other ingredients into the pan. Voila!

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