Cleaning products I love.

At some point I “ice skated” across my kitchen floor on one too many magna-tiles (and felt the associated pelvis-ripping-apart sensation when your legs slide apart suddenly that comes with pregnancy/early postpartum for me) and decided I had to figure out some organization and cleaning system. Well. I won’t call what I do a system, but I needed to start doing something so I did.

The purpose of sharing this post is that during disordered eating recovery interests outside of food and body are important to cultivate. I don’t think cleaning is necessarily a hobby for me, but I really like our house. I like the things in it. The things we are buying now are higher quality and what we want to have around for many years to come and I really appreciate our home and want to care for it well (this also relates to caring for your body, we care for things we appreciate).

So today I wanted to do something a bit different and share some cleaning products I’ve been enjoying lately. I care about our home running well and cleaning and organization plays a part in that for us. I don’t mind clutter much, so my main motivation right now for cleaning/organizing is to know where things are when I need them. I hate when we’re running behind and I can’t find that random pink toddler shoe and it adds stress.


My favorite cleaning product of all time is my Bissell steam mop. I use this thing so much. I would buy this again 100%.

Ella is a wobbly walker all of the sudden. So fun. I love this age.

At the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I ordered some products from Grove Collaborative and have really liked them. They had a buy $20 worth of products and get $30 worth of products free, so I bit the bait and have been pleasantly surprised by the stuff. One thing I got and love is a couple of these pretty glass spray bottles.

Also from Grove I got this Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Spray and I adore the smell. This is the best smelling one I’ve found yet.

This wasn’t from Grove, but I love Pacha Soap Co. I first heard about this brand because I started using their whipped soaps and they are so good. They’re super unique and I constantly gift the peppermint scented one (my favorite) to mom friends who are in their 1st trimester, since peppermint always helps my nausea some. And, I now know, the hand soaps are good too!

The little ramekin with the scrubber in the above photo and the dish soap came free from Grove.

I have had our sink scrub (all the way to the right in the photo below) around for awhile now and love it. It’s baking soda + drops of essential oils. Whenever I want to clean the sink, I sprinkle some in and drizzle in some dish soap and scrub away. I think it’s fun and I like how the jar looks. This idea came from CleanMama on Instagram.

when you take a photo of your pretty soaps and sink scrub and totally miss that there is food in the drain.


One effort at organization was buying these 4 baskets.

After talking to a friend who’s great at organizing I decided they will store:

one: my stuff (bible, computer, stuff I usually leave out on the counter but want a home for)

two: blankets (or if Andrew has stuff he wants to store at some point)

three: kids’ shoes

four: kids’ debris of life (aka toys and random bits and bobs, like a random puzzle piece I’m not ready to part with yet. I just throw clutter in there at the end of most nights and every now and then go through it and get rid of what I don’t like.)

This is more cleaning than organization, but whenever I notice the bathroom needs cleaning I’ve found cleaning the bathroom while the girls are bathing works nicely for me.

One other thing I’ve been doing is that while I fold clothes I start a pile of things to donate (things we’ve out grown/don’t fit well) and/or a trash pile of things super worn/stained and that’s been helpful so I’m weeding out what we don’t need anymore semi-regularly.

So those are some cleaning/organizing things I’ve been loving lately! Any cleaning/organization tips that are helpful for you?

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  1. I love Clean Mama. I use some of her DIY cleaning solutions for floors and the all purpose cleaner. Also thanks for the Grove link, a friend had mentioned it a while back and then I lost the info.

  2. I love organizing, I dislike cleaning! I have a cleaning person that I love who comes once every two weeks. It is so worth the cost for my sanity. I also have a roomba robot vacuum and a dyson stick which both make keeping floors clean in between so easy! Bathroom wipe down while my daughters in the tub and a quick tub scrub right after she gets out is also a trick I use! 

    Managing kids clothing feels like a full time job ! I have a bin in my daughters closet to quickly throw stuff that doesn’t fit her or that she doesn’t find comfortable, and then when it gets full I go through it and donate the good stuff and throw out anything stained or unwearable. I have drawers under her bed where I’ll keep big clothes that don’t fit her yet (Either hand me downs or gifts) by size eg. 5t, 6t so when she’s ready for them they’re right there.

    For laundry, each person in my family has their own dirty bin and my husband or I will only do a load when a persons bin is full. I just dump it in the washer, I don’t bother sorting colours (unless something is brand new eg new jeans) and nothing has ever gotten dyed!! Not mixing family members clothes makes sorting and folding after a lot easier.

    Constantly paring down my daughters toys is also helpful – I’m for ever getting rid of stuff she doesn’t play with. I also love getting rid of stuff, my husband calls me an anti-hoarder! But having less stuff makes it so much easier to stay organized. 

    • Hey Andrea! Awesome comment! I dream of a Roomba! Maybe Black Friday this year I’ll go for it.

      Organization for clothes that are too big for kids is still something I need help with. I recently got some aesthetically pleasing canvas storage bags/bins and I’m hoping those help me out!

      I have never thought about not mixing family members clothes in the wash…that is brilliant!! I’m going to try that out and see if it works for us.

  3. We have been wanting to try Grove. I had a coupon, but I think it had expired, so thank you for the link! I have heard great things about it.

  4. I always think about trying Grove! I may have to take the plunge. I love to clean the bathroom while my daughter is bathing, too! It’s so convenient… two birds with one stone :)

  5. In my opportunity, the best household product is simply baking soda. It’s one of many cheap and really work aviable thing what have on the kitchen every hostess. Baking soda can be used for washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, plumbing and everything else in the house. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly and has less chance of damaging property. This is one of my favorite remedies, which I recommend to friends and they are just delighted with the result.

  6. Nice! I hate cleaning btw

  7. I’m in love with silicone sponges! With their help, my cleaning has become much more pleasant. Now I can wipe away dirt from any surface, and even remove marks from pens and markers (I am also a mother of two beautiful girls)
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